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  1. Hi! Unfortunately I had to sell my ticket, because I have to finish my master thesis on Thursday and Friday. This is the only way I can graduate this year. But luckily I will be attending the Rotterdam concert :) But I won't be going to Cologne. Have fun though ;)

  2. Hi Anna, Sorry I didn't respond earlier! Ahw, sorry to hear that you won't be going to the concert. It would have been nice to meet again :) But I understand, I'm doing an internship myself right now, and I'm so tired all the time ;) It's fun though. Hopefully the new album will still bring some songs that you will like! Take care, Baukje

  3. Hey Anna! Are you going to the concert in Cologne? I just bought a ticket for myself, I will be going on myself. So maybe we can meet again? :) Yaaay, so excited! Bye, Baukje

  4. Hi! It's true that I didn't hear any songs before the concert, and I also didn't want to know anything about the setlist.. When there is a new tour I like to be surprised with the songs! :) The new songs sounded very good indeed, and now that I've watched some youtubevideos over and over, I can say that I really like them!:lol: Charlie Brown is great, but Major Minus is really good too, I like the guitar parts in that song, go Jonny! :cool: I hate it that we have to wait for the new album, I want it now! :P Ahh, your back problems sound horrible :( Are you still having troubles, or is the physiotherapy helping? I hope so! I don't really feel my neck anymore, I think it was caused by the stress of waiting and wanted to be in the front row so bad, oops! The festival was very bad organised, yes.. But I heard that the next 2 days of the festivals, the front area wasn't cleared anymore after every concert. So apparently we Coldplayfans made a statement haha! Bye! :)

  5. Hey Anna! Thanks for your message :) I'm feeling better now, although I still hate it that I had to leave the frontrow :( :( But I really almost fainted, so I had to go. I watched the whole concert from a very big distance, where people were talking all the time, that was very annoying. But I'm watching videos of the concert online now, and I'm starting to realize I have to be happy that I at least watched the whole concert. The new songs sound amazing! :D When they come back to Holland for a concert I hope I will make it to the front row again and make up for this:) I read your review, so cool that Chris saw your banner! :) :) I haven't got any plans for more Coldplay concerts for now, but I don't want to miss any concert in Holland, so when they announce a tourdate I will definately be there! :) I haven't missed a concert in Holland since Arnhem 2005 ;) Where are you from, by the way? I hope to mee you some time again, hopefully in the front row! :) Bye x, Baukje

  6. Hee Roos! Tof van de litho! :)

  7. Hey Roos!! Waaah hoe was het?? Ben benieuwd!!:cool: liefs!

  8. Hey Roos! Wanneer vertrek je eigenlijk naar Londen?? In elk geval heeeel veel plezier!! :) :) ! xx

  9. Haha, thanks! I'm fine, still enjoying and remembering everything from the concert! I have a bootleg of the first night, so that's nice! Did you take some good pictures?

  10. Hey!! It was nice to meet you in Nijmegen. How amazing where those 2 days, right?!! :) :)

  11. Hee Roos!! Hebben jullie een goeie reis terug gehad naar Denemarken?? Ik hoop het! :) Ik vond het echt hartstikke gezellig met jullie, bedankt nog daarvoor!! :D

  12. Oh so I was still on time hehe ;) Have fun!! :D

  13. Hey! Wooops, I'm sorry!! I totally forgot to reply!! Sorry!!!! I don't know if you hve already been to London and the Bakery now or not? When I went there in January they were probably in the studio, so that was very cool!! I saw some movement in front of the window upstairs, waah! :P hihi! But uhm, you can just walk past the building, yet you can't really see any windows or something. But when I was there, I could peek in through the window of the door, hihi! (See my pictures in Bakery topic) :) Hope you have fun when you go there! (Or already have been there? Oops! Sorry again, for my late response!!)

  14. Ooh, that's nice, I hope your cake was a succes! :D I didn't do anything special like that, except listening to Coldplay all day long.. but that's what I'm doing today and so many other days too, so actually it's not that special :P But this morning when I woke up I watched a part of the Live 2003 dvd and suddenly I was almost crying, because I realized how lucky I was.. meeting them last year, and that I'm going to see them 3 times this year again.. I can't waaaaaait!! 121 more days to go.. :P

  15. Hehe uhoh, I hate that feeling, on such a lazy sunday. But the concert is actually in this topic, you can download it! http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=54924 The audio only too. The video downloads very slowly, I started it like 4 hours ago and it's still just at the second part! But it'll be worth the wait ;) And I hope you can find a way to go to Roskilde!!! It's such a great opportunity!!:)

  16. Woops, been quite busy so I forgot to reply, sorry! ;) But yes, we are all meeting at the festival! In fact, I'm going there by myself, and will meet all of them there! Last year we had very much fun, I think we were with a group of 10-20 people? Always very nice! :) Woaah, I just bought a ticket for the Lowlands festival in August too!! There aren't much bands confirmed yet, but the atmosphere is always great so I will go anyway :P Arctic Monkeys are confirmed, so I think that's cool! And the group of coldplayfans will be even bigger then, we always camp together with all our tents, so much fun! Can't wait! But first, Rock Werchterr..!! Did you see the Tokyo concert on MTV last friday? Just before it started I realized that I would see something of the setlist then, but..ah well, I don't care :P It was great to see! :D Have a nice weekend, bye!

