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  1. D'aww, I'm sure it wasn't that bad. :nice: You're probably being too hard on yourself. :kiss: Just take a deep breath and relax, at least they're all over! Aw, you got a cold? Everyone's been getting sick lately. :shrug: It's pretty nice today. Basically now the sun is super warm but the air is chilly. It's supposed to be 61 on Tuesday so, I think we're finally starting to get there!! :D Thanks! It was SUPER fun! I got to see all (yes, all :wink3:) my closest friends and my family. My dad's thinking of buying a new car so, I got to help him shop around. Plus, a friend of a friend is getting married and she invited me so, that was pretty cool. :D It was great to be back in Boston again, I love it there. D'aww, at least you get to relax. Just sleep and watch TV shows. :P :hug:!!!

  2. Thanks! Things are going well. Busy, but well. :D! Haha, how do you think you're doing/did on finals? Well? I'm sure you're doing just great. :nice: And the week's almost over, thankfully! :dance: I wake up this morning and it's snowing out. :dead: This winter won't end!! I'm starting to think it will be snowing in June, July and August. :bigcry: I leave for Boston tomorrow to spend a long weekend with friends and family up there, so I probably won't be on for three or four days. :nice: Have a good weekend and get some rest, I'm sure you'll need it!!! :nice:!!!!

  3. Well good luck this week! And get more sleep, you're gonna need it!! :kiss:!! Lemme know how they go! Don't worry, I will. :whip::P Yes, it totally will. :nice:! My realtor's got a few more houses for us to see and she thinks we'll really love them so we're going to wait until then to possibly make an offer on a house. It'll be after Brian's season is over. I don't want to put even a tiny bit more on his shoulders when he's got the season winding down, and the Flyers need to win more than ever to get a playoff spot. :nice: Plus, my realtor doesn't think any of the houses will sell in that time, so that's good. :D It gives me a break from all this craziness too. I know! It's like, sleeting out there now. It's miserable!!! I think it's going to be snowing in July, I really do. :freak: This winter will never leave!!!

  4. I'm ready for the 60's, 70's, 80's.... I think I'm even ready for the 90's. I want nice weather! I want to go to the beach! I want to surf again! Uuuuugh is it just me, or does this winter feel extra slow to go away???? Those were some of the best years in of my life. :nice: It was challenging and exciting and scary at first but it's SO worth it to live in a different country you would never see yourself living in for a while. :P It's a great life experience, I highly suggest it. That's good! And I know, the week before finals is always the slowest, right? :dozey: Hah, I had a feeling you just didn't have the time. :nice: But that's okay! It'll give you a project when things loosen up after finals. (And like I said, don't let the pain of the blisters hold you back! It'll go away after a little while. :nice:!!!)

  5. Yes! It's good things are moving along. Hopefully we'll find one we really, really love and everything can finally settle in. :nice:!!!!! Hah, I know. It is kind of entertaining. Because it annoys the hell out of our friends when it's our turn to pick where we all go to get dinner that week. Usually they end up deciding anyway. :wacko: It is exciting! My indecisiveness won't help though. :P I'm already looking at rooms in each of the houses and trying to decide which would be best/the easiest to decorate with my style, and even with this hypothetical thought in my head I'm like "Would that wall look good in blue? No, no red would be better. Or maybe blue would." :freak: This is going to be a crazy summer as we try to get this all settled. :P Hah, sounds like you had fun! :nice: I wish that weather was back, I saw a few snow flurries out there this morning!!! :bigcry:

  6. She took me out at six o'clock in the morning and I didn't get home until well past five. Brian and I went to see four of them today but one's open house was rescheduled because one of the owners was sick, so we just stared at it outside like creepers. I got nothing out of him. It was all "This one's nice, too. Oh, I like that. That's nice. Whatever you want to do." I married a man who can't make a decision when I really, REALLY can't make a decision. :rolleyes: There were two he seemed to like more than the others so we're gonna talk to a realtor next weekend about possibly making an offer. :dance: I was realizing that we have like, little to no furniture to fill a house though. :P So I'm planning to go to a few flea markets when it gets nicer, maybe up in New York and actually look for some good deals on furniture. I kind of LOVE interior decorating so, I'm obviously excited about moving. :D How was your weekend? :kiss: Didya have fun ice skating?

  7. I know. My babies are family. Sometimes I forget they're dogs. :lol: Then college will go by in a flash for you, I promise. :nice: I took two years of classes in Russia before I went to college here and I loved them, oh my god. And since I did, two years felt like two seconds. :D I tolerated my classes here in Philly, but friggin' loved my courses in Moscow. :wacko: Honestly, before you know it, you'll have your diploma. :nice:!!!!! It was BEAUTIFUL this weekend! We had my sister's birthday party outside on her deck, it was so much fun. :D Finally it's starting to feel like summer... and this week it's gonna get cold again. :bigcry: Just a few more weeks, and the cold weather will be gone though!!! :D By the way, how are your guitar lessons going? Did you start? :thinking:

  8. It was SO nice today!!! Then it's supposed to get back into the lower 40s later this week, so enjoy it!!!!! :dance:!!!! Have fun ice skating!! I hope the ice didn't melt on you. :lol: Thanks! I saw nine houses today. Nine. :dead: There were some I really like! But I wasn't allowed to take pictures so now they're running together. Thankfully there are pictures online. I'm gonna pick out the few I want Brian to see and I'm bringing him back first thing Monday. :D!

