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  1. After listening to Snow Patrol's Reworked album for a couple of weeks, I wouldn't mind a Coldplay album like that after LP9. Maybe they could put new versions of some X&Y songs on that, along with some other old songs and a new track or two. Bring in Davide Rossi to work his magic with strings on songs like Square One and X&Y. Bring in Jacob Collier again for new versions of Fix You and Swallowed In the Sea. Do a version of Twisted Logic with a big brass section. :heart_eyes:



    I enjoyed SP’s reworked a lot (though I feel the original slower songs should have given a more edgier/rockier twist instead of being even more slower) so I wouldn’t hate the idea. Maybe officially release some of the b-sides which we haven’t heard yet.

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  2. I thought that too. Maybe the joke is on us and this thread is not actually that far-fetched :D

    Then again, do you believe they'd really do that ? I doubt it. And Chris was like, I haven't told the band yet, so I bet it's just a random idea of his.

    I’m not holding my breath!


    But he did sound serious and not his usual joking manner so it’s hard to say. I hope by putting it out in the universe - and on radio where all the fans have heard it! - the band might consider it. Heh.

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  3. Yasssss thanks @Captain Crieff for the old smilies, gonna be usin these exclusively from now on

    [ATTACH type=full" alt="vuvuzela.gif]9811[/ATTACH]





    Riiiight, didn't he have to do an interview recently using text to voice software? Wonder why that freak occurrence happened, and why it had to happen around album release time when the only performances of the era are occurring, Hope he gets better soon.

    Actually it’s not surprising. They haven’t been touring and Chris hasn’t been singing much for a good year or two.


    With all the rehearsals for the live stream they’ve been doing, it was too much too soon for his vocal cords.

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  4. In the studio version, Chris is rambling for most of it. In the live version however, he actually finished the lyrics and therefore sings it all!

    Ah gotcha!


    I could hardly hear the lyrics in the studio version so I didn’t even notice that he’s rambling for most of it. Lol.

  5. It's fun but I definitely prefer the original, with the organ and the big kickass drums. The Midnight-crossover version's pretty good too. :) This version is really interesting though because it's not just acoustic guitar, it's like actively FOLKSY acoustic guitar kind of like on Till Kingdom Come. I wonder if more of X&Y started that way than we think. Or maybe they're just trying a thing out. What if the next album is aggressively folk rock, like an album's worth of the Goldrush?!

    Well it definitely suits this era quite well.


    And yes, a folksy album will be nice! I think the band needs to experiment more. EL shows that they got a lot of potential with other genres.

  6. Suggestions: some silly, some serious :)

    -The last 15 seconds of Sunrise, as appeared in the first preview of the album.

    -The police brutality snippet on TiT...won't your colleagues just love hearing "WHAT'S THE X STAND FOR..FUCK.."

    -The last few notes of Daddy where the piano and xylophone play the same ascending melody

    -Horns from Arabesque

    -The intro to Eko (those guitars!)

    -The autotuned voice of "cry cry cryyyyy" over and over again

    -The intro to Orphans


    Speaking of ringtones, this is one of my favourite videos of all time - pay attention to the first few seconds:

    Oh the horns from Arabesque is a good idea.

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  7. Now that we all legitimately have the album and have heard it multiple times im sure, rando question for yall.


    So, every era, I would try and use a snippet of a song to have as my ringtone:


    LP4 - Solo on Lost!

    LP5 - Solo on Major Minus

    LP6 - Dont recall

    LP7 - Adventure of a Lifetime


    So for Everyday Life, what do you think is a ~30 second snippet that would make a good ringtone? So far, I REALLY like the instrumental part of Trouble in Town.

    I haven’t gotten the chance to change my ringtone from LiT cause nothing has ever come close!


    I was wondering the same thing too and I think so far COTW (that guitar!) is a possibility. Never thought about Trouble in Town though. Hmmm.

  8. The real question is.... who is in favour of the clean version or the explicit version. Because I honestly like the build up of instrumentals, but I also like the message of the explicit version so..... I'm just curious about everyone else thoughts? ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

    I prefer the explicit version. Only because the bleeping is just too jarring.


    And without the audio track, the climax with the guitar doesn’t sound as good or as chilling. Hence, I didn’t like the Jordan steam version as much as the studio version.

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