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  1. yup, *crosses fingers*

  2. Ainsley I'm sorry about your loss and the whole situation in your country. Just remember that life goes on and that one can't run away from happines stuck in fear and the past. I hope that you recover tranquilty and learn to keep loving and smiling despite uncertainity and restlessness. Hugs to you and my condolences to you and your acquaintances.

  3. Okay I'll trust ya ... Yeah it's a bit confusing, to put it simple if I get in as freshman I'll loose 2 years of college, of what I'm studying here in Mexico.

  4. Are you sure? :thinking: :escaping: No I'm not in yet, because I need to take the SAT since I didn't had enough hours of maths to apply as transfer, so I have to apply as a freshman. Anyways I'll take the test and send some more hours of study I'll be doing in my current college, if still they say I'm freshman I'll refrain from applying.

  5. ZOMG Hooooooot as hell!! Now I'm gonna watch them whenever Germany plays

  6. If woman football players were as hot as tennists, I'd dig it. Well I actually prefer baseball.

  7. I HATE that song, I have no idea how people can be so stupid to listen to it. But tell me Chris, who cares about women's world cup? :cool:

  8. Damn it you have to listen to the second song, it's hideous but it's part of the bet :cool: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XgNFLo5WOI"]YouTube - ‪el sonidito (ruidito) hechizeros band‬‏[/ame] [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM4utkS_iSw"]YouTube - ‪HECHIZEROS BAND - EL SONIDITO‬‏[/ame] Remeber that Mexico is still the king of CONCACAF, that's why I put that song, which can be somehow the equal here to we are the champions (although the lyrics don't make much sense)

  9. Well I think there are much more unseffable bands out there than all american rejects and lyrics weren't biting at all, except for the band's name itself. And omg 10 seconds of the fuck yeah video and I got sick, that would have really pissed me off. Here you go btw [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB4Fsiw8Pz0"]YouTube - ‪Cielito Lindo (subtituos en Inglés).avi‬‏[/ame] Ay Ay Ay So sing and don't cry because by singing gladdens pretty sweethears one's heart [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x47NYUbtYb0"]YouTube - ‪Hechizeros Band - El Sonidito‬‏[/ame] Man this song is not mocking or biting at all, but it is one of the most annoying things you'll ever hear. And of course, this classic mexican song just to remind you who's the boss of football around this area [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTCAbaJPWiw&feature=related"]YouTube - ‪El Rey lyrics‬‏[/ame]

  10. Really? I was on my iphone watching the videos so it was bad quality over bad quality :P

  11. Bloom was good, but i didn't get to hear the damn bass.

  12. I was expecting you to do it, but I also saw that mexican team did not give up. IMO US team needs to renovate itself. Just curious, what hideous music i was going to listen to?

  13. Ready to wear a sombrero? Damn where's trollface when you need it.

  14. Nevermind, I'm already lurking through youtube to see what I find out but nothing new thus far apart form the videos you posted in the radiohead thread. What I find annoying is that the dude that recorded videos posted the songs we've aleady heard a thousand times and that always are performed flawlessly. I'm looking forward for more the king of limbs stuff

  15. mike dude do you know if there's live streaming of radiohead's glastonbury performance?

  16. Or wa wa waterfall, your call. Actually I think not being the favourite puts less pressure on you and that i think is a great advantage. But remeber, if you got no fear of the underdog that's why you will not survive! Maybe something humiliating on the sig would work too

  17. I want to bet you on the gold cup final. Maybe something like listening to horrible mexican music nonstop if usa looses and me listening to friday if mexico loses.

  18. You should be a good girl Lauren. BTW I called them and they said I needed the SAT because I did not have the required hours of maths or something to apply as a transfer, so I'll be getting in as a freshman which is equal to idleness, because I don't wanna loose three semesters, so I'll take the SAT, send it to them as well as addiotional transcripts of my current college (by the time I applied I hadn't finished them). If they still see me as freshmen I'll quit because I don't wanna waste the time and the money I have devoted to my current college.

  19. Moral of the Story: don't mess with Lauren.

  20. I lol'd at you affiliation to the massive penis group

  21. Your signature is so forever alone.

  22. Yeah so I better respect yah! :wreck:

  23. You're a tough girl :bigcry:

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