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  1. Nice, I still gotta listen to those! Did you mean in general or whatever's connected with Andrew? I haven't watched much of his work as I've said but I'm loving Peep Show... they broadcast Series 8 atm and it's so awesome. Haha. :wacko: Which shows do you like?

  2. Hey Yu-tong! Sadly, I haven't watched a lot of Andrew Scott's work, partly due to work and other things that need to be watched first. :wreck: I have some radio plays somewhere I think but it'll take me a while to find them because I had to replace my hard disk drive and everything's still on an external HD. I'll let you know when I find the files ;) Have a nice day yourself!

  3. Hey! It really depends on the weather and the place where the show is so I'm not sure about the Berlin gigs :/ I think 9 or 10 am was fine. As fro what to do, you talk to people :)

  4. I'm not surprised! Maybe she decided to play nice after the backlash on Atease. Who knows, but I've heard some unpleasant stories about her. :/ Glad to hear you got the rail - will post more in the thread! :nice:

  5. Hey! There might be a girl called Maria there, she'll be queuing. Don't let her shout at you (as she has at various gigs, including Radiohead) and feel free to tell her to shut up. :sleep: But anyway, ENJOY THE GIG. :dance:

  6. Haaaaaa zakon. Več fajn koncertov bi moralo bit v naši regiji. :D

  7. Happy new year to you, too!

  8. Just because you do not like someone's voice, you do not have the right to call them names and be all racist about it. So stop with your phobia and chill out. :)

  9. Heeee thanks! :wacko: Um like a month and a half ago? can't remember exactly but not long after tkol came out :3

  10. I'll try your playlist out some day! It seems like a good sequence of songs. As for myself, I always start longer journeys with Bad Head. It's a sad song but it does sound good when you're about to start something. Does it make sense? Might've used wrong words to say what I mean.

  11. Why thank you! That's Alex James from Blur, and End of a Century from Parklife. :) You probably knew that already, though.

  12. He's not tiny, but he's not big either :lol: :uhoh: Yeah I know >_< Too much jello was never good! Otherwise she posts nice stuff but if she continues being like this... you know what follows :sleep:

  13. Seems enough to me :lol: And if that's a flower... then Alex isn't that big :blank: WTF am I talking about, I shouldn't be saying this :lol: :uhoh: Now I have to answer a question on whether Alex is bi or not >_<

  14. Yeah I did! I don't even know lmao :laugh4: Is that a flower on his penis or is it a censor mark? :bomb: :lol: And WTF is that small child doing there?!?!

  15. :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead: :dead:

  16. No, I'm on winter break but my exams start next week and my essay deadline is on Monday D: He is smart! I don't even fully understand what he said! :lol:

  17. Haaa that makes me want to watch it nao! But I have this serious film, it's for this essay I need to write until next Monday so I can't procrastinate :( Yess, that's what I meant with postcount. It's (1)1992! :awesome:

  18. OMG check out my postcount :awesome:

  19. A gothic fringe? OMG, can you imagine Alex being a goth? lmao :laugh4: Ohhh I didn't see there were four parts to it... I'll watch it in two days' time as tonight I have a date with a VERY serious film lol :freak:

  20. Ahaha thanks for posting it! It's pretty boring tbh, but I loved that part about dogs :laugh4: And yeah, they look so pretty :heart: :D

  21. thank you!!! :nice:

  22. I have NO idea, I swear :laugh4: He does look like a lizard.... or at least like a giant leprechaun. :lol: Don't know how he manages to look so damn attractive despite the suit haha :D

  23. UBER JEALOUS NOW :bigcry: :cheesy: :cheesy: And thanks for the b sides in advance :awesome: I'll give Graham that message for you, no worries. :D I just don't know when I'll actually go there. xoxo

  24. Yay congrats!!! :dance: :dance: Oh I didn't realise they were on vinyl! There should be a software which records the song as an mp3 but I have no idea what it's called or how to use it. And yes please :cheesy: No need to hurry though, I don't have much time to listen to new stuff right now anyway. I'm in England, yay! :dance:

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