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  1. I honestly wouldn't read too much into any of the band members pursuing outside interests as it relates to the future of the band. They're at a stage of their career where they don't have to work all the time. Like a lot of big bands who have been around awhile, they can get together every few years for an album and a tour and then take some time off to do what they want. There's no reason for them to be on the road touring for 200+ days a year any longer. For that matter, they could probably all afford to retire on the proceeds of their career at this point, so I think if any of them really didn't want to be there any longer, they'd just stop.

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  2. You and others were right - I had just never noticed the tambourine in other performances, and it's indeed just a part of natural soundboard variation as to why it's loud in some videos and not others. However, I think the tambourine is either absent or mixed very low in other tours such as this:



    As for the controversy about backing tracks - I agree that there's a lot that couldn't be done without using extra. I'd however argue that the band has some songs with little to no backing tracks and it still sounds huge. Examples include GPASYUF (no backing track), DAAHF (very small amount of backing track), Everything's Not Lost. Just to name a few. I'll also point out there have been some instances of backing tracks violating the condition you're suggesting. For instance, in GS tour performances of ASFOS, you can see Jonny pretending to play the acoustic guitar part during the 2nd verse; on HFTW, Chris's piano is (likely) on a backing track; there's evidence Chris is lip syncing entirely on Clocks; and many of the vocal tracks for Guy/Jonny/Will are lip synced or a mix of live and backing track. This is when it starts to be getting into the realm of a-little-too-much, IMO, when they're all so talented and don't need the "help".


    FWIW some of those things may well be live. Their are effects that can modulate electric guitar signal into sounding like an acoustic, and Jonny has been known to use one at least some of the time. The lip syncing is a bit harder, but my personal belief is that most of that is due to Chris' (or the others) doubling their vocals in the studio, so the track recreates that live. I know there's a lot of debate on the internet as to whether Chris totally syncs certain tracks live, and I won't say for sure he doesn't, but I will say that filmed clips aren't good evidence either way as there's usually lag between the audio and video and so it's hard to prove anything. IF he's doing that, it is a bit much IMHO, but I'm not convinced that's the case at this point.


    With all of that being said, I'm not saying that people have to like the practice, but pretty much any arena/stadium act you see these days is likely to be doing much the same. It's just part of the concert industry now.

  3. Wow what an informative chat. I was particularly surprised about Paradise having different tempos throughout. That explains why it's so hard to play on piano without someone also playing drums. :lol: It was both cool to hear about all the backing tracks but also kind of sad that they're just so okay with having that level of backing tracks.


    Also fascinating that the click track is shaker and tambourine. Who would've known!? It also makes me wonder if that explains the random tambourine that's audible in videos like this. Note how when the drums come in, there's a pretty prominent shaker/tambourine. I wonder if someone accidentally sent the click track to the concert speakers instead of only Will's ear monitors. Though it also stops when the drums stop...so maybe they were just playing with having a tambourine/shaker track in this song for that show or tour.


    I know this is an old ongoing debate on here, but I really don't see why the use of backing tracks is so controversial. Even if they drafted in additional musicians, they would still struggle to replicate most of those parts live barring touring with a full orchestra (which isn't very practical even for such a massive band.) As long as the band is actually playing the instruments they present to play, I just don't understand what they big deal is.


    As for the click track being audible in some videos, it's probably a case of the audio for the clip being taken from a board feed as opposed to any mistake at the actual concert.

  4. This is the original live debut of UP&UP which I consider the very best version of UP&UP despite a few minor errors which are easily overlooked. I think this performance of the song easily shows how the studio production influences on the song and songs in general can, well not so much derail, but rather undercut the overall value of the song. If they had left the song in its more simple form and not messed with it so much it would have been so much better. Anyway, what are your thoughts?



    As with any music, what version is "better" or "worse" is entirely a matter of subjective taste.


    That said, I think people's reactions are likely to depend on what genres in general they tend to favor. If you don't like the dance/electropop influences the band are flirting with here the stripped down version is probably better sounding to you, if you do like those things, you're probably going to favor the full production.

  5. Of course people are responsible for their own decisions. Doesn't change the fact that the situation was very poorly handled. I wouldn't say for such a major band the band doesn't have a say. But of course ultimately this may come down to local authorities and tour promoters. Still poorly handled.


    Fair enough, I just don't see much point assigning blame for an act of god type situation that was out of anyone's control.

  6. I agree some group will be pissed off no matter how this was handled. The thing is, this was a category 3 hurricane since early yesterday at least, with expected rainfall of over 15-20 inches in Houston. There is a track record of how the city handles large rainfalls, and it is not good. Like @I ran away said, there are quite a few people unnecessarily in the path of a hurricane because of this decision to wait until hours before the show.


