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  1. Woman. I miss you! :hug: Anyhoo Christmas is coming up already! :stunned: Just want to wish you and your family a happy holiday! Enjoy your time off, I know I am. :P

  2. So the wait for the album's over- now I can't wait for a tour! :dance::D
  3. "Supersymmetry" blew my mind. :stunned: Finally finished the whole album, loved it altogether. I think "Joan of Arc" is really the biggest falter. Not too into it. Other than that, I really love each song and can't wait to listen to "Here Comes the Night Time" with the windows down on a warm, summer evening at twilight. Favorites: -Here Comes the Night Time -Normal Person -Supersymmetry -Afterlife -Porno
  4. I feel like "Normal Person" fails to deliver as much as the live version. Still good, just not as much of a punch.
  5. Thank you!! :nice: Right?? It's ridiculously good! Currently trying not to dance around my office to "Here Comes the Night Time". The album is a change of pace from the old AF, yes. But it's done so well it's not anything of a disappointment, I don't think.
  6. I'm Christina, by the way kids. :nice: Been a long time since I've been on here, but I knew it'd be my trusty place to find this leak. Anyhoo, I friggin' love the album. Haven't listened to all of it yet but what I've heard is even exceeding my expectations. "Porno" is ridiculously good. Ugh. These songs will be EPIC live, for sure. Hope ya'll like it, I know I am. :D!
  7. Could someone PM me a link???? Having the hardest time finding it. :dance: EDIT: Thanks, Fran! :nice:
  8. It's been too long! :hug: Haha, it was nice there for a while. Now it's 80 again. :dozey: I can't wait for the snow, it's too damn hot for a pregnant woman. :P I'm good! Things are going just fine. I'm entering my third trimester already, can you believe it? :stunned: I'm gettin' big. :lol: The house is going good. SLOW. But good! Brian's back at hockey, so he's happy. :nice: Red Sox in the playoffs, too! :dance: We're all pumped. Awww, that sucks! :hug: Don't worry, Christmas break will be here before you know it! :kiss: Concerts will help it go faster, too! :P You've been busy! :stunned: And yes, SO much good stuff coming out right now ugh! Volcano Choir, Kanye West and of course Arcade Fire yes they HAVE to tour I don't even care if they don't come to Philadelphia, I'll go to New York or the fucking moon if I have to. :freak: Reflektor is going to be unbelievable! Really not much at all. :shrug::P You? How's things except stupid school? :lol:

  9. By the way. The new Volcano Choir album. :dead:!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: And "Atlas"! And "Reflektor"! Oh, so much good music right now. :freak:

  10. Exactly! :nice:!! Tomorrow. Get out tomorrow. It's supposed to be like, 70 and low humidity. I'm super excited just for the weather. :lol: Yes!! Haha I've been doing good! My family doesn't have much of a history of pregnancy symptoms. Except all the soreness. TOMS have become my new best friend, even at work. :lol: But other than that I've been relatively good! Well it's good you're busy! Keeps you active and it won't be as much of a shock going back into school! After sitting around for three months, your legs can really take a hit. :P Good luck! I have a few friends going to that, it's supposed to be fun!! Don't worry about it, my dear! I've been on and off with business as well. Take you're time. I'll be here when you're ready. :kiss:! I'm interested! Not into those movies at all, but it might be good! The lyrics they posted are pretty, so I'm hoping if this song's good it might be a good omen for the next album. :dance:!! You?? :D

  11. We actually just got back from a friend's house in Cape Cod, went to the Red Sox game last night too. :D I was a little sick the first couple of days there (not sure if it was pregnancy things or a stomach bug, probably pregnancy) but I got better. The water was so warm! :D How about yours? How's your internship? :hug:!

