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  1. Haha, yeah, we got a little bit of sleet here that mixed in with the snow, so driving at night was a real bitch. :uhoh: Then it's gonna get into the 50's next week! :stunned: Yeah! I really want to like Quinn, I really do now that he threatened stupid Estes. But I don't know. GOD, I cannot WAIT for season 3. :cheesy: Guess what? I don't know if you knew this but the actor who plays Estes is actually British. QUINN is British. And the one that really, REALLY blew my mind. BRODY. IS. BRITISH. :freak: I slightly can't believe it to be honest with you. All of them, especially Damian Lewis, do UNBELIEVABLE accents. Better than most movie stars. :freak: Anyhoo, that really blew my mind. I'm actually going to be in New York tomorrow! Brian's up there for more talks so I'm gonna keep him company. :P Have fun!!! I hope you enjoy yours too!!! :hug:!!!!

  2. You too!! :dance:!! It's FROZEN out there. :freak: I'm riding up to New York with a friend and there are ice patches on the road already! I feel like we suddenly live in the middle of the Arctic!! Aww, that sucks. :hug: Hah, well it's a fantastic show, ain't it? It's incredibly addictive. :freak: Haha, and it is incredibly unpredictable!! I know. I want to like Quinn, especially after he threatened Estes. Saul's the new boss right now, too!! At least some good things happened, and they happened to the best person on the show. But where was Quinn during the explosion? Is the only thing he had to hide was that he's in black ops, or was there more? I don't know, he's just so secretive. :freak: I just realized something. Pitchers and catchers report soon. :stunned:

  3. Nice! :cheesy:!!! I got a couple vinyls, some sweaters, The Walking Dead (both seasons!) and a really odd inside joke gift from Brian. :P!!! Yeah, it still looks pretty though. :wacky: And HERE'S the cold weather we've been wanting so badly! It's freezing out there! :freak: Yep, the one we liked! :nice: We expect to hear a reply by the end of this week, so I'll let you know. Wow! You watched that quick! :freak: Wasn't that INSANE!? Quinn's suddenly not as creepy! :P (But to be honest I still don't trust him. Where the hell was he during the bombing?) Estes is dead, FINALLY. Brody's family knows he's a terrorist! Carrie's super paranoid and has all that getaway shit. :freak: And Saul's wife is coming back!! :wacky: I was so happy for him. :freak: My sister and I are re-watching the episodes together, we just love it so much. :P HAPPY NEW YEAR, LOVE. :cheesy: Have fun!! Here's to a great 2013!! -clinks digital wine glasses- :P

  4. And thank you for the card!!! :wacky:!! I love the little snowman, it's so cute. :P

  5. How was your holiday?? :dance: What kind of presents didya get??? :kiss: It was great! Packed in, but great!! :P It was so nice to be back there, since the last time I was there was my wedding day. :wacky: I loved it. :nice: We're just about back in Philly now. And it's snowing here! :cheesy: (Oh, and we've decided to make an offer on that second house.) :nice: Aw, that sucks. :sad: Better to get it done, though so it doesn't get any worse. :nice: WOW. :lol: You're quick! And you're gonna love the finale, it's nuts. :freak: It's ridiculous. :dozey: Remember LOST? Those were 23 episode seasons. They get paid more now, and work less. That makes sense. :dozey:

  6. If I don't talk to you, have a great holiday tomorrow! :kiss: Enjoy your time with your family and make sure you eat lots!!! :lol: Here's to a great 2013, my dear!! :kiss:

  7. You're gonna love it. It just keeps getting better and better. Season two is NUTS. :freak: I can't believe we have to wait until September for season 3, too. :bigcry: What ever happened to like, 23 episode seasons? :snobby: I have wrapped so many gifts and attempted to wrap SO many bottles of wine.. my fingers are sore. :uhoh::P I'm ready for Christmas to be here already. That's one of the more intense moments of my life. When I forget why three inches of my hair isn't there. :freak::P Haha, this is the longest I've had it in a while. I haven't gotten it cut in ages, just been too busy. It hasn't been growing anymore than this, it's just kind of stopped. :uhoh: Brian says all my hair is choking him when we're sleeping. :lol: I should probably get it cut. Thanks, dear! I am! I can't believe Christmas Eve is TOMORROW already! I'm so excited. :nice:

  8. Yeah, the beach is pretty in the winter. Empty, cloudy, the sea is rough. It'll be interesting, that's for sure. :P Oh, well a more humble holiday is always nice. It's more relaxing. I feel like I'll be able to do that when I have kids but for now, we're pushed and pulled to every holiday at everyone's house and every get-together. :D We've got a long journey tomorrow, too. We have to travel to Southern Massachusetts and get on a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. The ferry ride's not long but then we have to drive to my uncle's house. He lives so isolated, I kind of envy him sometimes. :wacko::D Oh, wow. I'm pretty sure you didn't tell me that. Sounds like pretty standard procedure, but I wish him the best of luck! :nice:!! I'm sure it'll go fine, though. :nice:

  9. I wrote a lot. :wacko:! I'm gonna be spending Christmas at the beach. :uhoh: This is gonna be weird, I've never spent the holiday at my uncle's before. :P! Enjoying your time off? :kiss: Excited for the family to come over?