  9. They really are! And everyone says "Oh they're too much work." for people who want them whipped within an inch of their friggin' lives. If you train them to sit, stay, and pee outside, they're not work at all. Let them go on the couch. Let them go on the bed. That's what they're there for, to cuddle. For some people, I think dogs and cats are decoration more than friends/family. :dozey: But anyhoo, oh I forgot about that! That must be a little frustrating though, knowing everyone's getting ready to party it up and you're still stuck doing the classes you hate. :P That'd drive me nuts. :lol:

  10. I wake up this morning and everything's white. I hate it. It needs to go away NOW. It's friggin' March!!! :snobby: Today's my sister's birthday so I get cake later tonight at her little party. And we're having festivities for her through the weekend. :D You doing anything fun? :kiss:

  11. :lol:! They are better than cats. :D Cats are sweet, too, but I enjoy an animal you can actually do things with instead of one that just pees on your carpet and stares at you, judging you all day. :P Really? I couldn't imagine growing up without animals! Ah, well it'll make the first time you get one all the more special, though. They're better friends than humans. Really. :D!!! Oh really? Wow, I thought some schools were winding down by now. I guess not Drexel. :P That's good! You should go to the beach and pamper yourself. It's SO good that you enjoy your classes, it makes it all so much easier. :nice: Snow. SNOW. Why!?!? They said after yesterday that northern PA and Trenton might get a little snow today, like a coating. The rest of us would get nothing.

  12. Brian looooves it when he has jet lag. :D! The stock market has been soaring lately! I really hope that's a sign that jobs will begin to prosper again and maybe this country will get back on the right track, and it'll be like the Bush administration never happened. :nice:!! :D I friggin' love dogs. I love having them around. They're so much more fun than cats, oh my god. And we figured since we have the means and will be moving into a house with a nice big yard, why not add another? :wacko: Ah, it's that time for cramming. That time always sucks. :sad: But remember how AWESOME you'll feel when it's all over and summer's here. :D Ugh. I spent the whole day at QVC monitoring our Liz Claiborne line showing. I just had to watch QVC for like, 4 and a half hours. I really was considering killing myself. :dead: How about this snow a-coming, eh? :uhoh: I'm glad I got home early, it's supposed to be pretty rough tonight!

  13. Jesus! Someone should tie you down and pour ZzzQuil down your throat. :P!!! :dance: I'm excited. I know, things still aren't great and the recession was like, 5 years ago. But things are getting better, and they'll keep getting better now that we re-elected Obama. :D Good! I don't know if you saw my Tumblr post but after Brian and I move we're thinking of adopting a third doggy. :wacky: SO many separate things are happening in my life, it's getting hard to keep them all on track. :D What about you? :hug:

  14. Haha, well that's good! The weekend is always a good time to catch up!! :D Awww, thanks. :kiss: I'm super excited about it, festivals are always seriously fun vacations. And it's been a long time since my best friend Natalie and I have done something big together, just the two of us. It'll be good. :nice: True! Nah, it's this Saturday coming up. All day, too. She's driving us all around to these houses she thinks will be perfect for us. Hopefully I'll like at least one or two. :D!!! Nah, I'm pretty sure it's in August, in Shwenksville. That's so good, though! Getting a co-op job these days is especially hard, since no one seems to want to take anyone on, let alone interns/co-ops. At my office we've seriously cut back on interns and employees, my sister says the same thing at hers, too. You're lucky you found one so quickly! :D

  15. I know! :freak: I'm not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to the feeling of FINALLY being in a great home with my husband, a place we can be forever and ever. :nice: So, it's mixed emotions for sure. :P I'm going the weekend of the 22nd and again a couple weeks later I think, but the 22nd was the earliest we could plan. :D! Me too! SUCH a good show, I'm so friggin' hooked. :uhoh: Wow, that's awesome. :D I wouldn't pass up missing class to get my eyeballs scratched out so, I get why you went. :P Glad you enjoyed it! Really? That's amazing! :cheezy: I'm going to the Philly Folk Show this year, or at least I want to. :wacko:

  16. Haha, it really isn't human to stay up for that long. :stunned::P I'm SO excited! Don't worry, I'll try to find something nice and comfortable, maybe ventilated too. :D Driving down to Tennessee should surely be an adventure. Natalie and I are trying to make it so we can spend a couple days in Memphis and Nashville each and see all the musical sights. :D We're staying at this real cute B&B run by this really sweet old couple. And it's within walking distance of the festival, too. We both decided we're too damn old to be sleeping in our cars these days. :lol: But it's gonna be SO much fun, I honestly can't wait. This lineup is so epic. :dance:

