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  1. I must admit I'm not feeling entirely hopeful about the new era.

    But I think people are forgetting that Music of the Spheres as a concept started during the Viva days and that all the reused terms (Alien Radio) and reused set ideas and costumes from the MX tour seem to confirm this. Just like the MX and Viva eras, Jon Hopkins is allegedly back (from his reddit AMA) and that we've heard only one pop song (HP) while hearing another in the vein of Everyday Life (HH) and a weird ambient intro that sounds like the Escapist, MMIX, and Always in My Head combined.

    People are also overlooking how ambitious this is. This has entire worlds and planets, a concept, a language and culture, weird radio transmissions that suggest further clues, etc. This feels way too ambitious to be something like GS or AHFOD but rather something like MX or VLV. Will said his favorite song which was played on BBC big weekend but not broadcasted is something they've never done before - Chris also talked about a new song that was "weird and new", comparing it to metal/jazz-fusion.

    I think there's something much more exciting to come than what we've seen so far.

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  2. This entire 

    23 minutes ago, 42Escapist said:

    It really does. And the world of the MX comics just so happens to be a planet in its own right, just like Kaotica (which is most likely the location that's shown in the picture). So I'm really hoping there are similar story elements in this new era of Coldplay's career... maybe another elaborate backstory for the songs just like MX.

    This entire era seems so much like MX that I'm almost certain that the album will be more like MX/VLV than AHFOD/GS. The entire project seems so ambitious and well-planned and structured, and they seem to be going back to those concepts from 2008-2012: short transitional tracks, songs fading into each other, great electronic ambience, a more diverse sound, even the use of clothing and stage design, as well as the comeback of song titles from those particular eras.

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  3. 4 hours ago, MosesTheMarshmallow said:

    So for this album, I'm putting my money on one 9 minute space opera atmospheric Pink Floydian X&Y track as the new version of UFO. Another 80s-esque thing I could see happening would be some proper slap bass funk (which HP is like 50% of the way there, with the way Guy plays the bass on that song). But I'm thinking like Panic Station by Muse. But who knows! 

    I don't know about you but I'd love to see a Coldplay post-rock song, in the style of Sigur Ros - haunting falsettos, droning guitars, gigantic orchestration, and moments of beautiful ambience in between these huge crescendos. It's one of the few genres I can think of in modern music that they haven't touched yet, so based on it being Will's favorite song and Guy saying they've never done it before, I still have some hope for that!

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  4. 6 minutes ago, lennyrott1 said:

    I'm not sold on the BTS collab yet. Why would the leak just say "Korean, Korean, Korean?" If was coming from an official source, it would be translated or written out. Also, BTS has been doing most of it's big recent singles in English, so I I'd imagine if they collabed with Coldplay it would be. We'll see. 

    If it ends up being true, this era is shaping up to be quite poppy, which I think we anticipated. The question for me is whether they'll make room for some truly alternative tracks. If they have them, we sure haven't heard them. And before you say Human Heart is an alt track -- yes it's definitely different, but a duet with a simple, catchy repeated melody is still pop to me at its core. Higher Power was listed as an "alt" track from Coldplay's label? Idk gang. Starting to worry they're going full 100% pop.

    during the BBC Radio 1 interviews they mentioned playing a song that was unlike anything they'd ever done, which was also Will's favorite song. Last time they said that, we got Arabesque (something they said they'd never done) and Champion of the World (Will's favorite). We'll see.

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  5. I'm wondering why everyone's so sure about this particular song when (as said before) Genius and other lyric websites are easy to edit. There was a link before with supposed lyrics to a song titled "Music of the Spheres" that turned out to be false because MOTS is simply an instrumental.

    The BTS collab may happen but I'm still rather skeptical about it actually happening. There are plenty of trolls on the Internet that post false information and at this point I wouldn't believe everything Chris says (or doesn't say, for that matter). If fans want it to happen then they'll continue posting about it and generate steam and hype, which is what it's doing right now - it could happen to any sort of news, legitimate or not. Kirboh's "Fool's Gold" tracklist still haunts me to this day and I still take any rumours with a grain of salt. Also, the lyrics seem unbelievably bad. Not just bad in Coldplay standards like HP, but just bad lyricism. BTS have better-written songs than this. Every single (or almost every single) Coldplay song has better lyrics than this. IMO these lyrics feel like they were written by someone who wanted a Coldplay x BTS collaboration but barely listened to any Coldplay lyrics. Sure, it might be a BTS collab, but it also might just be a BTS and Chris thing. People were freaking out about Chris going to Korea but wasn't that just for the holograms as they are a Korea-based dance company?

    At this point I really don't know. It might be true but at the moment - and until it actually comes out - I'm hugely skeptical. Higher Power was billed as the big single from the album. The second single would bring with it news about the album whereas they're getting all this buzz, media attention, interviews, etc. from just one song that they're planning to promote for months. Not to mention, BTS also did the same with Butter. They're promoting it so heavily for their upcoming record that it's probably the main single. Would they really promote these singles as much if they knew there was a much more marketable song coming up that was guaranteed to break records? I'm not sure.

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