  10. I bet you did that thing where you're brushing your hair and suddenly the brush cuts off and your head jerks back and you're all "Whaaaaat?". That happens to me every time I get a big haircut. EVERY TIME. :freak: My hair's below my elbows right now. :uhoh: I should get it cut, but it's so cold out I don't want to lose the warmth! :P! I'll cut it all of when it gets hot probably. :D It's fantastic, thanks! Brian and I are having SO much fun just hanging around the city with our friends, going to all these old spots of ours from when we were kids. I grew up in the city and he grew up in Rhode Island, though. So I have a lot more spots. :lol: The family starts coming in tomorrow. My sister and brother and a couple of cousins will be flying in all day, so we'll hang with them until we head to Martha's Vineyard.

  11. Haha! And you probably think you know what's going to happen. You think you have some pretty possible theories about Brody. I'm going to guess by the time you find out everything, you're going to be completely mind-blown and taken off-guard. And you're still going to have TONS of questions. :P It's like LOST that way. I've been wrapping and wrapping like crazy today. :freak: Brian and I still had some last minute gifts to get for our friend's Christmas party.. which is tonight. :uhoh: And there's SO many crowds at the stores right now, it's crazy!! Aw, that's such a sweet present! She'll love keeping those memories around, and I'd love to see them! :cheesy:!!!! I know, right? :freak: This year went by SO fast!!

  12. I know! It's all ridiculously crazy. Everyone's a terrorist. But at the same time I feel like Brody could be my neighbor or something. :freak: I just love it SO much. Wait until you get to season two. :sneaky::D Sufjan Stevens was incredible!!!! Ugh, his Christmas show TOTALLY got me back into the Christmas spirit. Brian and I were walking around Quincy Market today in Santa hats. :wacko::D Hah, thanks! :kiss: Yes, you should! :nice: Can you believe my one year anniversary's in a few months? :stunned: It feels like just yesterday!!! Really! Yay! You gotta send me a picture! :nice: I bet your head feels SO much lighter. :wacko::D

  13. I get that! It's insane! I get paranoid that terrorists are everywhere, since everyone in the show seems to be a friggin' terrorist. :uhoh::P!!! Yep! I'm almost there now, we just got into Massachusetts. Thank you!! :dance: I'm so excited to be going back, Boston's so nice this time of year. :wacky: You're welcome, dear! :kiss:! Sorry for the crappy handwriting! I never hand write anymore so when I started writing Christmas cards out, I realized how awful it had gotten. And your card was the first one I wrote! :P Yep, the return address is our town house. :nice: That's okay! I appreciate it anyways! :kiss:!!!!

  14. I'm so glad you like it!!! How could you not? It's so addictive!!! :D!! True. I just didn't expect her to do the right thing. :D I know! I just left work early to pack for Boston and I still have presents to wrap!! Oh, this time of the year can be so nuts!!! :P By the way, this won't be the last time you'll hear from me. I'll be on my phone in Boston. :D

  15. Tell me what ya think! :dance:! Ugh. Humanity absolutely sucks. :sad: There really is no way I could get completely into the Christmas spirit after this. I know! I didn't think there was ANY way for him to get out of it, then I realized LaGuerta had absolutely nothing on him. :P I honestly thought Deb was going to shoot Dexter, I thought she cared about her job too much to kill Maria. That was so insane. :freak: I can't wait until the last season! Yeah, I'm sure he will be too. :nice: Can you believe Christmas is a week from today? :freak:

  16. WHAT WAS THAT. IT WAS INSANE. IT WAS LIKE A REALLY WEIRD DREAM. LaGuerta's dead!!! Hannah's loose! Dexter and Deb are like, accomplices now! I really thought I knew what was going to happen. I thought he'd be arrested and the next season would focus on a trial. Which actually would be a good way to wrap up the series, 'cause they'd have to go over all his victims. Now? I HAVE NO IDEA. And I'm so sad Angel's leaving. :sad: Next season gon' be cray cray. :freak: Things are actually happening again, though! It's like they had the plot laid out, about Deb figuring out things with Dexter... then they go off on this ridiculous tangent with the mafia and this dumb blonde he's screwing...now it feels like they're back on track with the plot the season began with. I can't wait until next season! :D

