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  1. Me too! I saw you saw my post, I'm going to the Phillies game on my birthday! I think that'll be my first Phils game and I'm SO excited. Gonna be a great birthday. :wacky: I LOVE talking about and getting ready for baseball games. Summer is just so much fun. :wacky::D Hah, yes! If he can stay healthy and the rest of the team can deliver an average of high .200's, I'd say we've got a VERY good chance. That goes for the Sox too, but more pressure on the pitchers than the hitters. :D :wacky:!!!!! Ah, really? Well at least it's coming up! It'll be here before you know it, honestly. I can't believe it's already Valentine's Day, feels like just yesterday was New Year's! :stunned: AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR OUR MUMFORD AND SONS SHOW. OH MY GOD. :freak: It's going to be EPIC. :dead:!!! Ah, really? That's great! What kind of jobs? :wacko:

  2. Can you believe it's back?!?! I'm so happy! Ugh, I REALLY want to go down to Clearwater and Fort Myers sometime, it must be so much fun to be down there right now. The air must smell of summer. :wacky::D!!!! Exactly!! We know that we're a big part of their success, too. If we cheer them on it could really help them on their way to a ring. :smug: I cannot WAIT to buy tickets to Fenway and the Bank. :dance::dance::dance: Opening Day is almost here. :cheesy:!!!!! I know! :dance:!! Thanks! He seems much happier, he's with old teammates and I'm with fellow hockey wives from the past again. :D It's good to see him back, feeling like his old self again. Niiice! :dance: That's always a good week. You can relax and just not pay attention to anything having to do with class whatsoever. :P!!! Your spring break must be coming up soon too, right? :nice:

  3. Yeah, the media seriously hyped up the storm I think. They always do. :dozey: I'M SO FRIGGIN' HAPPY. :dance::dance::dance:!!!!! This winter's been too damn long!!!!! Opening Day is just around the corner now! I'm so excited!! It'll be a brand new year. Both the Phillies and Red Sox have 162 new chances not to fuck up. Maybe I'm crazy, but I really really have hope in them this year. I guess I'm just devoted. :D Guess what? Brian was recalled! He's gonna play for the Flyers in Toronto tomorrow! I'm gonna go to his game in Jersey with a friend later this week and ugh, I'm so happy he can come on home (and play in the majors again). :nice:

  4. We got like, nothing. The snow outside my house is basically gone. :P! Boston got about 20 inches! They're still digging out up there but they're SUPER used to it. :D I know!!! Those games in March will help, and I was keeping up with Australian Baseball all winter. It helped my withdrawal. :P But they're coming back soon! Our boys report this week! :dance:!!!!!! They did! A lot of great performers this year, too! Mumford, the Black Keys and such. :nice: I'm excited.

  5. They're so damn lucky, down their where the weather's in the 70s. I'm so ready for the warmth, this storm tomorrow is really gonna piss me off. :dozey: Woohoo! Some actually talented performers are nominated, too! :dance: And the Walking Dead comes back Sunday so, I'm gonna be watchin' that. :sneaky::P Awwww, I can imagine! Your post-concert depression must REALLY suck. :hug: Don't worry, Mumford and Sons will help. :nice: Hah, just hunkering down, waiting out the storm. Really got nothing going on except going to dinner with friends on Saturday. :lol:!!! You? :kiss: Any interesting plans coming up?

  6. I definitely will!!! Hah, me too! I've been ridiculously busy lately and was actually supposed to meet Brian up in NYC tomorrow but with this huuuge storm coming, I cancelled. Not risking getting stuck or worse, we'll just meet next weekend. :nice: Boston's supposed to get hammered! All my friends and family are worried. :uhoh: I know!! And after that is our faaaavorite day of the year!!! OPENING DAY!! It's the best. Baseball's the best. And it's ALMOST back thank god! I noticed on ESPN the Phillies and Red Sox are gonna be on the week of March 18th! I'm excited to see them again. :wacky:

  7. Oh my god! :stunned: Sounds like a whirlwind weekend, I'm so happy for you!! I don't really listen to ANY of these bands but, I definitely should check them out. :D Hah, no wonder, you must've caught a bug or something. :kiss: Worth it though, right? What an awesome 72 hours!!! :wacky: Really?? I would've died. :D I know! I'm so unbelievably excited! It is going to be sooo epic. Ugh. I honestly can't wait. :dance:!!!!!