    Anyway, I'm lucky because I'll catch them later when they come my way. But I feel that for an event of this scale, it was poorly managed. From the band's perspective, they may have have thunk they were putting the fans first by delaying the go no-go decision. But actually for the most part, it was not. Especially with the possibility of rescheduling and not cancelling altogether.


    Now I'm getting out of here quickly before possible flooding and getting stranded.


    On Ticketmaster's side, they sent out emails and calls right away with info on getting a refund if needed.


    To be frank, regardless of the show being on or off, people choosing to travel to a potential hurricane zone is on them, no one else. The truth is, despite how it's spun in the press releases, the band probably had very little choice in how the hole thing was handled. The promoter probably didn't want to make a call that would lead to refunding or other additional costs and ultimately the civic authorities probably decided not to let the show continue. The band (and the fans) are caught in the middle of forces bigger than they are.

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  7. Very disappointed that they took this long to announce the rescheduling. Could have been done yesterday. Flew all the way from WA last night even with the possibility of getting stranded here for a couple of days. A lot of people could have avoided a lot of travel pains if they had taken precautions and made a definitive decision. Especially since it is obvious that a lot of people are travelling to the city in such a scattered stadium tour stop.


    That said, great that they are rescheduling. But I won't be attending.


    I don't think there was a way to do it without upsetting a segment of the audience. If they had canceled early, some people would have been more upset about that, especially with the projected danger area and timeline shifting to the extent it has. There's no "good" way to handle the cancellation of a large scale public event like this. Unfortunately, it's always a crapshoot when you travel for an event like this, especially an outdoor event that's subject to weather.

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  8. I'm not going to presume anything right now. It's best for us to just wait for the official news as painful as it is, instead of thinking of what-ifs. I'm sure that if they choose a later date, they will give an option for people to get refunds if it doesn't work with their schedules.


    I've never heard of a rescheduled concert that didn't also include a refund option for the people who wanted/needed one instead of attending the rescheduled date. It's probably safe to assume there will be one, provided the date actually is rescheduled.

  9. I am gonna take a print of the guidelines with me, if they change as spontaneous as yesterday then I'll have something to show them. Come on, 6 minutes before doors open is ridiculous.


    To be honest, I wouldn't expect that to help you. If they change the rules, they change the rules and that's what they'll enforce. Arguing will likely only make the situation worse.

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  10. What are the odds a policy like this will be implemented for other shows as well? Curious as I'm due to go to the Toronto show.


    I'm sure security is a concern everywhere at the moment, but I don't think the situation is quite as severe in North America. I have friends who have seen some pretty massive open air shows (U2, Muse) in the US recently and haven't heard much about being more than normal. That said, I'd imagine safety is on the mind of big tours everywhere right now, so I would expect an abundance of caution.

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  11. this is great

    i think the favorite album question is a really interesting one... and another reason why it's nice to have these interviews with Guy & Will (or Jonny in rare cases), because you know if someone asked Chris this question he'd just answer about loving all their music and how it all got them where they are now and they wouldn't be anywhere without each one :p


    To be fair, I'm sure a lot of that is because those questions tend to come up when they're doing promotion for a new album. They can't very well say anything that might be considered negative about something they're supposed to be promoting.

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  12. Well, I have to say it crossed my mind as well that that girl may outright be lying about the 'military base visit' (i bet this was rather taken at a military checkpoint they passed or something; doesn't make the photo any better, but still) to support her own (in the above FB comment, frankly racist) views. Also, she could be lying to make herself important (in a Tweet she also claims to 'know' "Chris's best friend in Israel", some big shot CEO called Eitan Bar Zeev who was in the picture with Chris in Rawabi - unlikely at least).


    I think people are losing sight of the fact that they have to respect the power structures in place if they want to get anywhere as far as setting up a concert. You can't go into a country and thumb your nose at them if you expect to be welcomed.

  13. the same girl who posted the infamous photo with tags peace & love has said she talked to Chris' closest friend in Israel & he has confirmed that a concert is a go. see also her replies here..( representative of apartheid & discrimination).



    Until an official announcement of date(s) comes from the band, I wouldn't say it's a done deal. There have been multiple occasions in the past where promoters and/or local media have "confirmed" the band would be touring a given area only to have nothing ever materialize.

