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  1. [IMG] :kiss::hug:

  2. Zeya

    [IMG] :kiss:

  3. Zeya

    [IMG] :nice:

  4. [IMG] Have fun my American lover! :kiss:

  5. [IMG] Love you my French lover!

  6. Zeya

    [IMG] :kiss:

  7. *playing it right now*

  8. 10-12 hours of work?? :stunned: that's a lot...now i feel bad for complaining too much...my assignment is nothing compared to your work...huhu. besides, i have just handed in my assignment yesterday..so now i can be a bit more relaxed though there are more assignments to do.. oh yeah i still log in to this forum everyday..just browsing around the threads while doing my assignment..proprastinating..haha. and yeah i saw the picture from moses birthday..and i am quite sure that chris was wearing my bracelet though the photos are not so clear... i am soooo happy :D

  9. A lot actually...But one video was about him getting angry because he lost his bracelet or something.. People commented by saying the bracelets were made by his family member, that's why he's so pissed? But whatever it is, he's so adorable even when he's angry :wacky:

  10. Zeya

    Actually I didn't send it to him, I exchanged my wristband with his bracelet when I met him in March :nice: I've written the whole story here. That review is so long, so you can just go to the fifth paragraph from the bottom :wink:

  11. Ah it works! At least it can be ripped. Will it be hard for you to upload it? That file is so big!

  12. Ah thanks Tracey!

  13. Ah, thanks Emma :blush:

  14. ahh well i want to be in the pit...so thats the standing section closest to stage and thats what im hoping for tom.! so yeah i hope they see my sign!!! it would make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!! ....and NO! why did they leave thats sad.....i would have told Chris to call them up and say, " Guy there is this nice young lady waiting here for u and she has a beer for you....u better come back and meet her " hahaha im sorry they left right away tho...thats too bad... are u a Jonny fan like Min...or do u love all the boys?? i love them all, but i think Guy has my yes getting the standing ticket will be the wisest choice..just make sure u're one of the earliest to come and u'll be at the front! i dont know why they left early...it is quite sad... i love all the boys too... but my heart goes to Chris!!!!!!!!!!! gosh no one knows how much i love him...

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