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  1. Batman

    Tumblr: When you spend hours working on something and finally take a step back to admire it and realize that you hate it. [IMG] BEING AN ARTIST IS GREAT ISN'T IT? :awesome:

  2. Dat sheep thinks that red thing is Jonny LOL

  3. I love your avatar

  4. [video=youtube;2tHrUr_ozZs]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tHrUr_ozZs[/video]

  5. i love the tiny little santa hat in your avatar AHAH :cheesy:

  6. Batman

    [IMG] My, didn't you know it's illegal to post your own drawings on the internet? :awesome: no seriously though, what a bunch of fart nuggets LOL What did you do? Did you reply to them? I'd love to know their reaction BAHAAH

  7. Batman

    Thanks, but I merely changed an exsisting trolling gif by putting a bat cowl on it :awesome:

  8. Batman

    "most of the time I'm excited to draw something when I don't have the time and once there is some time I forgot what it was I wanted to draw :blank:" this is me: "most of the time I'm excited to draw something when I don't have the time and once there is some time I'm too tired to draw :blank:"

  9. Batman

    tumblr :awesome: Me: *GETS PUMPED TO DRAW* Me: *BRAINSTORMS WHAT TO DRAW* Me: YEAH. YEAH. I LIKE THIS. Me: Me: *takes a nap*

  10. [IMG] made me think about you D:

  11. Batman

    Oh yeah, the fan dilemma :nod: TO BUY IT OR NOT TO BUY IT :bomb: How much is it? 400$ or so? Well, I don't want it. I mean, it's a nice picture, but for a really strange reason I feel nothing by looking at it. As for all the previous artworks (except the Mylo Xyloto ones) I have very emotional feelings towards them, especially the "artworks" (or more like cover arts) from the parachutes era. I'd love to have a big print of that shiver artwork with that thicket on it, I have no idea why I love it so much :lol: But what I would REALLY like to do is visiting that gallery that is opening in London showing the ghost stories artwork. That would be nice :wacko: But then again, LOL WHAT IS MONEY :drunk:

  12. Batman

    Guy is totally the "whatever" person! HAHAh :P I believe anatomy is the hardest thing to master in art :I But once you kinda get it you feel like Jesus LOL Funny that you think that drawing stuff like this is sooo hard. I find the art you do, like drawing portraits and such, extremely freaking hard, because they are very far out of my comfort zone ahem :sweatdrop: Ahh lens correction, that's what it's called! :cheesy: Yeah it has a very nice dynamic feeling to it!

  13. Batman

    Aw thanks a lot! :wacky: HAHAH yeah, I tried to pin down his very... Guy-specific swagger walking style :laugh3: And he would be the first to not give a crap about anything (IMO) so he's the one who doesn't look back to Chris. I'm still struggling a LOT with anatomy, time to dig out my precious dusty Gottfried Bammes books :wacko: Btw I totally love your How To Train Your Dragon picture you posted on Tumblr/DeviantArt. I believe you stepped out of your comfort zone bIIIIGGG time for that, didn't ya? :D Was totally worth it! I love the little 3D effect you put on there (did you shift the colour channels a little? Because of that blue/red edges at the dragon's claws/head)

  14. Batman

    finally got around of doing some sketches that I had on mind for the song "midnight": [IMG] depressing picture is depressing :wacko: I just pictured Chris tangled in some spikey vines, seeking out for a helping hand/light. Dunno if I will draw the faces of the other band mates or just put animal skulls on there as a refernce to the trippy music video with the fox in it. The background will probably be some weird, colour inverted forest or something WHADDAYA THINK ABOUT THIS CRAPPY SKETCH? :cheesy:

  15. THANKS FOR POINTING OUT THAT NEW (OLD) COLDPLAY INTERVIEW IN THE CHATBOX OMFG IT'S SOOOOOO CUUTE Especially the inteview "Did everyone had like... shit in their eras?!" BAHAHAH

  16. Yeah, got my thesis done last week, the next week I have to hand in the practical part which isn't even half done lolomg. I'm trying to get it done this weekend though, I HAVE TO :bomb: Gonna graduate by the end of this month, the graduation party is held somewhere around 10th october or so. And after that real life/taxes/bills will bitchslap me :drunk:

  17. Tired, stressed and hungry :wacko: And you?

  18. Hello :wideeyed:

  19. It's t-a-lee-a. I really need to talk to you guys again :wacky:

  20. Batman

    Here's a album with some interesting pics from the era. Not all of them are in good resolution though :/ I hope I could help! http ://imgur.com/a/Th2N1#0

  21. Batman

    Alright, I might have a few nice imagies in my Coldplay folder :lol:

  22. Batman

    Any specific pics of the band, or just Chris alone? Or do you mean the artworks?

  23. Hello :charming:

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