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  1. Hello kasaa, I was your mixtape maker. I'm glad you liked it, I was afraid you found it a bit messy.

    I don't think I can postpone this any longer so here goes, review time!


    Track 1: The opening is a bit messy, but it has kind of a sumer-feel to it. The singer has an okay voice, I just can't understand a word he's saying :P I like the rythm of the song, good start.

    I remember hearing this song on an indie radio, thought it was ok but interesting and yes it has a summery and intro feel

    Track 2: Electronic start to this one, catchy guitar. Nice voice, lyrics are good as well.Looking forward to finding out who this is :)

    Phantogram, a trip-hop and rock or something band, they're good, their 2010 album Eyelid Movies is worth acquiring.

    Track 3: M.IA. Huh? No idea which song it is, but it sure is catchy.

    Sure this is MIA, again summery but this time dancy feel

    Track 4: The guitar start to this is really nice, I really enjoyed this track. The singer has a relaxing voice imo.

    Berlin-born band The Whitest Boy Alive; the lead singer is actually from Norway!

    Track 5: Is that a lute? Very medieval feel to this one, not really my style, don't quite like the singers voice. Overall an ok song.

    The XTC, it takes time to appreciate what I would call one of the first true innovating and indie bands, just after Roxy Music. They're kind of weird anyway.

    Track 6: Opens with some royal sounding strings, I like strings they're very underrated. So this is an opera song then? She's got an amazing voice. Good song.

    Actually it's Cristopher Hogwood orchestra, this is one piece of Vivaldi, it's beautiful isn't it? Just to proove those jerks that Vivaldi didn't make the same tune 400 times, even Stravinsky said that *wails*

    Track 7: That's a heavy transition right there, but I like this song, good drummer, good guitar, very good singer, loving the lyrics. Great track

    I guess you'd like to recover from the classical and the calm pieces with this sheer rock song

    Track 8: Well this is different, very showtune-like start. National express, aye?

    Yup, this is high-quality baroque pop from The Divine Comedy

    Track 9: I love this intro, very catchy. The song is kinda weird, but I like it.

    this is electronic/dubstep-or-whatever San Francisco producer Brendan Angelide aka known as Eskmo.

    Track 10: Putting The Dog To Sleep by The Antlers. I love this song

    I love these guys, their last two albums were excellent

    Overall I really liked the tape, some interesting artists to check out. Thank you for making it :)


    BTW, sorry my review sucks :disappointed:


    01 I was thinking by Gauntlet Hair

    02 Mouthful of Diamonds by Phantogram

    03 Pull up the people by M.I.A.

    04 Burning by The whitest boy alive

    05 Sacrifical Bonfire by XTC

    06 Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera by Vivaldi performed by the Academy of Ancient Music Orchestra and Chorus of Cristopher Hogwood

    07 The Rat by The Walkmen

    08 National Express by The Divine Comedy

    09 Cloudlights by Eskmo

    10 Putting the dog to sleep by the antlers


    And here's the link if you want to check it out:


  2. How I love Björk! She's definitely one of the most unique and innovating artists ever. Volta was meh, but the rest of her catalogue is sublime. She manages to keep going forward yet has a distinctive and extraordinary sound. She's one of those few artists that sounds so different still you can recognize it's her, and just can be her. Long Live the Queen of Music! (set apart classical)

    I'm so waiting for her new album, I might try to not listen to the newly released songs other than Crystalline.

  3. I had preferred this actually to something familiar to me.

    Hi. I'm your mixtape maker. Sorry that you didn't like your tape very much. Normally I'd adapt a tape to your taste, however when you did that post earlier on into the thread I thought I'd do something different for this one. Sorry it didn't work, I didn't think it would be this dreadful an experience though. :cry:




    Basically, this has taught me a lesson. No matter how much people may say that they want a different mixtape. They actually don't. People do much prefer music engineered to their taste. So for getting it so wrong, I really am sorry.


    Anyway, for other people, if they do want:


    My Broken Heart- Noah & The Whale

    Corinne- Metronomy

    Nun- I Am Arrows

    Nightflying- Wolf Gang

    Saboteur- The Kooks

    Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club

    Houdini- Foster The People

    Theo- Apples

    Holidays- Miami Horror

    Fragrant- Dutch Uncles

    Moon Crooner- Egyptian Hip Hop

    Broken- Late of the Pier

    Jackson's Last Stand- Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

    Hold On- Holy Ghost!

    Pyramid- Nightbox

    Starz in Their Eyes- Just Jack

    The Way He Does- Shake Aletti

    Household Goods- Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs





    Sorry if I was a bit harsh, but it was also my fault for not being clear enough on what i wanted on my tape, but nevermind these things happen and these are the risks that you takr. Thanks anyway for the mixtape, i think what I liked the least were the vocals mainly, but i loved the first song and the last one. I will check those out for sure.

