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  1. I agree, this video is something they've never done before. It's obvious the budget for this one was just a little bit bigger than for, let's say, Yellow 😅

    Because someone earlier said something about Chris walking just like he walked on the beach for Yellow, I was looking for more similarities to previous videos. Here are some things that reminded me of earlier videos: 

    • At 1.16 you see Chris backwards like a broken record. Obvious Scientist vibes. 
    • At 1.27 his hand moves reminded me a bit of Viva la Vida. 

    On the other hand, these are just Chris moves I guess, just like the rotating dance at 1.35, which he always does live. So maybe I'm just searching for something there isn't. I like that he's completely embracing dancing in this video, but I was a little bit sad it took so long for the band to come out. But when they did, they sure were electric! 

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  2. I completely understand your point @Famous_Old_Painter

    The samples of choirs, other instruments etc. don't bother me. But i'm pretty naïve and just want to live in a world where my favorite band doesn't lipsync 😞 or need an autotune. (My husband sometimes cringes when he hears live performances and hears Chris miss a note, but I'm always defending Chris. Surely, when he's running around like crazy, this isn't always best for his singing, but still.) 

    Also, regarding the pretty hard discussion I've read on this forum about Higher Power, pop music, generic songs, etc. I just come here to feel the excitement of other people who are just as crazy about this band as I am. Because my family and friends can't relate to my emotions as you guys do 😅  Nothing more than love for this band! 

    *Here am I in my little bubble* 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Captain Crieff said:

    it seems to be a screening of the Glastonbury performance in a hotel with nifty space hub rooms that have-build in audio systems + a night's stay

    so that's pretty cool, but the T&C's say the prize is worth €750 so that's um, a lot?

    Also, you have to live in The Netherlands to enter so if you don't, don't bother (they know your location through Spotify)

    Where did you guys find this? I’ve entered the competition, fingers crossed 😉 I was hoping for a videocall with the band 😬🤪

  4. On 5/9/2021 at 9:04 AM, elroy bo said:

    I somewhat hope Coldplay don't continue forever... sorta like The Rolling Stones... I really like them too, but albums from them have mostly seem to have been an excuse for touring since about 1980. And that Coldplay only continue as a creative force.

    I totally get your point and agree with you. I can't en don't want to imagine a time where there will never be new Coldplay music or concerts... But at the same time, seeing bands carry on for 40, 50 years, getting old, hmm, it's not always the best thing to do. I'm thinking of some Bob Dylan live performances, uf...

    There's also something valid in stopping when you're at your best. U2 is another example for me. They keep evolving, but I think their best work was many years ago. Hope I'm not hurting anyone's feelings with this 😉 

    That said, I really need the energy from Coldplay liveshows to keep me going. So let's just hope they will stay relevant and interesting for a while. 🙏

  5. I can't believe the amount of interviews especially Chris and Jonny have done, and in every interview they keep being to thoughtful and nice. Chris is always noticing someone's art in the background, tattoo on an arm, etc. and being so polite. I can't imagine I would be able to answer the same questions for a million times in such a way! Not being able to travel must be a relief for them though, so they can just work through these interviews much more efficient. 

    First I wanted to watch every interview, but I'm not sure I will finish the whole list, since there are so many😅 And also because most of the questions are the same, so we can already predict the answers. But still, they alwasy manage to put a smile upon my face with their good mood 🙂

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  6. Ah, can't wait to watch this performance after your reviews. 

    In the studio version, I just love the way Chris' voice sounds in this part: "I'm so happy that I'm alive, happy I'm alive as the same time as you". When he sings like this, that's the way I love his voice the most. Don't exactly know how to describe it. My husband doesn't hear any differance and thinks I'm crazy 😅


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  7. So glad I got out of bed for this. You could really feel the excitement of the band, loved the talk with Thomas. 

    And I’m just blown away by the song, the wall of sound in it, the joy. Better than I expected actually. I like what Chris said about it’s meaning too. 

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