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  1. I was just about to ask which oldies are still around? Sof? Jack? Eric? Andrea? aLYSSA? Mai? who who who!?
  2. Same ol I guess. No new news...I was recently unemployed due to the sucky work junk here in the states! Woop! right? :O But all is good, still have my sugar daddy makin us money and still safe so I won't complain. I kept meaning to log on and post here, but I don't know...been busy working for Google Adsense right now. That like, totally takes so much of my attention. But I am giving myself some time (am really bad at that) to visit the pretty sites that I used to. :) Really nice to see u around here.
  3. LORENITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Awe, sweet girl! Thanks, yeah it's been a very long while right?! How have you been?
  4. O hey I just read some of the last pages on this thread, there were at least two other people from Spring/Woodlands area! Mee toooo I live down FM 2920 in the Spring area but I moved from straight out of the Woodlands year and a half ago. Sweet beans, fellow Houstonians. I can't believe how many people left after the Scientist. I wasn't leaving until they kicked me out! Those suckers missed the BEST part of the show, seriously! The lighting effects were very much brilliant, but it was super smoky in there for some weird reason so a handful of my shots reflect that. But otherwise, everyt
  5. I was there! Hey suckah! You all got great views and shots! I had first upper level like almost way in the back. But they did come like twenty feet from my seat when they went up the the back! I have a vid and some cool shots that I am too damn lazy to post right now! Soon tho. Man freaking amazing show it beat the Radiohead concert this year I went to! WaY more energy. And that is really saying something i am a big fan of both! You guys had GREAT seats!
  6. Dan and I at the coast of Crystal Beach, just a few weeks before the beach was ravaged my Hurricane Ike.
  7. I don't know how it is that Eric has the powers to discover such truths :O where are all my ol peeps?
  8. WWOWOOW I haven't seen a pic of you in prolly like two years! You've grown up in the best way possible! Way hot, man.
  9. you should try to call the venue if that's possible. at my venue, the suggested you call THE DAY of your show because camera rules are different for some performers. I was allowed to bring a camera, the only things they asked is that it not be a professional camera and by that they meant no big professional lenses. Every venue and show is different so the only way to know is calling the venue. It's best to get there an hour or more ahead. And if you are really concerned, there is no harm getting there early. You might enjoy meeting other fans while you wait :) *edit.... also, if you
  10. I KNOW everyone has the right to sit wherever and ...but its not right to like do jigs when you are 10 feet by five feet or something, and its NOT okay to high five people five times in a row when you are that big with your big friends next to you so that the people behind you enjoy and see nothing! but at least the lawn section was really jamming out. And the set list was more than i could ask for. I guarded the tickets with my life before the show, but like i had to make dinner for some friends before the show so i got distracted. i walked out saying, got my cash in hand, camera too,
  11. I heard this statement on the television about a trial involving a black man who was released from prison after years of a false trial due to the fact that he was black and it was a trial taken place when KKK influence was abundant. The man who said this was an onlooker of that case. "Racism is more powerful than facts because its illogical. It's emotional, and thats why facts don't matter." That is powerfully true. Back then and now. How sad.
  12. wow, you either had great! seats or a super zoom on your cam, I saw the pics you posted of the band....super great shots! I was there at the Woodlands show. Where did you have seats? My gang and I sat (if you are standing in the crowd of people looking at the stage) on the left side of the lawn. Right after the uncovered seating section. And I am too small to get good shots over some tall jerk whose head was, I am sure, illegally large! But the set list was amazing. I would have added a song or two. But seriously...amazing show. The lawn crowd was pretty cool though. Everyone was prett
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