  14. we don't know if they are going to donate the money because it is just a suggestion I came up in attempt to please all parties & I don't think they actually read the forums to read it o_O




    your comparison doesn't seem correct. There is a huge difference between performing in the U.S. for Americans & performing for American soldiers occupying Iraq. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not a conflict between 2 states fighting over borders, it is an occupation. Occupiers occupy the land, massacre its people & force them out of their homes, destroy them, then build settlements & reside there. Palestinians are being oppressed & discriminated in every way you can imagine.

    you can compare them performing in Israel as if they were performing in apartheid South Africa in the 1970s or 80s for the white minority. There was a movement for boycotting the regime there at the time including musicians, even supported by the UN



    Cultural boycott is a thing that wasn't invented just now, it actually had an effect to end this discriminating regime in South Africa. When politics fail & UN resolutions are either vetoed or remain as ink on paper because the powerful are forcing facts on the ground, it is then the responsibility of civilians to do what they can to make a change. A peaceful means to do so is boycotting, whether economical or cultural

    There are already musicians joining this movement & calling for the cultural boycott of Israel, & Coldplay can't be totally oblivious of it.







    I wish I were optimistic just like you, but living in this side of the world made me learn that worst case scenario always occurs, sometimes reality is even worse..I would nothing more than to be proven wrong, but all the signs are not encouraging :(





    so maybe I got it wrong, but the gossip I mentioned was actually the promoters words at the time. Who says they were scouting places? both Phil & Chris went to one concert venue (Masada) with promoters. It is a venue where other concerts have been performed. The rest was Chris hanging out with friends/ fans, visiting historical sites & buying rings from jewelry shop. Unless you saw something else, he was just mixing work with fun/ tourism. He has friends there & the band have already collaborated with Israeli artists/ directors recently, so they don't believe in the cultural boycotting.

    I can't tell what they are thinking, & I hate to be the one presuming bad things. If I did not care about them that much, I would not even bother to write or argue. You say they are growing, & I hate to see them grow into hypocrites who advocate one thing & work against it, specially when it directly affects me.




    Actually I had seen signs of them leaning towards Israelis for a few years now, but I ignored them till I saw Chris & Phil there & read the concert rumours :broken_heart: you think it is for a special event, then I hope it won't be an event to support Israelis against terrorism or sthg :lol:

    I wrote my opinion about the boycotting movement before, but let me tell that boycotting Israelis does not necessarily mean you hate them or it is contradictory to love everyone. If you have a friend & he tells you that he is gonna take a gun & kill some people, you won't applaud him & say you will support, you will do whatever you can in order to stop them from doing wrong.


    Sorry for the rant. I actually dislike the fact that I had to talk politics in a music forum, but it's all Coldplay's fault.


    The problem is, in this scenario, there's literally no action the band can take seen as a political statement. If they play, a lot of people will be mad because of their perceived lack of support for the Palestinians, if they don't a lot of people will be mad because of their perceived lack of support for the Israelis. They'll get negative reaction no matter which "side" they choose, when all that might really be going through their heads is a desire to play a concert somewhere they haven't been yet.

  15. How do we know they're not donating the 5 million to charity though? I feel like it's a bit too early to judge.


    I see some of your points re the hypocrisy but to be honest I struggle to see why performing in Israel is by definition always wrong. I don't support the government of my country, many Americans don't support their government, lots of Israelis don't either. And I'm pretty sure a large majority of Coldplay's fanbase in Israel belongs to that category. I really hope I'm not being too optimistic.


    The only thing I struggle with (and ok it's not a minor thing) is that a concert there would support Israel's economy & that Israel can use it to show the world how great

    they are. That's wrong, very wrong. Coldplay is a huge band and the #hype this concert would create would potentially spread a wrong image. But still, a lot depends on what they do with the money. For now, I still trust the band and I don't think they'd take the 5 million home and do nothing with it. We know they're decent people with brains, don't we? Imagine the slap in N*tanyahu's face if they openly donate everything to the organisation you mentioned.


    For now I can't see them doing this just for the money. That's unlike them.


    No matter how big a band is, they can't override governmental policies and laws. Frankly, they've played in a lot of countries with controversial political aspects to them. At the end of the day, they are professionals and do earn their living from their music and concerts, but I'm not sure you can really read anything more into their decision to tour in Israel (if it even ends up being true) than their decision to tour anywhere else. Any policies dictating who can attend etc. are almost certainly completely out of their hands.

  16. I'm sure we can all agree the riff guy created on magic is catchy and really cool. I was wondering what you call what Guy is playing. I know he is playing the E and G string on the bass I just don't know what that technique is called.


    Any comments are helpful :):gs:


    It's a bit like a slap technique, if not in sound, then in the way he's actually playing, because he's playing with his fingers, but also with his thumb on the upper strings. I think he's also palm muting sometimes, because in clips you can see that he kind of covers all the strings with his picking hand.

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  17. I agree, they're definitely more rock-y. Do you know if it's due to the settings or due to a change in the drum set altogether?


