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  1. Agreed. I'd still love to hear the old songs live but I'm not going to pay $100 when it's mostly these songs... which are made up of 99% backing tracks when played live. Might as well just listen to the CD.


    EDIT: And I've played this album for basically all my friends, and most of them had a seriously hard time believing it was Coldplay. :sad:. It's just so sad. What an unbelievable collapse.

  2. Read your whole review. Agree with almost every bit, except I still can't stand Major Minus after all the time.


    I'm glad we'll both be spending our money next year on other bands' concerts. Bands who both charge less outrageous prices and still cater to their most loyal fans.


    Thanks for reading, and I can completely understand that. :nice:



    And amen to that.

  3. The first few episodes have been incredibly interesting. :wacky:!



    ****SPOILER ALERT****


    I really thought that the Tooth Fairy was gonna be the professor dude, and that was how Dexter would be lead onto them and their crazy ass murders. I guess not.


    But that final scene of the last episode, with the horses. :stunned: Wow, I cannot wait for the next one!


    ****SPOILER ALERT****

  4. Maybe I just need better headphones and 320 kbps, but I'm seriously not hearing any bass.


    I use $200 professional headphones and I still can't hear any bass in most of it, unfortunately. :shame:


    There are only about 3 songs on this album that I really, really like or love. There are a few that I think aren't too bad, and the rest is kind've a train wreck.


    And that's really a huge disappointment for a band with so much potential.


    Anyway, I wrote a ginormous review on Tumblr if anyone wants to read it.



  5. If that "Empire State of Mind"-like drum beat did not exist in "Up In Flames" I would love that song. It pretty much ruins it for me.


    Anyway, writing a really big review right now.. I'll post some of it here when I'm done.

  6. I love this thread. I can actually express that Princess of China makes me want to shoot myself in the face without being called racist (which is the most ridiculous comment I've ever heard, by the way).


    It's so horrible. When I heard the live version I thought it was horrible but I thought "Hey, the video's not good quality. Maybe I'm not hearing right."


    Oh, I heard right.

  7. No, it's fucking awful. It's the only Coldplay song I have ever stopped listening to before even finishing once...and it's not because of Rihanna.




    It's absolutely terrible and I knew it was going to be terrible and I thought it would be Rihanna that ruins it.


    It's a horrible song. The lyrics are lacking, the harmonies are off, and Guy has just suddenly disappeared - there's no bass.


    And that fucking drum machine.


    If I hear Coldplay use another drum machine I'm just going to put all of us out of our misery and kill them, then shoot myself.


    God, so much disappointment right now.

  8. Anything before this era I pretty much love. There was some stuff on Viva la Vida and Prospekt's March I wasn't nuts about but it still sounded good. It still sounded high quality. They're kind've going the opposite of that now. :bigcry:



    I enjoy "Hurts Like Heaven" and I love "Us Against the World". Other than those two, I'm pretty sure this album's going to be pretty damn bad. :sad:.



    I don't know what happened.


    When "Christmas Lights" came out I was the happiest girl in the whole world. I was giddy for this new album. 'Cause I was thinking "If this is the kind've new music they're making, the whole album is going to sound wonderful!"



    Apparently, they decided real drums aren't cool anymore and Lady Gaga-like lyrics are good and synthesized sound that drowns out any sort of singing or musical beat is the way to go. Holy fuck, are they wrong.



    I mean, there's "electric" and there's "laziness". Coldplay's become the latter.







    Anyhoo, there's a lot more I could say but I don't want to get in too crazy of a rant.




    I haven't listened to them in a really long time, to be honest. Mostly from sheer frustration and disappointment in this new sound. It's just, it's not fair. I don't think I've ever seen a band collapse as hard as they did and of course, it has to be my favorite.

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