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  1. Really really hyped by those snippets !

    It feels like they’ve finally returned to the insane quality of production that they deserve !


    (Don’t know how to do this)

    To be honest I think that My Universe is the track after MOTS Reprise / Interlude 2 / whatever it’s called. Compared to the 6 excerpts we have  so far, chords are the same, BPM and drum pattern also, and the intro seems to fit the end of the previous track.

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  2. Ok so here's what I end up thinking:

    I guess these 2 performances were actually recorded live (regarding the audio), with just a bit of video editing just to include some additional shots from other takes.

    I don't really get why they would take time to edit the audio, obviously the band's been rehearsing the song a lot and Chris' consistency throughout every performance tends to points out how professional his voice control can be !

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  3. Well, from this exctract I'm seriously wondering how are they gonna manage to perform the song live !

    Obviously a lot of it will be full backing tracks, but I hope they'll find a way to not just play along all the synths + choirs + drum maschines and all that stuff.

    Also Will didn't have his SPD-SX on the Brits performance pictures !

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