  17. Hey Alison! I'm uploading my mixtape right now, I've been pretty busy with school and work so I'm a little late, but it's on its way :) Byebye, Baukje

  18. Yeah, it's difficult not to take a look haha.. But when the new album came out I never listened to any songs which were already leaked, and I'm glad I didn't do that. It's so nice to listen to a whole new album, without knowing any song. Except Violet Hill, because I let myself listen to the first single :P (And because that was the only song I had I listened to it veeeeeeeeeery much:P) I've been to 3 festivals now, last year Rock Werchter and Lowlands (in the Netherlands, very nice!!!!!) and the year before that also Lowlands. But it really depends on the band how much playtime they get. Most bands during the afternoon play like 45 minutes or an hour, and the headliners in the evening play 1 hour or sometimes 1,5 hour. Neil Young at Werchter even played 2 hours I think? But I guess Coldplay will play for 1,5 hour..at least I'm hoping it won't be shorter hihi! We'll see :)

  19. Oh, that´s true!! I didn´t even think about that yet, that we will know the setlist and all then.. Hmm :( But I guess I will try to control myself then and don't look in topics about it, or something :P It worked for me with the concerts last October, so.. Although I wasn't spending much time on this forum then. The dutch coldplay message board I'm also on is not that Coldplay related actually :P Everybody talks about other stuff and other music, there aren't very much people who are a big Coldplay fan anymore, after X&Y. But I don't really care, because there's a nice atmosphere and I've met a lot of them in real life, at concerts and festivals, so that's great :) But..my point was that I'll try to make sure that I don't know anything about the setlist and other stuff! :P Although..I might already know something, because I suddenly realize that I'll see them in July already, before the 2 concerts in September..hihi! :D Sorry, I'm thinking out loud now haha, I won't bore you with my thoughts anymore ;)

  20. Oh cool, where did you go skiiing?:) I don't think you missed very much, at least not big Coldplay news. Although tomorrow we're getting an update on the postcards project, so I'm curious what that will be! Rock Werchter is a Belgian festival and it's very big, they always have a very good line-up, all the big bands play there. I guess something like Roskilde. The line-up now is: Oasis, Kings of Leon, Bloc Party, Dave Matthews Band, Franz Ferdinand, Limp Bizkit, Elbow, Amy McDonald, Metallica, Placebo, The Killers..and Coldplay! I've been to the festival last year too, it was amazing, so many great bands! I saw bands like Sigur Ros and Radiohead there, but also Neil Young, I think he's kind of a living legend, so that was fun to see! :)

  21. Hee Roos! How are you? I'm fine, but been quite busy the last fews days, with school, work and everything..*sigh* ;) But today I bought a ticket for the Rock Werchter festival, so yaaaay, I'm gonna see Coldplay three times this year :D Woehoe! Well, have a nice weekend :)

  22. Hey Liz! Cool picture, are those the "Chris" bracelets? :P I've got them too since last week, and I don't want to take them off, because one already broke when I put it on..hihi :P

  23. Oh really? That's nice! :) And that cafe is actually where they first performed as Coldplay, because the venue where they did their actual first gig, but as Starfish, doesn't excist anymore..booo!:( :P But this is nice too. That cafe is the Dublin Castle and it's very close to the Bakery, in Camden Town. Easy to find :) Me and my friend first went there during the day, and another day we returned there in the evening, because we wanted something to drink. But it was very busy there, all the seats were full, so we wanted to leave. And I thought wow, this is very small..a stage doesn't even fit in here?! But then I saw 2 doors in the back, and it turned out there was a little room with a stage. There was just a band on it, they were soundchecking or something. It was really nice to see, because suddenly I really realized: wow, this is how they started too, hihi! :D And about Chris' house, hihi..yes it would be cool...but I thought that I had been the obsessive fan already that day, screaming and running to that woman at the door at the Bakery and all..so well :P Maybe some other time hihi ;)

  24. Not really, it's actually very near to Abbey Road. So I first went there, to take the "crossing the street" photo just like the Beatles..I even went like Paul McCartney, because I took my shoes off, just like him haha! :P But when you're standing in front of the Abbey Road studio's and you walk to the right it's just the second street left, and then first to the right. In case you might ever go there, memorize that haha! It's very easy to find. There's also a "Violet Hill School" on that street. And I thought about that, the house where Chris lives, but I knew that when I would go there I would want to take pictures and all, and I thought to myself that I always like it how 'normal' the band is, so decided to respect their privacy :)

  25. Hihi, yes, very nice! He didn't mind at all :) But I'm actually not sure what the Violet Hill road is about.. :P I read it somewhere in the Bakery topic once. Oops, I don't even know for sure hihi. I thought the song was named after the street, but maybe that's not even true :P

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