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  1. ok, so the photos i found were 31 unique images (i probably missed a few) so ill put em in the google doc because id have to have like 6 posts here to include all the pics and they took forever to upload. i'll get cracking on decoding a few, but i gotta leave in about 30 minutes.
  2. i took 95 screenshots. time to comb through and find duplicates and see if any of them are readable lol. i went through the video at 25% speed on youtube so far i've whittled it down to 61, still going strong
  3. ok so idk if anyone has already posted this because ive been really busy with finals for school the past few weeks but the video is out. i'll post screenshots of everywhere I see kaotican and ill post them here and in to google doc. then we can decode them if anyone hasnt already
  4. Ok, I'll preface this (much belated) review with the fact that I picked up a coldplay obsession shortly after EL was released, so I started well into the newplay era. My favorite of the leas singles so far is ETIAW (yes, I know, I like it more than In My Place, sue me) and honestly Higher Power dosen't give me quite the same chill as ETIAW. When ETIAW comes on, I literally can't keep from crying. My friends are like "wtf dude stop" and I just can't. I also think this was a bit of a risky musical choice for them, even though Blinding Lights made the sound popular on the radio, I think it was ve
  5. is this a new tatoo? another code? or is my brain just on coldplay overdrive? (probably the latter)
  6. LMFAO I've been so busy for the past few days... I missed so much! surprised it hasnt leaked yet, gonna listen to HP in the car on the way to sports practice (it's may 6th here btw, dropping at 4 pm). I'm so lucky, this is like an early birthday present. i'm definitely part of the K-pop prejudice wave, i can't help it 😆 edit: time to watch the dell show while doing school work XD they play the brits at noon on my birthday 🙂 edit 2: anyone know what Thomas Pesquet is saying in the YT trailer? I don't speak french
  7. OH MY GOD YES edit: gideon that gif is so applicable lmao
  8. yup. I'm always amazed to hear oldplayers talk about when they first found out about the band, more often it's before I was even born! my mom also just recently went back to work, and during quarantine she did the stay at home mom thing for a while and I sure was a handful. I appreciate everything she does for me, even when i'm being angsty. mm those cupcakes sound delicious. my mom has the BEST buttercream frosting recipe that i've been making (and eating) all the time.
  9. thought i'd revive this thread to discuss whether we are actually still in quarentine. i sure am, but life is slooowwly getting back to normal. i'm able to go to school in person a few days a week, and sports are off-and-on depending on the restrictions my state puts into place. during quarentine i've been baking a lot and switching to open source software. i made a really cool vanilla-chocolate marble cake for my brother's birthday recently
  10. yeah this whole scuffle is a pile of dogsh** and will blow over quickly
  11. I finally found the tiktok and reddit snippets and I've already got Higher Power stuck in my head. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna love this song. (after all, etiaw is one of my favorites <3) edit: i totally was wrong about the lyrics leaked onto Genius. i thought they were fake, but can you really blame me for thinking that? also great job on the new themes, mods. love it!
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