  8. Thanks, my dear! :kiss:!!! Wow, what a weekend! Have fun, and tell me all about it!!! :hug::kiss::D!!!! Superbowl Sunday. That's the only thing I have planned. :D

  9. It's MISERABLE out there. :dozey: And then it'll be t-shirt weather on Wednesday. Like you said, the inconsistency is ridiculous!!! No, he was just around there. Late at night, on his way to visit his girlfriend. I'm sure there'll be tons of security there for the festival and all. :nice: New York City can be super shady, though. I hate when I accidentally walk through the crack addicts part of Central Park. Scares the hell outta me. :uhoh: Awww. :hug:!!! That's part of being a student. :lol:!!!! That's okay! We'll find something better. We're gonna wait for a while, there really isn't anything on the market we like as much right now. :shrug:

  10. I did! Didya see my message? Randall's Island isn't the nicest area in the world, to be perfectly honest. I honestly don't know why they're not having it in Central Park or something. That'd be better. Back in like, 2005 a friend of mine got mugged and got his ass kicked right around there. So watch yourself! Keep valuables tucked away in a purse or something. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time, though. It'll probably be seriously worth the money with that lineup. :nice:!!! Oh, and Brian and I failed miserably trying to get that house. :P! We made the offer, they came back with a counter offer RIGHT when Brian was moving around to Adirondack and I never was able to check my e-mail. We missed the time allotted for us to reply, and someone else snatched the house up. :sad: Ah well, there'll be others. I didn't even really like the counter offer anyway. :dozey::P

  11. It's so nice out! :wacky: Cold, but I like all the snow. :D I know! It might hit 60 on Wednesday! And there's snow out right now!!!!!! I don't like all this wacky weather. IT'S JANUARY. WE SHOULD HAVE THREE FEET OF SNOW OUT. :snobby: Ugh!! Delmon Young is a DH for the Detroit Tigers. He's failed miserably in the outfield in the past (because he's so big and slow) and the Phillies plan on throwing him back out there. He's a good hitter, but he's made some anti-semetic comments in the past. Which is why he's a pretty terrible person. :blank: So, I don't know. If he can help the team and keep his bigoted mouth shut, then I guess it'll be good. :shrug:

  12. Coffee makes everything BETTER, not worse. Coffee makes life just a bit more worth living. :wacky: And if Starbucks didn't exist, I honestly don't know where I'd be. :wreck: Sleeping, probably. :P Yeah, they've sucked! Brian's team is struggling to score goals, too. I think they're all a little rusty, it's been so long. :shrug: Nice! I got the Lumineers record for Christmas! It's wooonderful, you'll love it. Didya hear the Phillies signed Delmon Young? :uhoh: I, I don't know how I feel about that.

  13. Yayyy!! And we're supposed to get a few inches tonight!! :cheesy: It's about time, it's been BITTERLY cold with no pretty snow. Now it'll pay off. And AGAIN, it's going to get SUPER mild next week and we're going to get tons of rain that could've been TONS of snow. :snobby: What the fuck, mother nature?!?! Hah, I know! Every time someone silently judges me for how much coffee or caffeine I have (sometimes I have cups of coffee at 9, 10 o'clock at night then go to bed a couple hours later :uhoh:) I just think to myself "They're just jealous because it's SO good for me. I'm going to outlive them all." :smug::lol:!!!

  14. I just think that as long as it's not affecting your life and as long as you're not jittery like a crack addict, it doesn't really matter. It's too delicious to give up anyway. :D Aw, that's good! I'm glad! :nice: Yeah, I can imagine staying home so much could make him nuts! :P I went through that with Brian during the lockout. :D Well Brian got set up in Adirondack with a teammate, so he's up there playing. It kind of sucks to have him gone again, but I'm happy he's back doing to what he loves, and he's SO much closer than North Carolina. :D He's got a lot to figure out in the next year or so, whether he wants to continue hockey in AHL or retire, but for now I think he's happy. Went to the Patriots game yesterday! But they lost. It was depressing. :bigcry: What about you? :nice: Do anything fun? :kiss:

  15. I know! No more big snow storms. Fuck global warming. :sad: Coffee is actually really good for you. It can reduce the risk for heart disease AND breast cancer. So I always consider coffee health food. :lol:!!! Haha, I know! They always say on the news "If you drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day than you're really addicted. If you drink more than 4, you have the same kind of addiction as a drug addict." And I'm just thinking, "Tell me something I don't know." :P

  16. I know! Of course when it's like 60 out, we get all the precipitation. Now that it's back to being cold it's sunny out. AND ENGLAND'S GETTING HAMMERED WITH SNOW AND THEY'RE HAVING A PANIC ATTACK. London only got like, two inches and even they're freaking out. The rest of the country's getting up to like, 10 inches. :dead: We should be getting it. We actually LIKE it. :snobby:!!!! Haha, I've been too! Since I've been really busy and trying to work with my realtor at the same time, I've been drinking like 50 cups of coffee a day. :P And then when I go back to one or two, I'm going to have such caffeine withdrawal. It's gonna be so bad. I'm afraid. :uhoh: I'll watch it tonight, I promise! :wacko: By the way, how's your dad doing? Did he get that surgery yet? :thinking::nice:

