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  1. so friggin hot here last week and humid, this weekend will be great need to get outside and run around with my doggie, both my kids at uni now so im pretty free aside from work. It's nice but the house is quiet. I have been working out at a gym like a maniac and pretty happy with it!

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  2. Went to the show at Irving Plaza on Wednesday and they were frickin amazing! I last saw them 6 years ago at David Letterman. They are only playing 2 cities in the states this leg so I feel very lucky. The venue was tiny and intimate which I love and got 2nd row, I still cannot stop smiling, Gary's happiness was infectious. Here is the only good pic I took of the night and some vids on on periscope:


    Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/christa42/status/986810775686828032






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  3. Hello Coldplayers, I been absent for quite a while and I love that this is one of the first threads I hit, The X&Y era was the first Coldplay show I attended and so happy this was posted, thank you for this!


    The full audio of Isle of Wight 2006 has turned up on Youtube recently ! And I think I have a new favourite festival set of the X&Y Era, better than Glastonbury. It has White Shadows, What If and Talk, among others !!



    Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5yWzQ9fr5A



    What would I give to have the full video of that evening....

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  4. I'm finally getting to see Radiohead tomorrow! It took about six years, but my desire to see Radiohead live gets fulfilled in Kansas City. So pumped.




    Is that W in your avi? LOL

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  5. The original version of Coldplaying was started by Ian during Christmas 2000. You used to be able to find it archived on google but I've not seen it recenty I forget when I got sucked in but it would have been in 2002.


    I spent 10 years of my life attached to Coldplaying.com and it still feels weird to watch them live on tv or go to a concert and not have to run back and try to catch up on what happened on twitter and try to keep Wiki updated with all the amazing reviews that Coldplayers write.


    There were plenty of dramas over the years but also so many good memories.


    February 2009 - when I first met Coldplayers in real life queueing in the freezing, frosty, cold for the War Child gig.


    September 2009 - more real life Coldpayers in the queue; a gig whilst 7 months pregnant; and a picnic in the park with Coldplayers from all over the world.


    December 2010 - Chris and Mich came to visit us on their way to freeze in the Exeter snow!! They brought BabyBeeBurns his card from Coldplay (still think it's awesome that you guys and Debs secretly sorted that out for us) and the very generous present his Coldplaying Aunties & Uncles sent.


    Jen!!!!! so glad you posted here and in the pink font! remember i used to post in the blue font? Thank you again for everything and for posting these memories. I still cant believe how big the kids are now. We had some drama but we had some great times too with such a cast of characters. I'll have to sit down and recall my early beginnings here, so many good memories and so many good friends made :heart::x&y::viva::parachutes::mylo:

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  6. I wanted to listen to this band since you recommend it and I finally did it. They are so good! Thanks for sharing their songs!


    They do remind me of old Coldplay a bit with the guitar, its funny they have a few songs with some Coldplay references in them, a song called Spark, Shiver and use some of the same lines. I absolutely love them, can't wait til they tour in the US

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