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  1. Trouble Will Find Me is SO incredible!! Thank you so much for the link! :kiss: Ugh. One of the best of 2013. Most definitely. Can't wait to see them next month! :dance: The new Vampire Weekend is the next one I gotta get. I hear it's good! :D Haha, amen to that. Especially with those cicadas coming to invade the Northeast! I wanna get the fuck out of here! :bigcry: Yeah, we'll find a place. By the end of this year I hope to have a deposit down. :nice: I know! :stunned: I should've started shopping earlier. A popular gift for the one year anniversary is paper. What the fuck does that mean? :wacko: Like, a painting or something? Brian doesn't want a painting. Anyhoo, any fun plans for the weekend?

  2. Hah, that's okay, I know the feeling. :uhoh: I've been having a few too many 10-12 hour days lately. :wreck: It's getting better! Rain this week, but Friday's supposed to be 77! Summer's coming! :D That's good! I'm glad it's winding down. How do you think you did? :hug: It really is. :snobby: We waited too long. Now the market's getting better. We're going to see more houses this weekend though and hopefully my realtor will be able to get us a good deal. :shrug: Ah well, we've all the time in the world. I want to make sure we get the most perfect house ever. :nice: Reminds me! One year anniversary coming up and I still haven't decided what to get Brian. :uhoh:

  3. Wow. :stunned: I really don't know how you do it. It was GORGEOUS today! Spent the whole afternoon at the tennis court with my sister. Sore now, though. :uhoh: Aww really? :sad: That really sucks. Seems like every time I talk to you you've got a week of tests. :hug::P Hang in there!! My dad used to tell me to take it one day at a time and it'll go by so much faster. It's true. :nice: I'm good! Simple week, not much really going on. Frustrated that house prices are going back up. :snobby:

  4. Do you work on commission?!?!? :stunned: Thank you love! :wacky:!! It's gonna be such a nice weekend and then rain. And rain and rain and rain. That's the sucky thing about spring. :snobby:

  5. Nice! Sounds like some good stuff! :dance:! That's okay, I haven't been on in a while either actually. :uhoh: SO busy at work now. It was great! The Phillies game SUCKED but the Red Sox won that day. :nice: We had a little party at my sister's with cake and BBQ and such, and I got lots of sweet presents. Starbucks gift cards, books, Red Sox gear/tickets, and Brian got us tickets the Celtics/Knicks game tomorrow night at MSG! :D Oh, and why the hell is the cold weather back? :bigcry: It sucks! It was amazing! Ugh, I'm SO happy for my city. They can finally start to heal again. :nice:

  6. They got him, Marisa. Best birthday present ever. The city is rejoicing. I'm rejoicing. Boston is stronger and more united than ever. God, I love that city. :nice:

  7. You're welcome! :hug: Good! :dance: Hah, that's always fun. I hope someone buys my breakfast tomorrow. :wacko: Any good presents? And this situation in Boston. :stunned: It keeps getting crazier and crazier and scarier and scarier and I just really really really hope they find this dude before he hurts anyone else. My city needs to start the healing process, and all this is just stalling it. Bostonians deserve to sleep easy. Bostonians deserve to be able to walk out their fucking door, for christ's sake. The city will rebuild and become even stronger and better than before. But right now things have slowed down, almost to a halt because of a 19 year old psychopath. I just hope everything is resolved peacefully, more devastation in my hometown might make me have a panic attack. :/ But anyhoo, birthday tomorrow, which I will enjoy fully. :nice:

  8. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it! Just try to enjoy the day, and humor your classes. And if you drink, drink responsibly! :nice:!!!! Thanks, dear! Ugh, it's been a tough couple of days. But spirits are high. :nice:

  9. Oh my god Marisa. It was so horrible. When I first saw those videos yesterday afternoon I almost lost my shit. I had friends, family that went to the Boston Marathon and my mind immediately went to the worst. Thankfully everyone is peachy keane, just shaken up. And I just had to be here with them, so I drove up here this morning to spend the week in this amazing city. I posted on Tumblr what it's like here. Down but not broken. I talked to dozens of people today. Some I knew, some I'd never seen before in my life. The people I do know, when you lock eyes with them and see they're okay, you just want to hug them forever with a serious lump in your throat. People will dust themselves off, I'm sure of that. This city's like that. But right now, everyone just sort of feels shocked and violated.

  10. Yeah, they actually say it's going to rain on my birthday which really sucks. :sad: Hah, it very well could be! If they get hitting and pitching working together at once they'll be fine! :D Oh I think it's just like an outdoor party thing at her house, then the Phillies game that night. If I'm back by then (I'm in Boston right now). I'm pretty sure I'm coming back Friday though. Ooh, that sounds fun! What about your actual birthday? Doing anything then? :nice: That's good!