  12. It's been nuts! But it's kind of fun to build a house from halfway-up. :P It'll be a good story to tell our kids and nieces and nephews and such. Gives the home personality, ya know? I love houses like that. :nice: It's gorgeous outside! I've been hanging out in the park until dusk with my doggies these past two days and it's been so much more comfortable! You can stay outside for more than two seconds without feeling like you're gonna die!! :D I heard the humidity is supposed to go up, though. :snobby: I wish humidity didn't exist. Fun! :dance:! Lemme know how it is! It was fun! Got to eat lots and such. :nice: My summer's been great! It's been quite a year. My belly's growing so fast. :nice: I've gotten to do LOTS of maternity shopping which has been so phenomenal. I actually have a reason to go overboard on shopping. :P

  13. Thank you! :nice: It's tough, but yeah. She was doted upon and loved, and unfortunately they can't live forever. Yay!! I'm glad you had fun! Now who's up next for you? I can't remember, you go to so many shows I can't keep track!! :P!!! I know. :wacky: The National feels like forever ago now and I want to go to another before I hit my third trimester and can't go to any!! :D By the way, how was your Fourth of July? Hope you had fun and ate lots, since it's the American way! :lol:

  14. That's okay! I've been busy too! Brian and I FINALLY found a house! It's only partially built and was in foreclosure, which made it nice and cheap but it needs to be finished. So we've been contacting contractors and builders and such, trying to figure out how we're going to get it all finished up. Plus, we have to furnish it. And I've got lots of maternity clothes to buy, my belly's getting bigger. :uhoh: So don't worry about it, you're not the only one who's swamped. :lol: It was terrible today! I couldn't go outside! I've got the air conditioner blasting in here. It's like an oven out there and it won't end!! :bigcry: I hate extreme heat and humidity. Why can't it be like, 80 and no humidity all summer long? That'd be perfect.

  15. My childhood dog Aimee, who lives up in Boston with my pop, passed away of a lung infection. She's been part of our lives for SO long, she was my first dog, and it was really, really hard to take. So that's what I'm coping with right now. Poor thing. She was hurting pretty badly up until the end though. So I'm trying to think about how peaceful she is now, and remember all the good times we had with her. She was quite a character. Anyhoo, JESUS woman you've seen so many/ are seeing so many! I don't think I'll EVER come close to as many concerts as you've been. :lol: Have fun, I'm excited for you!!!! God, did I mention how hot it is? :dead: How was Firefly??? :kiss:

  16. I'm baaaack!! :cheesy: And holy FUCK it's hot. :stunned: In Melbourne it was mid 60s, in Sydney it was mid 70s. Most people were in sweaters and I was in a t-shirt and jeans and SO comfortable. :lol: And it's like, a THOUSAND degrees here now. :bigcry: I want to go back! It was a good trip! Unfortunately though, we got some really tough news on Thursday.

  17. That sucks! It's good that it was a good weekend all in all! Who'd ya see? :wacko: Haha, I know. People keep asking us if we got pregnant at the same time on purpose and I promise you, we didn't. :lol: But it is going to be quite an experience, and she's such a great sister-in-law. :nice: It's gonna be great! :dance: We leave Sunday morning and come back the following Monday. It's SUCH a long flight we'll be on the plane for like, a whole day. :wreck: They were so incredible. Ugh. I wanna go again too. :wacko: Nice! :stunned:! Good luck! Summer's on it's way! :D Yeah, I heard! :stunned: We've got like, a "moderate" severe weather warning from the National Weather Service, which is apparently rare for here. :wreck: It sounds pretty bad!!

  18. THEY. WERE. AMAZING. Incredible. Unbelievable. Astonishing. I could go on FOREVER. They're such an incredible band because their songs are SO good on record, SO good. But when you hear them live. Right in front of you. It's like you're hearing them for the first time again. Ugh. It was cold and pouring rain but it was an UNBELIEVABLE night. And they played "About Today" and "Geese of Beverly Road" and my friend and I freaked out like Justin Beiber fangirls. :lol:!!! Don't worry! I understand! Hope it was amazing! :D

  19. That's okay! I understand!! :kiss: The weather was AWFUL for the Governor's Ball. :sad: For my concert too, but the Mann has a cover thank GOD. I'm sure you had a great time, though. :nice: Good! We got basically everything needed, the baby shower's another month away so we still have some planning to do. :D I got lots of beachy stuff, too. :wacko: I'm so excited for Australia. And the night before we leave we're going to a Red Sox game in Baltimore! :D That's gonna be awesome.