  17. Me too. :wacky::D!!! Hah, that's nice! A non-eventful weekend is always good. :D I've been getting tired earlier and earlier lately, too! :uhoh: I guess because I've been so busy. :shrug: Now I drink Vitamin Water Energies just to stay up to 11. :P I didn't! :uhoh: But I will! Was it good? :dance:

  18. I know! I'm such a lucky lady, finding the most selfless guy in the whole world. :blush: He's in Flyers training camp this week with all his old teammates, kind of trying out for a possible spot to stay up with the Flyers. Hopefully, just hopefully they'll realize how much they need him and won't try to get rid of him ever again. :D (And the funny thing is the season starts on Saturday, so he can't go to Foxboro with me for the game. I'm taking his brother. He's excited. :P!!!) Anyhoo enough about me!!! :P How was your weekend? :kiss:

  19. So you know the condo I thought I had? The landlord backed out! Got a better offer! I started FREAKING out and was on the phone ALL day trying to find him a place to rent, but couldn't find anything! He's in Raleigh living out of a hotel, and I'm considering BUYING a pretty crappy HOUSE just so he has a place to stay. I call him. He laughs it off and says "Well, I guess I better tell you the truth, eh? I'm in Raleigh, but I'm not training. I'm working to get traded back to the Flyers." He's back with Philly, Marisa! I. Was. Shocked. Brian took a minor-league deal just so we wouldn't have to run around anymore. So he could be up here and help me find a house, and of course be here with me, our friends, and our family. AND HE GOT ME TICKETS TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME NEXT WEEKEND. Oh Marisa, what a crazy day it's been. :freak:

  20. That's awesome! :dance: Sounds like you've got a great collection going! :wacky:!!! Hah, I know. :wacky: SO many albums that come out, SO little time!!! :freak: I'm SO SO SO happy for Argo... for obvious reasons. :curtain: Sometimes I still can't even believe I'm in the list of that man's friends. :freak::D BOY. DO. I. HAVE. A. STORY. FOR. YOU. :freak: I've had an insane day. Okay.

  21. Yeah, I just hope they don't have to cancel the season because EVERY player is suspended. :P!!! I know. :shrug: I leave on Monday! I'll be gone for the week, back on the 20th. Brian's already down there for training with his teammates, living out of a Mariott. :uhoh::P This has been SUCH a stressful week and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse before it gets better. :uhoh: UGH. Hahh, that's great! You don't have to list everything, but what kind of stuff do ya got? And how many's your collection up to? :thinking::D!!!! (Oh, and gimme your Golden Globe picks!! :dance::D)

  22. Thanks! Raleigh's pretty nice. REALLY small, which gives it quite the southern feel. :nice: (But did you know Raleigh has a GIGANTIC statue in one of the city's bigger parks commemorating their Confederate soldiers? :stunned: So uh, that's obviously one of the bad parts. But there are a lot of places in the south like that unfortunately. :dozey:) We had to find Brian a condo to rent for the next few months in just a couple weeks. :uhoh: But it worked out, we found a nice place for him right in the heart of the city. :nice: I still don't know when I'm leaving yet. Because I haven't found a mover yet for his stuff. :uhoh: Might just have to get a UHaul. :freak: This is super stressful, I don't like lockouts. :P

  23. Good. :nice:!!!!! Yeah, that'd be bad. :uhoh: Which reminds me. Didya hear about the MLB and the player's union agreeing on stricter drug testing? :thinking: Now like, every player will get booked at least one a year. :uhoh::P But I think it's good, they've needed to get tighter on this for a while now. It is. It's not fair, really. They'll get the same Stanley Cup and the same rings and (probably) more fame because they won it in the time of one of the longest hockey lockouts. Ah, well. :shrug:

  24. That's good! :nice: I'm glad you like it. It probably makes it SO much easier for you. :kiss:!!!!! I hope so, too! But thankfully they'll have the entire summer to bicker with each other if they don't agree. :P I know. :freak: It's kind of an unfair advantage to whoever wins the cup. They have to get hot for a much shorter period of time than all the rest who've gotten there. :shrug: But at least they'll play. And I'm gonna be down in Raleigh for a while, probably with little to no time for the internet. :uhoh: I'm not sure when I'm leaving yet, but I'll let you know. :D Haven't heard back yet on that house. :snobby:

  25. I know!! It BLEW my mind! You should hear them talk, you might faint. :freak: How's school? Probably sucks to be back, right? :kiss: Yes!! Brian wakes me up at 4:45 in the morning the other day and tells me to put my TV on. They FINALLY made an agreement but the sad thing is it's only tentative. This might happen again. :uhoh: But that's the reason I haven't been on much, we're SO busy now. We're getting Brian's house back in order and sorting out a schedule for when I'll visit him. Might stay down there for a few weeks, too. He's incredibly happy to be back and I'm happy for him. He's been miserable without it. :nice: And the season's SO short, which is good for me. :P!!

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