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  1. Love Valtari, hate the ticket situation. Was cheated out of PA and NYC. Bah, next time.
  2. is it just me or is the amex presale always just total crap?
  3. <3 this lads. :dazzled: random love.
  4. first 3 listens: :o! :stunned::shocked2::bigcry::dazzled: 4th-now: :confused::uneasy::sleeping: It felt like getting back with your idiot ex. At first its all romantic then, the idiocy re-emerges. :worried2: I blame my being excited over new material for the "beer goggles" but let's not kid ourselves, the album kinda stinks. Besides, I dont think I cant forgive the awfulness that is "Up in Flames" :wreck: They must dump Eno. And go back to being Coldplay.
  5. My review, ladies and gents :) Mylo Xyloto- Good solid intro, nothing more or less. Makes me think of Christmas.:smug: Hurts Like Heaven- Its a fantastic fast and a dancey 80's synth melody. A lot of people had problems with his vocals...but I kinda like them, they fit the song. I hope they make this song a single :dance: One of my favorites of the album. Makes me wanna dance. Paradise- I've always liked this one, however, I'm having trouble hearing it after HLH. The placement of this one is just odd. Charlie Brown- Its definitely the most Coldplay song of the album. Its also the
  6. Disappointment: Up in Flames is horrible, I would go as far as saying its the worst song Coldplay has ever done. The song order is really strange and the lyrics are all ridiculous. We already knew Chris isnt an amazing lyricist, but dang, most of the words have been reduced to "woo" "Oh" "Ah" and horrible metaphors. Surprise: POC. I quite loved it. Its strange because a) I hate Rhianna b) its very 80's + hip hop. Somehow, they manage to trim down her Rhianna-isms and turned it into an enjoyable track. Is it too pop friendly? Yes, but since when is that such a crime! and I love love love
  7. Sienna

    Lhuna or Lost+?

    Lhuna. Kylie's voice fits so well with Chris'. I wont lie, when I heard they had a duet, I was afraid. Now, I love it. I have some hope that the same will happen with Rhianna, however, its becoming a challenge since I REALLY REALLY despise her :sick: :(
  8. :dance: thanks! Then it be scarier ....:sick:!!!
  9. im gone for 2 years and this board looks like this now? :dance: :laugh3::uhoh:
  10. agreed. Coldplay and Fever Ray would be amaze! :dance: not Rhianna. Not hating on Coldplay just her :sick:
  11. :clap::clap: Brilliant post! I am a fan of Radiohead above Coldplay, yeah, everyone throw stones at me. Radiohead will never cater to what the audiences want, but that's not the reason why I love them. Otherwise that just makes them pretentious high brow wannabes. Radiohead doesn't produce music hoping now one will like it. All im saying is, has it ever ocurred to you that maybe Coldplay likes what they are doing and also think they expanding their musical horizons and developing their sound? Millions of other people just happen to agree. Taste is a matter of opinion.:)
  12. I can see where you are coming from. One of my best friends and fellow Coldplay fan has simply quit and stated a string of similar sentences regarding their lack of heart in music lately. She feels like they have indeed, sold out. However, the way I see it is...they are famous now, so might as well cater to the audiences. Its a smart decision, business wise, popularity wise. Although, truth be told, whether they stay true to their roots or change for the masses, people wil always be disappointed ie: Radiohead's new album. :(
  13. Truth be told, Coldplay hasnt changed all that much, if anything they've grown. They use more color, more instruments and more vocals. Deep inside Coldplay is still Coldplay. :happy: Coldplay has never had any profound lyrics to begin with and the music has never been particularly groundbreaking anyway. Quite honestly, "Yellow" is fairly "bland" both lyrically and musically, even slightly ridiculous....now why do we love it? Because its simple. Because its honest. Because its adorable. Because its a good song. Just that. Because its from the heart. I believe that if they would have release
  14. Coldplay has always been mainstream. Nothing wrong with that. Underground, "Indie" if you may might have more quality but that only because most of these bands dare to be different and explore new grounds that the average listener wont digest so readily. However, when it starts becoming the band's motto to be unpopular and simply respected, then its just forced quality. Coldplay just happens to make music that's both catchy and cool. There's nothing wrong with being popular really. The Beatles made music that was both ridiculously popular and incredibly fantastic.
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