  17. That's good! :nice: The Red Sox got Stephen Drew, JD Drew's little brother! JD played for the Red Sox for a long time. It's good to have a Drew back on the team again. :D Ah, okay. :P Yep, the 20th! :dance: I know! They're such idiots!! If we didn't have any guns, no one would get shot! The solution to too many guns is NOT more guns!!! Ugh! People are absolutely disgusting. It's terrible. So, so terrible. I'm gonna be hugging my little nieces, nephews and cousins very tightly this holiday. :sad:

  18. Ugh. I just. I can't either. It's horrible. How someone could do that... this country's politicians is part of the reason why those children are dead. These fucking shootings happen constantly now and we just let it happen. We need gun control, and we needed it after Columbine, and Aurora, and Fort Hood, and the Oregon shooting. I really have no faith left in humanity, I really don't.

  19. I know. Ruben Amaro's a lucky son of a bitch. You know he got MORE pitchers? Granted, we do need a few good middle-inning guys in the bullpen but I think the lack of offense is a bigger problem. You can't win a World Series when you score 2 or less runs a game, even if the pitching is fantastic. :dozey: Aw, really? I wish I'd heard about that before I planned my trip. :P Ah well, maybe another time! And always consider driving, it really isn't as far as it feels. And it's a nice drive. :nice: Just make sure you don't go through New York City. :P!! Yay! I'm sure it feels good to be back. :nice: I'm so excited to leave for Boston in a few days. :nice:

  20. I used to do that! I'd buy the two, put the other one in the fridge until the next day. Then I'd nuke it the next morning, and it'd be Starbucks two days in a row. Now I just give the other one to Brian. :rolleyes::D I know. You and I know more about baseball than he does. I wish I could make millions for sitting on my ass. :dozey: Good! Yes, a few days of nothing is exactly why Brian and I are leaving early for Boston. We'll hang out, eat Boston Cream Pies and relax. Then comes family and all the craziness. :uhoh:P!!! So when do you head back home? :kiss:

  21. Congratulationssss!!!! Go out and get some Starbucks or something to treat yourself, you certainly deserve it!! Haha that used to happen to me ALL the time. Not just during finals week. If I really didn't want to go to class I'd wake up feeling like I have the bird flu or something. :P Then at the end of the day you feel absolutely fantastic. :P!!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy break! :D It was awesome! :dance: Haha, he got his job because daddy got him the job. Ruben Amaro Sr played shortstop for the Phillies. That's why. Not because he has any talent or anything. Amaro Jr doesn't even play baseball. :dozey: The Red Sox got Ryan Dempster! I'm excited about that. :nice: Haha, you should be! Drink lots of hot chocolate, lots watch of Christmas movies and such. :nice: The best time of the year (tied with Opening Day) is JUST around the corner! :dance: But I have homework for you! Start Homeland and/or The Walking Dead!! :kiss::P

  22. I know. They seem to think that if they spend more on mediocre players, they'll somehow play better. That simply does not work. And oh my god, someone tell Rueben Amaro that pitching does NOT make a team. And most of our pitchers are wearing out now anyway, and they take up like 2/3 of the salary budget. :uhoh: It always sucks to see players go, but they wear out so quickly. Every team should look almost completely different ever 5 to 7 years. :shrug: That's just baseball. It's the best! :dance:!!

  23. No no no, don't apologize! You ever feel like you need to talk about anything at all, know you can come to me. :nice: Aww, I'm sure you did fine! Like I said, once this week's over everything will be much better. :hug:!! I'm excited for the 12/12/12 concert tonight! :D That's true! I still want some snow, though. :snobby: Yes! I'm excited. :nice: Hah, Sufjan's far from normal and it's why I love him. I'm sure he'll be back in Philly for his next album, so you can catch him then! I can't wait for my show, though. :D

  24. I wrote a ton. :uhoh::D Awww, hun! Sounds like you're super stressed! :bigcry: That really sucks! I know the feeling, when you just hit that wall. You feel like you just simply can't do this anymore, even if someone had a gun to your head and told you to keep writing, you'd tell them to just pull the trigger. And fighting that feeling is next to impossible! Just try to take everything one at a time so you don't get too overwhelmed. I know it's easier said than done. :P But you're almost there, after this week you'll be so relieved. Good luck with it all, and let me know how everything goes. :kiss:!!!

  25. Yeah, I feel like if they keep making solid trades and switch things up this season, they could have a shot at turning things around next year. If they keep mostly the same stinking lineup they're just gonna pick up where they left off. :shrug: I miss baseball, too! I want snow, and I want the Christmas-y time but I also want baseball again. :wacko: I've been watching the Australian Baseball League but, it just isn't the same. :bigcry: I love the feeling when Opening Day finally comes 'round. :dance:

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