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  1. I heard! :sad: The Phillies are really going in the wrong direction right now. They should get rid of bad players, not good. I thought that was common sense. :thinking: Haha, nice! That sounds like fun! I should get an ugly Christmas sweater, I don't have one. :sad: Not much. Like I said, Christmas shopping today. Then Brian and I are gonna go down the shore with friends to volunteer with Sandy cleanup tomorrow. That's really it. :nice: It's been so warm, I keep forgetting Christmas is only two weeks away now! :stunned:

  2. Haha, I get that, too. Spurts of good gifts to give. :P Plus, my dad and Brian have the same birthday and it's not that long after Christmas (January 2nd) so I have to get them both 2 gifts. :uhoh: I've been so busy I still have a TON of Christmas shopping to do, which is what I'm gonna be doing this afternoon. :D I can't put it off anymore. I know! This season's been the worst of Dexter by FAR. The show used to be so fast paced. What happened? :bigcry: Did their original writers die or something? Hopefully this week and the finale will be good. :D It's gonna be 66 on Monday! :freak: I feel like I should take my shorts out again. This warm weather spurt has COMPLETELY taken me out of my Christmas spirit. :sad: I gotta try to get it back again.

  3. Fenway's beautiful. It's a lot smaller than it looks on TV, and it's so intimate. You don't feel like you're watching with 37,000 fans. Every seat is surprisingly close to the field, it's like you're right on top of the players. Red Sox fans are extremely friendly, too (unless you're a Yankees fan of course. :smug::P). His solution to everything is to fire good pitching and hitting coaches. When he's the one who needs to be fired. They failed on getting BJ Upton, too. :dozey: It's gonna be a long offseason for them. Any fun plans for the weekend? :dance:

  4. I need to get more clever with gifts. I give really obvious things every year. :lol: Ah, okay. They're good guitars. :nice: You're welcome! Glad to hear you're finally doing something you've wanted to. It's very gratifying. :D! I know. :freak: The show's just so damn addictive. Homeland is too. :D 66 on Monday, I think. :bigcry: Then much colder by Friday. No wonder the ice caps are melting. :uhoh: This is ridiculous. You've never been to Boston? Well, it's the greatest city in the world. You really should go. If you do, contact me. I'll give you all the best sights and restaurants and such. :kiss:!!

  5. I know! I'm so glad to have him back on one of my teams. :cheesy: Really? You should! The Sox are the best. :D You should go to Fenway, it's so friggin' great there. It's like baseball heaven there. :wacky: Looove the Phils too, but I'm worried about them. The Sox are already making all these moves and the Phils haven't done anything. :uhoh: Watch them get more pitchers. :rolleyes: Yeah, it's been tough but I'm almost done my share of it thank god. :freak::D I know, he's driving me crazy. He's home too damn much. :lol: I can't wait until Christmas break. :dance:

  6. That's a really clever gift from your brother!! No one in my family's that clever. :P A guitar? That's awesome! What kind is it, do you know? :nice: I think you'll be okay teaching yourself. I learned when I was 12 and I did have lessons, but my teacher was awful. He was some stupid college kid who would just jam to himself the entire half hour. :dozey: So I basically taught myself. Just a couple pointers- be patient with it. It'll take a while to get used to. Especially when you're first building up your blisters. It hurts like hell for a while but if you're dedicated you'll barely notice it. :D Oh gosh, I don't know! :uhoh: I think my sister might be getting me a season of The Walking Dead which would be amazing. :D I've become so obsessed with that show. The rest will probably be vinyls and baked goods- two of my favorite things. :D! They say it's supposed to get colder late next week so, that'll be good. :D I reject this warm weather.

  7. I know! We get rainy Christmases sometime, which is like a kick in the face. :sad: Didya year? Shane Victorino's going to the Red Sox! :dance: I'm glad I get to cheer for him again. :D BUSY. :bigcry: I'm working 10 hour days on average now. The New York branch fired a bunch of people a few weeks ago and laid the rest of a HUGE project on me and my fellow designers. I barely have time for anything, meanwhile Brian's at home going nuts. Talks are supposed to resume again soon, so that's good. :D And we're leaving for Boston in a couple weeks for Christmas. :cheesy:! I used to find it SO hard to study for finals when you know your big winter break is just days away. :P!!! But you're in the home stretch! Good luck on your finals! :dance: Any ideas of what you're getting for Christmas? :dance::D!!!