  17. Haha, wow. I would not survive if I was you, honestly. :P!! I'M GOING!! I'm SO excited! I'll go out later today and buy a big luggage bag you can fit in comfortably. :smug::lol:!!! That's true. Especially at festivals. :wacko: Next Saturday! It'll be good to start again. The indecision in me won't be happy, though. :lol: :D!!! It was SUCH an incredible night, and I can't wait to head up there and see him and his amazing family again. :nice: Aw, really? It was a good show, Seth MacFarlane was really great. :D I was happy for Daniel Day-Lewis, I friggin' love him. And Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway and Christoph Waltz, they all deserved their awards. :nice: Oh, really? Have fun! DC's nice, reminds me of Homeland. :lol: What class is it for? :nice:

  18. Oh, forgot to tell you that the search is on for a house again. :D! Now that everything's settled with Brian and where we want to stay and start a family, we need to find a house as nice- no, NICER than the one we lost. :dance: I've been checking Homes.com and nothing is really standing out to me, but B and I are meeting with a realtor soon and he's got some things to show us. :dance: It's exciting! I can't wait to have a nice, empty house to decorate and fill with pretty things. :wacko: It was fun! I miss going to Flyers games. And hanging out with my fellow hockey wives from the Flyers again has been lots of fun. :nice:!!! I'm sending you a PM. And I think you know why. :wacky::wacky::wacky::wacky:!!!!!

  19. Good! :kiss:!! Yeah, I haven't seen a lot of my extended family in Australia since the wedding, so it'd be nice to catch up with all of them again and enjoy Australia, which is like, the greatest place in the world. :wacky: Jesus! :stunned: I'd NEVER make it all night anymore, oh my god. I go to bed at like, 10:30 on average now. :lol: Glad it worked out, though!! Not yet! Should know by Wednesday, he's gonna call Natalie after he talks around. :wacky: The anticipation is KILLING me. :freak: Oh yes, you will be in my bag, and I will sneak you a bag of potato chips every few hours. People will be like "What are you doing?" "Oh, nothing. Just feeding my bag." :smug:

  20. The lineup is INCREDIBLE! It was like a sign from above or something! I was staring at it in absolute awe, thinking if I could afford tickets and a drive to Tennessee then she calls me RIGHT at that second saying he might have tickets coming for us. :freak: If there is a Jesus, he is telling me to go to this festival. :freak::D Friday! Woo! Going to the Flyers game tomorrow afternoon with my sister and her family, but that's about it. You, besides your horribly inconvenient family brunch that is? :D

  21. Aw, really? That sucks. :sad: You gotta take day trips or something and get away, even just a little bit. :nice: I might be going down to Melbourne this summer to see family but I'm not sure. Other than that, just Bonnaroo (hopefully!!) and day trips. :D All night? :stunned: Jeez, I'd NEVER be able to do that! But this is an excuse to drink lots and lots of Starbucks. Sounds like you need it! :wink3::P We're gonna find out soon. The awkward part about it is it's an ex of hers, and they didn't really end well, so we're now just basically kissing his ass for Roo tickets. :sneaky:!

  22. Any other fun plans for the summer? Like a good vacation? I could use a good vacation. :P! I know!! Ugh!! My PCD is BAAAAD. :bigcry: Really? Awesome! You've had quite the busy couple of days, haven't you? :kiss::D The lineup is SO fantastic, my friend Natalie and I are considering going to Roo. :freak: She knows a roadie who works a ton of festivals and he might be able to get us tickets. It might not happen, but I REALLY hope it will. :dance::D 39 days until opening day. :blush:!!!!!

  23. Ah, really? Well, at least you get the experience. :nice:!! It really, really did. And boy, did they perform. That show was absolutely PHENOMENAL. They were perfect. That show was perfect. My friend Zooey and I almost passed out walking to the car because we were jumping and dancing the whole time. What a night!!! :D!!!

  24. I'm SUPER excited about tonight! Work's finally slowing down again because I finished all my work for Fashion Week. This is always the most gratifying time of the year because we've got little to no work to do after doing SO much. :D Then it'll start up again next week unfortunately. :uhoh::P Other than that, not much going on at all. Just the same old, same old. :P! DID I MENTION HOW EXCITED I AM FOR TONIGHT?! :freak:

  25. Yes! I'm so excited. :wacky:!! Me too! Maybe it's blind faith but, ey, at least we're there for them. :D The Red Sox made some good moves pitching wise, and the Phillies seem to be in much better health. Let's just see if they can walk as good as they talk. :shrug::D Hah, well, that's good. It always goes by quick when you're enjoying it. When it's miserable, that's when it goes by the slowest. :P TONIGHT!!! IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC. I'M SO PUMPED. :cheesy:!!!!! Well, those all sound like awesome jobs. :cheesy: It's almost like being paid to have an amazing time. :P Hopefully you'll get them!!! Good! :hug:

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