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  1. I adore your username and avatar. :nod: It is too much awesomeness to take at once. :wacko:

  2. Your avi and sig = many :heart:'s

  3. Nope fraid not, im a girl haha and i was in the seats on the side but at the bottom(if that makes sence) next to the stage
  4. My second coldplay gig this week(first being sheffield) and again the lads put on one hell of a show! The crowd took a while to warm up(one person told me to sit down then got told where to go by moi). Me and my friend where wearing santa hats, because we where the only two stood up in our block when chris looked at us and smiled lol. Green eyes and lit ii where big highlights for me they were amazing. At the end i got a setlist and loads of confetti... Happy days :)
  5. One of the most amazing gigs that i have EVER been to! Cracking setlist, the lads put on one hell of a show...can't wait till Wembley Stadium!
  6. Im so excited for this gig! Haven't seen them in 3 years...plus its the first UK gig! whooo
  7. £45! Holy shitter....why just before christmas *cries*
  8. Well we didnt really go there to send them a letter it was an on the spot thing really....to be quite honest i really dont think they would mind its not as if they have fans queing outside alday
  9. It said that we think your amazing, Viva La Vida is fantastic....I also wrote about the Estate Agent coming out to chat to us and asking if we wanted him to play Viva, he also started evaluating the building lol Just some random things really 4a Fleet Road *hides*
  10. We got there around 5:15 pm(after searching for ages lol). Make sure if you do go get proper directions because it is really hard to find
  11. On the left hand side of the door is a mailbox...the backdoor of the Bistro is covering it When we've got the picture of me posting the letter it'll show you there
  12. Haha oh yeah we have the postage moment captured lol Aw he was, i was a bit worried at first but when he mentioned playing Viva i was like aw hes cool lol...and then he started evaluating the place haha
  13. It was awesome wasnt it! hehe Loved the note we posted, just hope they get to read it sometime lol
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