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  1. The National Anthem (Radiohead) - Lukas Jury - YouTube[/url]


    this guy goes to my school. pretty interesting


    Usually don't like Radiohead covers (because I don't think anyone can do it better), but this kid kicks ass.

  2. I didn't watch Unstaged and don't really see a point in it.


    I also find it kind've quite morbid that they performed in a bullfighting ring but that's a whole different subject, so.


    Personally, that doesn't sway me either way, but DAMN this "feud" I'm having in the MX forum is hilarious right now.


    Cat fight! I'm reading it now. :lol:!

  3. "Major Minus" and I have such a Ross and Rachel relationship. When I first heard that song, I absolutely hated it. Thought it was the worst thing Coldplay's ever put out. It seriously gave me a headache.


    Then, "Princess of China" came out and I didn't think that one was too bad anymore. Thought it was pretty mediocre.


    Now I can't stand it again. :uhoh:

  4. Oh believe me, I've been humoring them for a full week now. I hate MX, but even though I believe 100% of what I post in that section, I purposely act like a pompous fact-teller just to provoke people. :P


    :lol:! Well done, sir. Well done.

  5. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go jump off a cliff because Chris Martin told me too. :D




    But the sad thing is, a lot of them would. :uhoh:


    EDIT: Hey, did you guys hear this thing about the boys not sharing equal profits anymore? Something's going around that's saying Guy, Jonny and Will get 9% now and Chris still gets like 12% or something. Is there a reliable source behind this? Because it sounds like a load of bull but... you never know.

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