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  1. I think you're confusing dust with mud..................... :rolleyes:
  2. Too dusty and poorly laid out (particularly the main stage).
  3. When it was in town centre itself, I think it must have been great, but the citadel was extremely disappointing IMO.
  4. Well I know they had a fantastic time there, quite the opposite to my experience at Arras.
  5. That might well be your opinion, but it doesn't interest me. If you can't accept my opinions, please ignore them. Thanks.
  6. No I'm not, I'm merely giving my opinion about other performers, as others are doing with regard to Portishead.:dozey:
  7. Stating my valid opinion? Yes.:rolleyes: I'm not, and there's no need to be impolite about it.
  8. Sounds like a much better idea. Elbow would have been the right band to have just before Coldplay, as they created a great atmosphere, not a "depressed" one. I clearly just chose the wrong festival at the end of the day.:(
  9. No argument there. In the right setting, I quite like some of their songs. PJ Harvey, on the other hand............................ :dozey:
  10. They were my feelings exactly in terms of Arras. They were an inappropriate band for that (main) stage, at that particular time, immediately prior to Coldplay. They did not generate a great atmosphere, unfortunately. That's fair comment. A more intimate venue, or a smaller stage would suit them IMO. I have nothing against Portishead per se. I don't think that's the point being made. I had no problem with either Elbow or Bruno Mars at Arras. This, I agree with.
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