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    Just wanted to say that I'm getting extreme nostalgic vibes seeing all the old peeps still hanging around here :wacky:

    1. Coeurli


      Hellooooo :dazzled: isn't it wonderful :awesome: 

    2. Batman


      IT IS!! 😄

  2. LOL better later than never! :O

    1. Ati ʍᵪ

      Ati ʍᵪ

      Definitely. That's not very long time Batman...

  3. Stop reading my shitty status crap

  4. Noodles are overrated

  5. Batman

    Me neither, it looks like a mixture between the movies John Wick, Hard Candy, and I Spit On Your Grave :uhoh: B-but it has Keanu in it :surprised: If it hadn't Keanu as the main actor I'd totally avoid this film LOL

  6. Batman

    [video=youtube;ti6S3NZ5mKI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti6S3NZ5mKI[/video] WTFWTFWTFWTFTWFT!!!

  7. Holy frick thank you soooooo much for that kind message you giant sweet hearted muffin you! :3

  8. :cheesy:

    1. Ati ʍᵪ

      Ati ʍᵪ

      I'm sorry for replying one year later. Greetings. :D

  9. link zu den tickets: bit.ly/1Kk4veu

  10. Is that pretty purple creature in your avatar a picture of yourself? :charming:

  11. Batman

    Yaaay cool, that makes me happy! :D And thank you so much for your link, I'm totally gonna check it this evening!! =D

  12. Batman

    IT IS DONEEEEEEEE [IMG] AND SO AM I OMG After I killed and broke about 17 needles I'm finally done with this monster :drunk: I mainly made it because I wanted a big backpack for conventions and stuff, where I can just throw in all of my shit, without having to carry 4 different bags for 4 different things :| It has lots of different pockets, a leather bottom for wet grounds, and is made entirely of old jeans, left over canvas fabric, old belts and metal thingies from dog leashes lol. The only things I bought for this were the blue dye to dye the different coloured jeans with, and the plastic buckles. I loce upcycling stuff :cheesy: NOW ONTO THE NEXT PROJECT :awesome::awesome:

  13. Batman

    Did you find the complete text? Otherwise I'll take some pics of the entire thing Not yet, I didn't check the internet yet to see if there are any pdfs of this thing :surprised: But that would be super kind if you'd send me the pics! :dazzled: Yay! It makes the end product even more precious because it's soaked in tears of frustration :wink2: AND BLOOD. I cut into my thumb for almost the entire lenght on the inside (because OF COURSE), poked at least 4 fingers with needles, and not to mention my hand got squished between the sewing mashines gears when I was cleaning it up. yaaaaAAAAY :dead: My backpack is almost done, but now my sewing mashine is bitching because it can't handle the leather patch on the bottom of the backpack. GRRR I hate it when mashines don't work -___-

  14. Batman

    Yay, artist problems! :dance: Oh well, if you forget them, then maybe they weren't that much worthy of getting them done anyway lol. I will show you!! My backback is slowly taking shape. Although it's a pain in the arse if you want to sew a good heavy duty fabric backpack with a lousy normal (and non-industrial) sewing mashine :dead: I fear I'm gonna break a bunch of needles, AGAIN

  15. Batman

    Yes he is :nod: say WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?? Damn gurl, I want one, too! :angry: Now I'm jealous :snobby: Woah okay I didn't know about that artistic thing he did (I'm not that into his persona to know these things lol), it looks very much alike to what I had to do in university haha. AND THE FUCK IS THIS: http ://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IefTu_XOjPc/TjQoqAJNhsI/AAAAAAAAAuo/eBQ2K--dpPQ/s1600/IMG_2475.JPG HHAHAH this is hilarious :lol: I like these random phrases a lot :wacky: Well at least you already have it on your preoder list, when I want to buy something I'm usually like "ye I'll buy it later" and then forget about it :|

  16. Batman

    Yeah this conversationbox is stupid :| And you can fangirl as much as you want bECAUSE I ALSO LOVE KEANU REEVES OKAY HE FUCKING ROCKS!1 :dance: I'd really like to own one of these 3D printed "Sad Kenau" figures, just for fun :wideeyed: ANd because I could then have my own Kenau and put him everywhere I like muahHAAHAH Oh man, sometimes it's really annoying being an artist, I want to do like, 4395480 projects at the same time. I currently have 3 illustration jobs that need to be done in the next three weeks, then I want to sew my own backpack, a hoodie (that one I told you ages ago about having wings and feathers on the arms, inspired by the Ghost Stories cover, yEH I KNOW IT STILL ISNT DONE LOL), and a horror costume for a theme park I might applying to during octobre to spook people :awesome: I'd like to have 7 arms now :wacko:

  17. Batman

    Sorry for the spam BUT LOOK AT THIS: [IMG] :cheesy:!!!

  18. Batman

    dat moment when you hit the wrong filter: [IMG] :lol::laugh3:

  19. Batman

    I couldn't decide which colour to pick... SO I PICKED ALL: [IMG]

  20. Batman

    Aw you're nice, too :wacky::heart:

  21. Batman

    Yeah that's it! I'm not the best with conveying my thoughts/feelings :sweatdrop: "he currently looks lika Picasso with 2 noses and half an ear" AAAAHAHAHAH MY SIDES!! :laugh3::lol: And yes, the green post production is super extreme. Same goes with the move "Underworld" where everything is freaking blue. And "Mad Max" is as yellow as cheese. God that reminds me of that weirdo that I had the most useless argument with in the forum's chatbox. First she was mad at me because I told her "culture appreciation" is a pile of bullcrap, then she "threatened" me to leave the forum to which I replied "lmao good riddance!" and then she told me she was gonna kill herself and I told her "lMAO GOOD RIDDANCE!!" :lol: Unfortunately Sparky was also online and didn't like my attiutude and told me to behave :shy: ANYWAYS, I stick to this saying because it's perfect (and evil): "Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics... Even if you win, you're still retarded."

  22. Batman

    Am I the only one, or does sharing your photoshop brushes feel very personal and intimate? It's like, I give away something very ..close to my work to someone else *-* Not in a bad way, it seems much more personal than giving your mixtape to someone or ... whatever :wacky: My brushes are merely collected brushes from other artists AHAH. I believe there's exactly one brush in there that I made myself :I Lol what a hoe~ Just keep on doing what you're doing, draw dicks and bewbs and everything you like, and don't let ANYONE stop you. Like hell do they care, I draw weird ass psychedelic Coldplay portraits, if someone's gonna tell me "eW ur copying person A and B" I'm just gonna reply to them "And you're copying the English language so FUCK OFF" :lol: Remember, internet arguments are useless :wacky: anD THAAAAAAAANKS you are so lovely :3

  23. Batman

    I SHALL GIVE YOU MY BRUSH SET IN RETURN: [IMG] wow my handwriting fucking sucks lmao ANYWAYS, download: https ://mega.co.nz/#!0FIi1AJS!TEOXLhJ77yGoSd4ST4HIu5AL_4TLQjfFnPkRWJlH4FY

  24. Batman

    Yes yess!! I have only skipped over the set because there are so many! :lol: I always try to reduce my brushset to as little brushes as possible, otherwise I spend my entire time trying to find fitting brushes instead of actually drawing! :freak: :wacky: WHAT! :angry: Wow someone seems to be jealous. And how can you knick someone's style when you're basically drawing realistic? :|

  25. Batman

    YESHHH. I totally modified one of the brushes to my liking and I think I'll keep it forever *-* THANK YOU :cheesy: I don't even know why I went all Van Gogh on him :lol: I guess I wanted to break out of my usual colouring habits :awesome:

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