  8. :D! I know! I was thinking about how I'll be spending Christmas in Boston this year, and they usually get a crap load of snow. But they might not now that it's like, 85 out in December. :snobby: Can we just get ONE white Christmas? :bigcry: One? The last time we had a big storm come on Christmas, I was like five. In Boston. And I don't remember much of it, except my cousin's taxi getting stuck outside our house. :P You did good! You helped me feel like I was right about those first two and a kitchen re-do wouldn't be worth it. Thanks for the help! :kiss:

  9. Yeah. It wasn't amazing, but it kept my interest this time. :D! Haha, I know! :freak: I was outside in short sleeves today. In December. Fuck you, global warming. :snobby: Hah, I know! I watched season 1 of BE but I haven't been keeping up with it, I gotta catch up. :uhoh: That really sucks! :sad: Why can't professors at least attempt to make classes interesting anymore? It's just studying and tests, and then by the end you don't remember any of it. :P Sending you a PM now! :D

  10. Aw, really? Because things actually happened last night. It was a bit more interesting. They're running out of time, too. Only two more episodes left and things just now feel like they might be starting up. :dozey: This has been the worst season of Dexter by far. Haha, yeah, I make sure I watch the Walking Dead when it airs because I follow too many blogs dedicated to it. I'd be ruined for it in a matter of seconds. Damn Tumblr. :P IT'S TOO WARM OUT TODAY. :snobby: I don't like this. It does! Ugh, there are SO many good shows on TV right now. I feel SO overwhelmed. :lol: Aww, really? :hug::hug: What are they having you do? :kiss:

  11. What is with Coldplaying? I thought I was on the wrong site at first. :uhoh: It's cute, though. :D Hahaha, I keep saying that too! I keep hoping, PRAYING that this show will get better. It used to be SO good, so I'm not going to give up on it just yet. :D Haha, well I'll remind you when your winter break comes 'round. :kiss: You won't regret it, both of the shows are SO much better than Dexter is right now. :P I'm so gonna stay inside those warm days this week and pretend it's like, 20 out. :snobby::P It's SO bizarre! People were on the beach, in bikinis, wearing Santa hats. I was just walking around the streets going "this is too weird" until I went home. I felt like I didn't have a Christmas that year. :bigcry::P Oh my god!! This show is just too damn good. I'm so excited. :wacky:!!!!

  12. Oh and Brian and I are touring MORE houses today and tomorrow, but after that I swear I'm going to pound you with photos of houses and you have to tell me which ones you like the most. :kiss::D

  13. That's... sad. And oh my god I've really always hated Deb, but this season. Oh my god. She's whines more than my two year old niece. :P Yes, hopefully the season will finally begin. You still need to start Homeland and The Walking Dead, woman. :whip::kiss: I know! Thanks a lot, global warming. UGH. It's too late in the year and too close to Christmas for me to enjoy that kind of weather. No. I want six feet of snow. I honestly don't know how people in the southern hemisphere do it. Christmas is in the summer for them. :freak: Once, like six years ago, I was in Sydney for Christmas and it was 82 on Christmas day. I made sure I never did that again. IT NEEDS TO BE COLD ON CHRISTMAS, THAT'S JUST THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS. :snobby: :lol: Aww, well the good thing about it is it's only once a year. :nice::hug: I haven't watched it yet! :uhoh: Where is it?!

  14. Haha, I just don't see the connection. The only thing they have in common is that they like killing people. ...I guess that's enough, eh? :D I'm kind of glad Isaac's dead, because finally it won't be six episodes of Isaac meeting with Dexter to say "I'm going to kill you sometime" and Dexter replies "I'd like to see you try", then nothing happens. :P It's more than halfway into the season, and hopefully with the fire guy the season will actually be starting now. :shrug: Haha, it's the holiday week. I eat a ton the entire week of a holiday... sometimes the entire month. :uhoh::P Yes! 'Tis the season is damn straight. :D We got little to no snow. :sad: God, they suck at their jobs. :P I need to get on that. :uhoh: I'll probably go out to the King of Prussia Mall with Brian this weekend. I barely have any of it done. :P Giving can suck sometimes. :dozey::D!!!

  15. I thought it was odd! :D I don't see those two together, I just don't. Deb's a freak. I FINALLY caught up yesterday and to be perfectly honest, I had a hard time getting through it. :sad: Nothing happens on this show anymore! It used to be so fast paced! I used to like Dexter and think he had common sense with his killings but now... jeez. Now he's just an asshole. :sad: I used to LOVE this show and now I see it as a chore to watch it. The phantom fire dude was kind of interesting, though. But of course, they didn't stay with it. I really hope it gets better... and quick. :sad: They were good! I'm STILL stuffed. :lol: But I had a lot of fun. I love the holidays. :D How was yours? :kiss: I heard! :dance: Only a couple of inches but it'll be a nice start to the snow season. :cheesy:!!!

  16. :lol: Thanks! :blush: You too!! I heard that Deb confessed her love to Dexter, oh my god. :freak: She's such a freak. I'll force myself to watch this holiday, I know I will. :P HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy your day, my dear! :kiss: And most importantly, eat lots! :hug:!!!! Hopefully it'll snow soon. :cheesy: I hear it's gonna be a bad winter!!