  11. Yeah, it's gonna be gorgeous on your birthday!! :D A little cooler on mine, but still a nice day. :nice: I know, right? Oh my god, those days were it was 80-85ish, I saw wasps and bees outside that were like, the size of kittens. One outside my window was SO huge, I thought my vacuum cleaner was on. It was that loud. :freak: I need to get some serious insecticide for this winter. :uhoh: Yes! And what a game it was today! :dance: Roy FINALLY got his 200th, he pitched SO much better than he's been too. They're still having trouble getting runners around though. I think they left 9 on base today. :stunned: Good! Boring, just kind of sat around most of it and hung out with people. :D My sister's been busy planning my birthday party, so I'm excited for next Saturday. Yours is in just four days!! :cheesy: How about yours? :hug:

  12. I know! It was SO warm! I'm a little glad it cooled down a bit though. It all was happening SO fast. :P Hah, eating outside is soo much fun when it's nice, too! Besides the bugs and all that crap, though. :dozey: It. Was. Heaven. I mean, cake? How can you go wrong? Unless it's like, fruit cake. :lol: Okay. -Shoving Emotions Down- :P

  13. Sweet! I was only there once for a basketball game. They have really good burgers. :wacko: It's SO nice out! Oh my god. A little warm actually, but we're gonna cool down to spring weather again next week. :D It's amazing how much different the temperature is here than just in Boston. It's like, 60 up there. :P Oh! They sound pretty good! :D That sounds amazing. :wacky: I've been taking my doggies Fairmount Park and whenever my friends and I go to eat, we always eat outside. Tonight we're going to get dessert at this adorable little cake shop in King of Prussia. :cheesy: I'm excited. Should we talk about the Phillies or should we pretend it's not happening? :bigcry:

  14. Wow, you've got a busy weekend! :cheesy: It's good though, you don't want to be trapped indoors watching TV reruns when the weather's this nice. Gotta enjoy it too, because it's supposed to rain like all next weekend. :sad: Haha, don't cancel the next date with your turntable. They don't seem to enjoy it when you reschedule. :whip3: :P! What's Suits and White Collar, by the way? I've never heard of them. :thinking:

  15. :sad: Aw, that sucks. I've always thought MLBtv was way overpriced anyway since their quality is terrible. :dozey: Hah, yeah! I've got a busy summer ahead! :D I'M SO EXCITED! Aw, well at least you get to go to the Governor's Ball! See the Lumineers and Local Natives and so many more! It'll be epic! :D The National's right before I leave for Bonnaroo, so that worked out well. I kind of got the tickets without even remembering Roo so, I'm glad it did. :uhoh::P!!!!!! Nice! :stunned:!! Where in Brooklyn? :thinking: It was pretty nice today! Nothing compared to Monday and Tuesday though, oh my god!! :stunned: I don't want to go to work. :bigcry: It'll be too nice to be inside. Hopefully I can leave early. :dance: Thanks! :hug:!

  16. Oh, I already have lots to go to. :P My uncle has gotten season tickets to the Red Sox for the past 15 years so I can go to a game almost whenever with him. :D Brian and I will probably go back up there and see the Sox sometime in June. :nice: When it comes to the Phillies I'm going on my birthday which is two weeks from tomorrow! :dance: I'm usually not this excited for my birthday. :P And then I'm going again sometime in June or July. Then I might see them in DC too when I'm visiting a friend, not sure. :thinking: Oh, baseball. :wacky: By the way, I just got tickets to see The National at the Mann Center in June. 2nd row orchestra. :freak:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. :lol:!!!! It's getting so nice! It's gonna rain next weekend though, which sucks. :sad: So we gotta enjoy this weather as much as physically possible! I'm gonna be outside like, all weekend. :D! It's so addictive though. It's a little scary. :uhoh: That's true! Is there anything good coming except Dexter, though? :thinking: It really, really is. :wacky: He's been good! Not starting many games recently but he's getting healthier every day, and the Flyers have been on a good winning streak lately. :nice:! Doing anything fun for the weekend? Make sure whatever you do, it's outside! :P Hah, that sucks. :sad: You should get MLBtv. It's amazing. :wacko: Really? :stunned: Get on that, woman!

  18. There is no such thing, my dear. :lol: Thanks! :kiss: Only cold for a couple more days, then it's going to get SUPER nice. 67 next Tuesday!! :dance:!!!! It's so good. Thank god. This show will hold me over until Dexter comes back, then everything comes back for the fall. Justified and The Walking Dead are the two big ones. Then The Real Housewives ended, and I'm going to miss watching that because it's too damn funny and usually my sister and I watch it with ice cream. :wacko: YAY! It's FINALLY back! Brian always loves how much more I love baseball than I do hockey. :P Red Sox started in good form, Hamels and the bullpen didn't come through well last night. Chase was great though! He was like, the only offense. :lol: But it's a new season! A clean slate! 161 brand new chances not to fuck up! :D! I have hope in both of them. :dance:!!! When are you going to see the Phils this year, do you know yet? :dance:

  19. Happy Easter if you celebrate! :D I don't. :P Aw, sorry to hear that. :hug: Try to do something fun to get your mind off it. :nice:! That seems to be going 'round. I had a little bit of a stomach bug on Friday that I thankfully got over quickly. Allergy season is right around the corner. :bigcry: Which reminds me, I really need to go get some more Claritin. :P It's getting warmer!!!!!!! :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: Saturday was super nice and I'm hearing next week it's going to get into the mid 60s. Gonna get cold again a little this week, though. :shrug: Summer's on it's way, though! Thanks! :kiss:!! Haha, well that is one of my favorite hobbies. :P Oh my god!!! I'm SO excited!!! Friday night my sister and I caught up on all the episodes. I have no idea what's gonna happen but I'm SUPER pumped. :cheesy: It's great timing too for GOT to come back. A lot of my favorite shows are ending. :bigcry: BASEBALL. IN. 24. HOURS. :freak:!

