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  1. turning into hip hop with kanye and cia :dozey:
  2. So, next weekend I'm in London and the first thing I thought was "I'll try to find the Bakery!" althought I already know they are not there as they are playing in the US. Of course I'd like to meet them if they were in London as I listen to their music since Yellow, etc. but I just want to see the place where this magic is created (and leave them a message: Barcelona, when? :P). However, my time in London is short and it is not as easy as I thought to go there. So, maybe next time I'll try better... But if I find the place next weekend, I'll show you haha
  3. Hello, am I the only one who is still surprised they have not said anything about a Barcelona show yet? I know there are lots of cities to play... but in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona have always been selected. In this MXTour they have not announced Barcelona yet and seeing their live schedule I guess, if there is an opportunity, we have to wait until 2013. Last time they came was in 2009, and they recorded their biggest show at that time (almost 66,000 people watching the concert). But, as there were sound problems... the dvd was never released, and they seem not to forget all the "boos" from
  4. Hello everyone! :D I'm not a new member, I'm an old one. And I'm back! I don't know if there is someone I know since last time I wrote here (2009 :stunned:) hehe. Anyway, hola a todos!!
  5. I wish I could go back to that day! I still don't know why Coldplay does not come back to Barcelona... I hope there is going to be a third European MXTour and finally Barcelona will be on the list, as always it has been.
  6. This is what we found in the last concert they played in Barcelona, back in 2009 when they said they were recording the show for a dvd but there were not more news about it since then. So, I guess these London shows are going to be part of the dvd.

  8. Happy 2010, have a great year. Best wishes. make each day be full of joy. ...__... ...| |... ...| |... ...| |... ...| |... ...\ /... ....||.... ..../\.... ...----...


  10. Happy Birthday! hope it's a great one! :)

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