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  1. Someone off Craigslist. Looking back on it, as if buying off Craigslist isn't much of a mistake already, there were so many stand out points that made me aware that something was wrong. But what's weird was that the guy showed us a ticketmaster receipts for the tickets!


    Definitely not mad at Coldplay though. Just a bit sad!


    Same thing happened to me, but in my case, I noticed they were fake when I got home after I bought them a couple months ago. The seat numbers said 1, 2, 3, 4 when in fact that row and section had seat numbers that started 101, 102, 103 , 104


    I went to the Hollywood police station and reported it. They took my tickets and confirmed they were fakes and that the same group of people had been doing it using a hollywood business address as their exchange point with victims.


    The police had me look at a lineup and nobody looked familiar as to who sold me the tickets, but then about a month later they said they had arrested a couple more people in the scam and sent me another lineup and sure enough the guy was on there and I pointed him out. I went back to the station and circled the picture, etc. Hopefully he gets convicted and I get some kind of restitution.

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