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  1. Let's discuss the X&Y era! It's my favorite era and home to my favorite song of all time, "Talk". I'll start it off: I like the song Speed of Sound better than Fix You. Do you agree?

  2. Yeah I kind of expected as much due to the fact that I see fan pages in general quickly decreasing in numbers. I still love to visit coldplaying for my coldplay news and have other people to chat with bc no one else I know listens to coldplay.
  3. Thanks gideon I'm doing great!
  4. Life in technicolor vs Life in technicolor ii
  5. "And in all of time, and in all of space, only you make my heart race" (The Race) v.s "So you don't know where you're going but you wanna talk" (Talk)
  6. Just found this website today from surfing youtube for old tapes of Coldplay's first few performances. I found a really good channel called coldplaychronology. Today I'm taking a trip down nostalgia lane and listening to all their pre-parachutes stuff. A bit about me: I'm a teenager from the USA, I love coldplay and they are literally all ive listened to for the past month. I also compete in roller figure skating (look it up its awesome,) and I love to bake. The other day I made some amazing carrot cake. Here's a bit about my taste in coldplay Favorite albums in order: X&Y, AROBTTH, AHFOD, Viva, Parachutes, Ghost Stories, Everyday Life, MX Top 5 Songs in order: Talk, Strawberry Swing, A Head Full Of Dreams, Shiver, The World Turned Upside Down
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