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  1. Most likely! She's going to open up a bakery. And make me very, very fat. :P

  2. chapter 4 up, by the way. :D

  3. :D! There are some really great fanfics on that group. Some are a little too pervy for me, with not really any plot. :P Mine can get pervy, :sneaky:, but they have a story that goes along with the perviness. :laugh4:

  4. :D! So what's new with you?? I can't stop thinking about this auction. :freak:

  5. That's true. :P He had to get Play Dough.... which was apparently for science?? :uhoh:

  6. Thank you!!! :nice:!!!!

  7. :laugh4:! chapter 7...POSTED! :D!

  8. I love you for that. :wacky: Made me feel SO much better, been so bummed since I heard about Amy. :sad: [IMG] Not only does he look super badass and sexy in this picture.... his fly is also open. :freak::bomb: Ooh, how I love that man. This one, too. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

  9. it really, really is. he really, really is. :wacky::heart:!! hah, i really don't think the jersey shore compares. but, it's close enough. :laugh4::D!! well, jim and i are going to attempt to go to sleep since we have nothing else to do. talk to you later!! :D:heart:!! WRITE MORE!!! :whip::heart::hug:!!

  10. haha, don't you just LOVE summer?!?! :D!!

  11. I. KNOW. :dead:. They NEVER post anything about when they're in Philly on their website. It's like, they purposely don't want the two of us seeing them. :bigcry: Hah, he's on the Cubs. He's quite good- batted .306 last year. :dance:! Yeah, a new piano or just a bunch of vinyls. I'm always happy with vinyls. :D It sounds wooooonderful. :heart: Their music reminds me so much of summer... which actually suits this weather. :dozey:

  12. Ooh, sweet 16! Those were good times. :P Have fun! Aww, well, I didn't have a party either. Just went to a Phillies game with some friends. :P

  13. Hah, a few things. A great friend of mine named Mal is visiting for the next TWO weeks. Which is great, cause he lives in Melbourne. So, we're going to have oodles of fun with him. :D And tonight I'm going to see a friend of mine play baseball. He plays for the Wilmington Blue Rocks, which, is pretty awesome. :D And I don't need to ask you what you're doing. ;)!

  14. :heart:!! Gah, Blanton's been amazing!!

  15. Hah, if we keep winning, they are!! :dance:! Aww, you had a LONG Monday night, I could understand. :D The day after the Camden show I was SO exhausted that I just got up to post my review, photos, etc, then went back to bed, thinking about how close I was to Chris's smiling face. :wacky:!! It's hard to stop thinking about when he looks at you, too. Isn't it? :dead:!!

  16. I was just going to change it. :dozey: I'm really sick of being copied, but I guess it's sort've a compliment in a way. :P YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! :dance::D:dance:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh god, I have no idea. Maybe next summer? :shrug:

  18. oh we're very lucky!! did you know by 10:15 the floor was completely gone? i was finished getting my tickets by 10:04. i'm sure if i tried "best available" again i could've gotten closer, but i didn't want to chance it. i bought the first it gave me. :D

  19. I just posted the next THREE chapters of my story. :smug::smug:!!

  20. hah, that's quite alright. sorry i haven't been able to reply lately, my sister's been keeping me so busy. :dizzy: i know!! yesterday sucked. i hate rain. :bigcry:!!!! i hope they play today. GOD i hope they play today. but they might not. IT'S. STILL. RAINING. :(!!!

  21. I know. My babies are family. Sometimes I forget they're dogs. :lol: Then college will go by in a flash for you, I promise. :nice: I took two years of classes in Russia before I went to college here and I loved them, oh my god. And since I did, two years felt like two seconds. :D I tolerated my classes here in Philly, but friggin' loved my courses in Moscow. :wacko: Honestly, before you know it, you'll have your diploma. :nice:!!!!! It was BEAUTIFUL this weekend! We had my sister's birthday party outside on her deck, it was so much fun. :D Finally it's starting to feel like summer... and this week it's gonna get cold again. :bigcry: Just a few more weeks, and the cold weather will be gone though!!! :D By the way, how are your guitar lessons going? Did you start? :thinking:

  22. yep! my friend and i are making a mini vacation out of it. revolved around coldplay. :wacky::P!!

  23. :P! I can just choose not to go, if it's really bad. But I hope my school closes so I don't have to skip. :P

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