  20. D'aww, I'm sure it wasn't that bad. :nice: You're probably being too hard on yourself. :kiss: Just take a deep breath and relax, at least they're all over! Aw, you got a cold? Everyone's been getting sick lately. :shrug: It's pretty nice today. Basically now the sun is super warm but the air is chilly. It's supposed to be 61 on Tuesday so, I think we're finally starting to get there!! :D Thanks! It was SUPER fun! I got to see all (yes, all :wink3:) my closest friends and my family. My dad's thinking of buying a new car so, I got to help him shop around. Plus, a friend of a friend is getting married and she invited me so, that was pretty cool. :D It was great to be back in Boston again, I love it there. D'aww, at least you get to relax. Just sleep and watch TV shows. :P :hug:!!!

  21. Thanks! Things are going well. Busy, but well. :D! Haha, how do you think you're doing/did on finals? Well? I'm sure you're doing just great. :nice: And the week's almost over, thankfully! :dance: I wake up this morning and it's snowing out. :dead: This winter won't end!! I'm starting to think it will be snowing in June, July and August. :bigcry: I leave for Boston tomorrow to spend a long weekend with friends and family up there, so I probably won't be on for three or four days. :nice: Have a good weekend and get some rest, I'm sure you'll need it!!! :nice:!!!!

  22. Well good luck this week! And get more sleep, you're gonna need it!! :kiss:!! Lemme know how they go! Don't worry, I will. :whip::P Yes, it totally will. :nice:! My realtor's got a few more houses for us to see and she thinks we'll really love them so we're going to wait until then to possibly make an offer on a house. It'll be after Brian's season is over. I don't want to put even a tiny bit more on his shoulders when he's got the season winding down, and the Flyers need to win more than ever to get a playoff spot. :nice: Plus, my realtor doesn't think any of the houses will sell in that time, so that's good. :D It gives me a break from all this craziness too. I know! It's like, sleeting out there now. It's miserable!!! I think it's going to be snowing in July, I really do. :freak: This winter will never leave!!!

  23. I'm ready for the 60's, 70's, 80's.... I think I'm even ready for the 90's. I want nice weather! I want to go to the beach! I want to surf again! Uuuuugh is it just me, or does this winter feel extra slow to go away???? Those were some of the best years in of my life. :nice: It was challenging and exciting and scary at first but it's SO worth it to live in a different country you would never see yourself living in for a while. :P It's a great life experience, I highly suggest it. That's good! And I know, the week before finals is always the slowest, right? :dozey: Hah, I had a feeling you just didn't have the time. :nice: But that's okay! It'll give you a project when things loosen up after finals. (And like I said, don't let the pain of the blisters hold you back! It'll go away after a little while. :nice:!!!)

  24. Yes! It's good things are moving along. Hopefully we'll find one we really, really love and everything can finally settle in. :nice:!!!!! Hah, I know. It is kind of entertaining. Because it annoys the hell out of our friends when it's our turn to pick where we all go to get dinner that week. Usually they end up deciding anyway. :wacko: It is exciting! My indecisiveness won't help though. :P I'm already looking at rooms in each of the houses and trying to decide which would be best/the easiest to decorate with my style, and even with this hypothetical thought in my head I'm like "Would that wall look good in blue? No, no red would be better. Or maybe blue would." :freak: This is going to be a crazy summer as we try to get this all settled. :P Hah, sounds like you had fun! :nice: I wish that weather was back, I saw a few snow flurries out there this morning!!! :bigcry:

  25. She took me out at six o'clock in the morning and I didn't get home until well past five. Brian and I went to see four of them today but one's open house was rescheduled because one of the owners was sick, so we just stared at it outside like creepers. I got nothing out of him. It was all "This one's nice, too. Oh, I like that. That's nice. Whatever you want to do." I married a man who can't make a decision when I really, REALLY can't make a decision. :rolleyes: There were two he seemed to like more than the others so we're gonna talk to a realtor next weekend about possibly making an offer. :dance: I was realizing that we have like, little to no furniture to fill a house though. :P So I'm planning to go to a few flea markets when it gets nicer, maybe up in New York and actually look for some good deals on furniture. I kind of LOVE interior decorating so, I'm obviously excited about moving. :D How was your weekend? :kiss: Didya have fun ice skating?

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