  17. It really is! Sufjan's new album is amaaaazing! 58 songs!! That man really needs a vacation, too. :P For an atheist, I really love Christmas time and Christmas music. And Christmas decorations. :lol: It's such a cozy, magical time of year. :wacky: And I'm excited to get a big snowstorm sometime. :wacko:!!

  18. Haha, it'll probably be quicker than that. :P!! I need to watch it. I need to force myself to keep faith that it can get better. :P I'll probably watch it sometime during the holiday break. I've just been sticking to Homeland and The Walking Dead lately. :wacko: I really do, too! And did ya see the thing where he was gonna kill the skinny blonde chick, then decided to bang her instead? Oh my god, the writing is so stupid right now. :dozey: I do! It'll be nice. Work's really slowed down today and I thought fuck it, I'm taking off tomorrow. The longer the weekend the better. :D! All this talk about Starbucks really makes me want to go. I haven't been in like, two whole days. :freak: Maybe I'll go on my way home and pick Brian up something. He always gets mad when I forget about him. :P

  19. Haha, it is pretty awesome. SO much food. It can get quite exhausting. :P!! I think I have too! I think it's the Starbucks pumpkin scones. :freak::P Haha, well I guess it'll just be a surprise. It's always nice coming home from college to see a bunch of family waiting for you. :nice:!! Gah, I love this time of year. :heart:

  20. Aww, that sucks. :sad: Trying to get Jay-Z tickets is like trying to win the lottery. Starbucks is just the best. Once you have it, you're addicted. :wacky: I have Starbucks Rewards! It's convenient since I'm there just about every day. :D I know! :sad: To be perfectly honest, I haven't watched the past 2 episodes yet. My sister's been telling me about them and I'm just simply not in the mood for it anymore. :sad: It used to be such a good show, I hope they build up to whatever they're building up to and it comes back to being intense. I used to be like that too! I miss it. :shrug: Yes! It's pretty slow right now since the holiday is almost here, but the last couple of weeks I've been POUNDED with work. Most nights I'm not getting home 'till 9:30, 10:00ish. :wreck: So I'm really looking forward to the break. :dance:

  21. Yay!! That last day before break is always the easiest, too. Even when you go into the workplace. :D Everyone in my office comes in for like, three hours in the morning and wishes each other a happy holiday, then leaves to get ready for the family. :P It's actually quite exciting. Thankfully I'm not having people in my tiny rental row home. :D My sister's hosting this year. I'll be having my usual 3 Thanksgivings, starting this weekend. We always have 3 Thanksgivings and Christmases. One with friends, one with my family, and one with Brian's family. :uhoh: This is why I gain like, 30 pounds in the winter. :lol: All I have to worry about is making apple pie, though. :D Are you having a lot of people? :nice:

  22. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!! :hug:!!! Starbucks is always magical in my eyes, but this time of the year, it gets even MORE magical. :wacko: I'm so happy the holiday cups/flavors are back. :dance:!! I'm glad it's not just me. Every other season moved so quickly it was almost hard to keep up with it, and this season's slowed down almost to a stop. My sister thinks they might be building up to something... I hope she's right. :P

  23. Thanks! :D I know. They have to make some serious changes this offseason, or they're still gonna be in trouble. :shrug: Didya get some? I saw on Stubhub they're going for over $5,000. :lol: I don't know what kind of idiot would pay that much but, okay. :D It's EXTREMELY repetitive, you're right. They feel kind of stuck. Like, after that HUGE revelation that Deb found everything out it's gone into a bit of a lull. He's just sleeping with a pretty murderer and the mafia guys have been after him for like three episodes without actually making a move on him. And Quinn gives me a headache. And I want Deb to die SO badly. I don't know, I just feel like they need to get moving with the plot. Excited for Thanksgiving? :dance:

  24. I'd like to go, too. But I've heard of the lowest tickets for Jay-Z concerts being $250. That's a lot of dough to sit in the nosebleeds. :uhoh: It would be really awesome, though. I'm not really liking the way Dexter's going right now. :dozey: He's just thinking with his second head, and not much else is happening at all. :lol: What do you think?

  25. I know. :sad: I really didn't think it would last this long, too. I kept telling him in the beginning "It'll all blow over!" And now I'm eating my words. :uhoh: He's doing well, thanks! :nice: He's still taking a bit of physical therapy but he seems to be just about one hundred percent. :D I don't trust Rueben Amaro. I think if they don't get rid of him, the Phils' situation might get worse before getting better. :uhoh: He seems to not want to change anything, which is the biggest problem. He's not jumping on this off season with full force, making quick changes. He fired pitching and hitting coaches that were just doing their jobs. And isn't firing the players who aren't. :shrug: I don't know, I'm scared for them. :uhoh:

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