  4. Dude do you have an xbox or a ps3?

    Those are great hobbies.

    How about biking, swimming? Writing, Reading? Grabbing a Probabilty book and fooling casinos? Writing could be very relieving for you at this moment, getting those demons out and put them on ink and paper, it could turn out great and purifying for you.

  5. Ok so here's my mixtape review, sorry for the delay.

    If Music be the food of love, play on.

    So I played on, keeping on mind this Shakespeare quote that names the album and that has its original cover as the album art for all the songs. Also the title of the 18 tracks form the phrase For Every Moment there is a song you just have to find the one that best defines it (yup these are 18 words).


    Track 1: It begins with a clean finger picked guitar, it's a relaxed and beautiful song, with some fateful strings and brass fills and refined and jazzy drumming and rythmic piano that enter the song at about 1:00. The male singer has a mellow but melancholic voice. Lyrics make references to being lonely and broken hearts. I really enjoyed this song that ends with a solo that's just in the same mood, a killer song and like a prologue. This song is just like preparing you for what's next, despite its downheartdness it leaves you with the sensation that something else is coming.

    Track 2: The upbeat drumming and bass makes me think that like wow the mixtape's already started, a dude with a voice a little bit similar to that of Paul Banks from Interpol. Then the synthetisers come in in what seems to be the chorus, the first of them is instrumental the rest is sung, but now in falsetto. I found the childish vocals and the 80's pop tone and melody of the synthesizers to be really annoying. I hated this song, sorry, I'm already missing the first one. I'm waiting still for the depart from mellowness, although it's too early to judge.

    Track 3: I can't understand well the lyrics, but it has some lines like "i've got someone she's a little bit something for you". Uhm, love, moving on. The vocals either have an effect or are sung by two different guys, the song again is upbeat and poppish. It's good and mellow. But still, no musical climax.

    Track 4: Beggining with electric guitars and a fast tingling piano, the rythmic guitar that actually kind of palm mutes some singular notes (crappy computer speakers, I can't hear the bass). At the chorus it finally seems to reach a change from softness but still I don't like much the dude's voice.

    Track 5: With a britpop tone, a mix between 1920's piano and 90's britpop guitars and vocals, interesting song.

    Track 6: Again this friendly piano with a tone you'd hear from a music box, this song is not challenging or remarkable at all nor shines from its brilliant mellowness like the first one.

    Track 7: Clapping and drumming, not much of my cup of tea, it's just another friendly pop song.

    Track 8: Again this kind guitars and synths, with forgettable melodies and vocals.

    Track 9: Dancy guitars, electric drums and piano, kind of a retro disco song. Again weak vocals and tone in general.

    Track 10: Good drumming and dreamy delay guitars, But then again the vocals are way too soft, too dull and immature.

    Track 11: Happy sytnhs and such. Some distortion would help?

    Track 12: A good beggining, energetic song touching a more standard rock sound, instead of easy-listening. Then the songs turns pop again with yet another extremely clear and spineless voice.

    Track 13: Electro-soft-pop. Uhm this is not my style at all sorry.

    Track 14: The songs keep on the same mood, while I was waiting for the music to explote, to risk, to reach a climax, they just keep being shy and of puerile happiness.

    Track 15: Sorry but I just can't say anything good about these songs.

    Track 16: More of the same, this one is semi-sung, rythm guitars are good but then are lost between the voice and the happy mood of the song.

    Track 17: This one is an almost instrumental electronic pop song, I don't like it's just innocently cheerful.

    Track 18: An upbeat electronic song, but I do like this one, it do takes advantages from it mellowness and at the same time it's dancy. It's a song that is more defined, unlike the others, this song flows well because it has a direction to follow, that of a happy, house and dancy song. A good way to (finally) end the mixtape.


    To be honest I didn't enjoy my mixtape, the songs don't seem to fit for that "every moment" statement, I think they did not risk enough, the artists did not do what's necessary, I'd say they're just there with a pusillanimous and ordinary happy mood. The songs did not explote at epicness or intensity, neither were peaceful gems or flowed between their mellowness. I listened to it 4 times and tried to appreciate it but I couldn't, sorry but it's just not my taste at all. I found the songs to be immature, indifferent and ungraceful. Just like a group of clumsy teenagers that have no idea what are doing here and that can hold monotonous 3 minutes and a half long conversations. But I do appreciate the time you took doing it,the cohesion of the songs themselves and of course the details like the artwork and I'd really like to hear more about songs #1 and #18, maybe you'd like to reveal the tracklist and the link of your mixtape so you can share it with people that have kindred tastes with you :nice: And of course thanks a lot for the mixtape!


    PS: I just decided to add the link of the mixtape so you can give it a try


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