  20. YOU HAVE FUN TOO! :kiss: Stay safe and enjoy the shows and tell me all about it as well! I'll tell you everything about The National while I fight PCD!! :D :stunned: You're gonna be asleep on the ground of the festival. :lol: Lots of shopping to do this weekend for me. :uhoh: House shopping, baby shower shopping (not for me, for my sister-in-law actually. We're throwing each other's baby showers. :P) and shopping for my trip to Australia. :freak: And work's been super busy, too. :dead:

  21. It was gorgeous! It's been gorgeous!! And I realized recently I'm going to going through some of the most intense trimesters in some really intense heat. :stunned: I'm gonna have my house at like, 20 degrees. :lol: Why can't it be like this ALL summer? And then November and December super cold with LOTS of snow. Then back to this again? That would be perfect. :wacky: Sounds like so much fun! :nice: Busy weekends are best weekends. Then every once and a while a TV or movie marathon weekend is great too. :nice:

  22. It was AWFUL. :bigcry: But we went to the beach Saturday and it was like, 15 degrees cooler! We stayed on the beach for hours, it was so nice. Friday was the WORST. The humidity was ridiculous. I should! :D It's true. A lot don't realize it, too. :shrug: Went to the Yankees/Sox game up in the Bronx last night! It was extremely last minute. My uncle was going with a couple of people and they backed out, so he gave the tickets to Brian and I. We SPED up the expressway and got there just in time. It was rained out early, but the Red Sox won! It was fun. :D The beach and the game were really it for me. :nice: What about you? Find something fun? Hope you stayed cool! :hug: THIS FRIDAY'S MY NATIONAL CONCERT. I'm getting SO excited, oh my god. Wow! That's great! Good luck! I know. I can't believe it's June already. :stunned:

  23. I know! It was ridiculous today. Thankfully my office was like, 45 degrees. Everyone else was freezing but I was enjoying it. :wacko: Hah, I'm excited to jump in the water. I don't care if it feels like ice water. It'll be great compared to sitting around in this. :wreck: MMMMph that sounds so good! Totally might pick one up tomorrow on my way home. :wacko: Oh my god, I'm already craving so much. :wacko: I know. He doesn't want to be like Jason Giambi or something and desperately cling onto the past- it gets sad after a while. These guys don't realize how short their career is. Just take your big pile of money and retire before you're remembered for your .150 average or your 10.60 ERA. :P I don't know. Maybe he'll come back. But it feels like it's just gonna keep happening and happening and happening. He was doing okay before he got hurt, not great. The whole team is doing okay. .250 averages and under. Rueben Amaro really does need to go. :dozey:

  24. It was miserable! And cold! And now it's gonna be too hot. :lol: 90s next weekend. My sister and I are planning a day trip to the beach. :D It was tough! But I've done it before. Unfortunately my job means a lot of working and not much sleeping. :wreck::P I know! It was just New Year's!! Soon we're gonna be talking about Christmas time again. :crazy: This year's going by fast. Nice! I went shopping Saturday, too. Spent way too much as usual. :lol: Sunday Brian and I hung out with an old teammate of his and their family up in New York. Today we BBQ'd with family and it was deliciousssss. :wacky: It's sad! But this point in a player's career, injury after injury after injury, they need to at least consider the fact that it might be time. Especially if he ends with a crappy average. :sad: Ah, well. I just don't know what to do with the Phillies anymore. :shrug:

  25. Thunderstorms today, though! God, I hope it's not this oppressive the day of my National concert. :wreck: Yep! Took a double red-eye after a three hour meeting/ dinner with my brother. Exhausting. :P Yay! Have fun! :dance:!! Hm. It's Memorial Day weekend, right? I'm sure my sister has something planned but I don't know yet. :P You? (P.S.: Chase. Injured. AGAIN! :bigcry: I'm starting to think he should just retire before they trade him. :sad:)

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