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  1. I was able to get tickets. Also, Cumulus radio just called me and I won that contest for flights, hotel, tickets and M&G to the "secret show". They won't tell me where or when the show is, except that it's in California between the 18th and 21st. that leaves the 19th and 20th and its gotta be in LA somewhere. It's supposed to be announced on Monday.


    Wow, sounds great!! :)

  2. I made a comment about the interviewer and then took it away, but I had a similar weird vibe about that interview; this guy is the founder of The Rolling Stone afterall. There were some better parts on the back half, but yeah, it started strangely particularly the part you mentioned.


    I mean, how is it fair to compare Coldplay to the best individual bits of everyone else? Oh, Coldplay isnt as hardworking as Bruce, they dont dance as well as Beyonce, not as big as U2. What a joke. You can't be the best at absolutely everything, but you can do the best that you can, and thats what Coldplay is about!


    Although I didn't like the interviewer at all, I really enjoyed watching this interview.

    I understand your comments. To me the guy felt so pretentious and snarky. He cleary didn't know much about the album, and was also very scornful (if that's the right word?) about Chris' answers and "self deprecation". He came across very arrogant, I think.

    But I really enjoyed the way Chris openly talked about his youth. Although I had read before about his troubles as a teenager, I have never seen him adress this in an interview. And also, it just makes me happy when he talks about the fire inside him and desire to just make music for everyone who is into it.

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  3. Glad you got your shipping costs refunded. And I hope you still get your CD, and pin.

    About a week and a half after emailing them, I did receive my CD. It's now six days after that, and I got notification that my pin just shipped.

    Here's to hoping that you get everything you ordered, too!!

    I live in the Midwest region of the USA, and my CD shipped from Tennessee. If you aren't in the USA yours might be coming from another warehouse? I'm not sure.


    There must have been something in the universe, haha. I received my vinyl today :)

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  4. I did that exact same thing for the same reason (except I don't live in the UK, but wishful thinking)!! Yet I haven't received mine...but apparently it's in the mail as of early this morning.

    I emailed Warner expressing my deep disappointment in not having it by release day. They got back to me on Sunday saying that they have been switching warehouses so all of their shipments were super behind. They refunded my shipping cost and told me it'd be in the mail this week. Now, it looks like it's on the way...but the badge that's supposed to come with it is delayed. Hmm.

    Have you checked your order status lately? If mine shipped, surely yours is on the way soon too. :confused:


    Good advice!

    I have emailed them as well, and got an email today that my shipping costs will be refunded as well.


    Although I'm a little bit worried now about the pin, because the exclusive version with pin is the only reason I pre-ordered it at all.

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  5. Hey everyone,


    I thought I would come on here and talk about my experience and explain a few things! I was lucky enough to receive an invite from Coldplay as a thank you for the support we have given them during the past few months. Promotion for this album from fan sites and fans, in general, was key during this era as it was of course, marketed differently to other albums.



    Great story Stephen! Nice that you've shared this with us :)

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  6. Obviously they're the biggest band on the planet and fewer tickets will have been on sale compared to the GS tour or previous small gigs and try-outs. But still... . There has got to be a way to make this more fair. I know there was an experiment with the Bruce Springsteen Broadway show where you could submit your social media profiles and an algorithm would check for Springsteen references on your accounts. They also took previous ticket sales into account. It's not perfect, but it's a start. Also, Nick Cave sent out invites to people with the most streams on Spotify. None of these systems are perfect, but maybe a combination would do the trick?


    I also think the U2 system is a good option: my sister has been a U2 fan since years and became a member of the official fanclub many years ago. When there's a tour, they send different presale codes, depending on how long people have been a member. This membership costs about 40 of 50 euros a year, I believe, but I think most fans don't mind that at all, if it means you can buy 2 tickets for sure, without the stress of 'normal' ticketsales.

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  7. It just hit me... maybe they wanted to restrict the ticket sale to the UK because they didn't want people flying in, for environmental reasons.


    (For future reference Coldplay, Belgium, France and The Netherlands have the Eurostar xx)


    Yes ofcourse they did! At least, that's what I think.

    Chris said in the BBC interview that one of the biggest problems is audiences flying in from all over the world.


    So that's why I decided to respect that, even though I would love to just fly to London and see what happens.

  8. I don't think it will be worth it. With so many entries and exits to the museum, it will be very hard to meet the band. And I wouldn't count on extra tickets being released, let alone them handing out tickets.


    You're right. I've been thinking about this all week and a part of me feels like you have to force your own happiness. And my last experience in Londen, when I was able to sneak in and see the complete soundcheck in the Royal Albert Hall is clouding my judgement ;)

    But I also feel that Coldplay have consiously made a decision to not tour and have made the Sunrise and Sunset concert available for the whole world on Youtube. And I also want to respect that decision, also because I consiously haven't been flying for the past two years because of the environment. So what kind of person would I be to just put all that aside and fly there anyway, begging for tickets? (The kind of person that just LOVES Coldplay so much, I know. But still.)


    So thanks Mathieu, I'm back on earth now ;)

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