    I would say it's a bit of both. A lot of the songs on that album lend themselves to more percussive drumming, but Will has also changed his kit over the years. He used to favor a fairly large bass drum that would lend itself to low tuning, but he's shifted to progressively smaller drums over time. He's also switched from favoring wood snare drums to metal ones and for this able and tour moved away from the maple kits he's historically used because he says he finds to recording custom kits he uses now fit better with all the samples they use in the newer material.


    It's not like he's made huge changes to the kit, but he is also constantly evolving in little respects that will have some effect on the sound.

  18. I remember in Matt McGinn's book he said that the rack units were very rarely used, however that was written back in the Viva era, and the lack of physical pedals would suggest that things have changed a lot since then


    The pedals are still part of the rig. there are 3 trays worth, so it's safe to assume that there are at least as many as when they were on the board. You can also see what looks like lists of presets for the TC Electronics delay unit and the Eventide chalked onto the panel below the wireless units, which would suggest that they are certainly being used rather amply now. Regardless, he still has to almost certainly be doing something more than his onstage board, because since each button runs one fixed function, that would mean the total number of discreet effects he could access during a gig was only 18 (actually less because he has a mute and a tap tempo listed there) My guess would be that he has onstage access to the stuff he wants to control in real time or experiment with from night to night and the rest is run as presets through the ground control pro which is mounted in the rack.

  19. (Tried to post earlier but I think the website was down)


    Jonny's pedalboard seems to have changed an awful lot recently. He only has the Boss DD5 and Line6 DL4 on his pedalboard and it seems like the rest is controlled by the MIDI pedals.


    I hope somebody has some Jonny GS/AHFOD tour setlists to share but I took a screenshot of this one from the Nova's Red Room Yellow performance intro:



    Mobile Link: https://imgur.com/a/ujRQY



    Here is Jonny's current pedalboard for the AHFOD tour (2016):




    I don't think he's controlling it all through the onstage midi switcher since he has them labeled for single effect usage and there aren't enough switches to account for everything he seems to be using these days. There's another midi switcher in his rack, and I would guess that his tech is doing some of the switching through there.

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  20. I know he likes to use harmonizers like the Micro Pog and Digitech Whammy. I think he has a BigSky reverb, which I know has a Swell "engine" or preset - creates that really looming, blossoming pad sound.


    Mostly, I just see him looking down and stepping on his volume pedals. Seems like he has an effect or two on a really extreme setting (like the Mix cranked all the way on a reverb) and then controls it with volume pedals.


    I think most of his big reverb and echo swells are coming from high end rack gear these days as opposed to any pedals. To my knowledge, he hasn't actually used a Digitech Whammy since the earliest days of the band (I've seen Parachutes era pedal board photos that seem to have one, but he doesn't on any of his more recent ones.) He also doesn't have an expression pedal for one on his current board (they're labeled for the Echo Pro, the Eventide and a basic volume pedal) That said, he has some of the best top of the line multi effects processors in his live rack, so he could be getting a similar sound through one of those.

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  21. I can see how he might come across as rude, though I admit I don't know much about him. Do you have an example of what he did that makes you biased against him? It's been a long time since I watched him.


    I think he is fine here. He does seem very focused, but that's probably because the AOAL riff requires his full attention. Otherwise he doesn't look any more sad than Guy or Will.



    It's worth noting that he's playing a relatively intricate pattern (by Coldplay guitar line standards anyway) in a very confined area of the neck and the band's sound guy has said in an interview that nobody in the band's camp expected him to be able to play it live before they started rehearsing the new songs. IMHO Guy looks at least as detached at least as much of the time.

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  22. that's a good point about his playing, something i hadn't exactly thought of before. what i originally meant was that he had more of a neutral expression most of the time - not a big deal, really, it just made it stand out so much more when he did smile :D


    I always thought he's tended toward neutral expressions, except when singing backing vocals, then he tends to look angry. (though I'm not implying he actually is.

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  23. i'd like to tell you a story about the concert i attended during the MX era

    my sister and i were fortunate enough to be upgraded to front row seats on Jonny's side. it was so awesome. but Jonny didn't look super enthusiastic most of the time (no judgement), until almost the end of the concert when i noticed him look off stage and this huge smile came across his face. so i glanced off to where he seemed to be looking, at the very side of the stage, and there was Chloe! it was so cute!! :wacky:

    so i too hope only good things for them in the long run.


    He always had a a tendency to look down while performing. I think he's just the sort of guitarist that watches his hands a lot while playing. He's doing more intricate stuff on the neck with a lot of their newer material, so perhaps that has something to do with it. He has said multiple times over the years that his wife and family tour with him as much as possible, which seems nice.

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