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    [IMG] :nice:

  2. Thanks Thalia!!!!!! :dance: Chris makes me happier every single day...:nice: And thank you for posting that pic..You're so thoughtful:kiss::kiss:

  3. i'm still amazed myself! being the biggest band, they can just drive through without bothering to say hi and drop by...but they did anyway... i mean, jonny and guy always went back early so i dont really know about them (i read nice stories about them though..) but will and chris are total sweethearts! they can be a total douchebag and still be the biggest band, but they choose to be the nicest guys on earth...i LOVE them so much for that..:kiss: yes u will definitely have so much fun and in no time u'll face coldplay withdrawal just like what i'm going through right now...:lol: same with u, i only have chris in my life! :lol: after meeting the guy of my dream, it's kinda hard for me to find a decent man..i guess chris set the bar too high! :D its been a while now since i've had a boyfriend...cant really be bothered by it for the time being... i am in uni right now doing my third year in education and linguistics...what about u liz?:wink3:

  4. Zeya

    [IMG] :kiss:

  5. Oops dp.

  6. and i'm, well, farizah :P

  7. [IMG] Love you my French lover!

  8. Zeya

    [IMG] :kiss:

  9. haha u're doing medicine! it's an awesome course, but i guess i'm not up for it... u need to have passion for it..and i dont have that... but i do have a lot of respect towards people doing medicine because it's such a tough course to be doing! u must be working really hard!:) the course that i'm doing now is not that time-demanding..i'm more relaxed now than then..:P and perrine, if u dont have any problems going back on your own after the concert, maybe u really should just stay and wait for the boys...but then again i would not want to get your hopes too high because we can never be sure if they are coming out to meet the fans... but u have plenty of times to think about this.. and plenty of times to convince your friends to wait with u too :D:D so dont worry too much ;)

  10. hey there :) i saw u posted this in the chris' thread: [IMG] so i'm wondering if u have any other clear pictures of this show? chris is wearing my wristband and i'm dying to get more clear pictures of that...:D:D i've been looking everywhere and so far that is the best picture.. it would be wonderful if there's more of that..please? :kiss:

  11. hello there ;)

  12. Zeya

    I'm really stressed out right now to be honest. I'm supposed to hand in my assignment late tonight but I haven't finished it completely! Yet here I am...lol. How about you?

  13. I've got that during my Coldplay concert...I'm short so yeah...:dozey: Yeah I'm thankful that I've got amazing seat..At least I can pretty much enjoy the show though I did not get to jump around..

  14. It was normal I think :P Thing is that Christmas is not big in my country...so I just stayed home and went online...like always. Haha. Very not fruitful. Omg...have you finished doing all the stuffs you need to do especially packing? You must be so excited by now you're about to burst! At least I knoe I would if I were you :lol: And oh yes, UK and the Europe in general is a very interesting place to visit and live in for their culture, language, history and arts are of their own, very unique. You should make the most of your stay there (and I know you will anyway) :nice: Girl, first Apparatjik gig ever..what else would you ask in life, at least at this moment? I'm so happy for you :wink: About my scholarship, I was actually funded by the Malaysian government, so it makes sense that I should come back...lol Thing is that I was having the time of my life in Australia that I did't wanna go back..But I should and now that I'm here I'm adjusting myself. Very hardly actually, but better now :wink: I'm not a believer of a long distance relationship, especially when it is about to start. Plus we are not even sure when we are going to meet each other, so I wouldn't want to risk my feelings for something uncertain. I'll be crushed by the time it's over.. Anyway thanks for listening. You're a good friend Lizzyboo...:kiss: ps; I'm sending the photo to you right now..

  15. Hi Nancy..it's been a while since I've been on here and I just noticed your birthday message to me..that's so sweet of you..Thank you! You're the only one on here who still does that..seeing that I rarely come here anymore. You're just lovely :) How are things over there?

  16. [IMG] :kiss::hug:

  17. LOL! i always thought that that picture of guy is soooo bloody hot! glad u liked it...:D:D yeah..being a teacher sounds like fun.. i'm a people person so i love it! and besides language has always been my strength, so plus point for that! :D my subjects this semester are pretty hard too! i have few assignments to hand in this friday yet i'm on this site.. in case u havent noticed, i'm a pro procrastinator :lol: omgosh..you job is so cool! and i agree...london will be perfect for u...in fact any european countries will be a good place for you to look for jobs..europe is full of historic places! oh god how i wish i can do the same thing...

  18. Emily Haines wishing me for my birthday? Awesome!

  19. Hey there.. I saw the photos that you posted in Chris thread.. Which show are they from? Good photos btw ;)

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