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  1. i know!! i'm so excited! good luck getting your camera in. i'm too much of a wimp to try it. :D

  2. i know!! this is philly we're talking about, so, we'll have the best show. :)

  3. i'm so excited they're going to be on the floor!! i hope they're like, right in front of me!!! the chicago show sounded awesome. ahh i cannot waitt!!! :D

  4. i wonder if they'd play something like warning sign. that would be awesome. cause that would mean we're more special than LA and all the cali shows. :D

  5. that's actually a very very good idea! :P hm. i'll have to think about it. i don't have that much time though! :)

  6. i know!!! ugh, i'm so confused about my camera. see, i have a Canon Powershot A610, and it's pretty big. i wonder if i just stuff it in my pocket then wear a long shirt they'll let me pass. it's so annoying how they say 'no cameras'. people have cameras on their cell phones and iphones! they can't stop people from bringing phones in! ugh, coldplay is the best band in the world. i love them soo muuch. :P there is not like, one song by them that i just don't listen to that often. i listen to alll of them like, all the time. i barely listen to anyone else! it's acutally kind've sad. :P

  7. that's how i feel! this will, most definitley be the best night of my life, so i have to. just have to. :P gosh i'm sooo excited!!!!!!!!!-dances-

  8. exactly! i just don't wanna be sitting there all bummed while the beautiful chris martin is standing right in front of me, and like, everyone's snapping pictures. so i really want to take the risk, but this is a 400 dollar camera we're talking about. :( so confused. :P

  9. right!! i really wanted to go to the today show, but couldn't make it. this'll be my first coldplay concert, so i'm basically losing it. :) so as i told you i'm going with my sister, and she thinks it'll be a bad idea to bring my camera, since they'll detect it with those little hand-held metal detectors. she's got me afraid they might take it away if they find it, so now i'm really bummed. i wanted to take pictures! :(

  10. haha, i think so. :P i'm really curious to know how many coldplayers will be there. i just wanna hold up a sign that says: WHERE ARE MY COLDPLAYERS?!

  11. i will too!!! in such a situation, i will do such risky things. :D yay we can send each other pictures after the show!! :D

  12. yeah, i don't think it will be too tight. they usually check purses, so if you dont have a purse they'll probably let us through. i tried to bring this up on the live section and no one got back to me! :P

  13. i know!!! i really hope he gets really close!!!! ooh i get to talk to someone about cameras. now i know on the tickets they said no cameras, so are you going to try to sneak yours in? i really want to, and i'd feel better if i wasn't the only one. :D

  14. i know!!! i can't wait!!! :)!

  15. i'm in section 8 seats 7 and 8 with my sister!!! :D

  16. i am going to the coldplay show in philly, and i'm incredibly excited!!!!! i added you as a friend. :)

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