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  1. My god, at least past videos had some sort of creativity to them. Instead we have partying and kissing couples. I GIVE UP... on this era, at least.


    Haha I feel the same about the partying and kissing. It feels like a cheap shot of making a video.

    By far their worst, at least for me.

  2. Weakest in most aspects, definitely. The only good thing that came out of the LP5 era was Moving To Mars, but that was not even in the album. VLV on the other hand, though my least favourite album before MX, has some pretty good songs to compensate the bad ones.


    That being said, it was still a listenable album as a whole. Just not what I would play over and over again in my playlist.


    edit: Sorry to interrupt whatever (offtopic :P)stuff you're talking about.

  3. I think that in the live version you realise even more how bad the "Para Para Paradise" bit is.

    It takes too much time before it goes on if you know what I mean.


    So yes, of course it's better live, but it can't "rescue" the song.


    Haha yes. As soon as the first 'para para paradise' comes in, I thought to myself..'gosh that part is really REALLY bad'. The live version really highlights all the bad things about the song. You can hear the lyrics more clearly, and every line makes me cringe even more. Though, I have to say, I like the first 30 seconds instumental part of the song.

  4. Chris Martin's knee-jerk reaction to criticism is basically 'Fuck off somewhere else then', that's not an admirable or humble quality.


    That's basically how the whole new sucky LP happened I presume. It's funny how when we need the whole band to listen to the criticisms towards their shitty new material they just shoved them off, but when they were once producing amazing stuffs they took every criticism they received to the bone.

  5. ^If they really cared about other people opinion they would rewrite A Rush Of Blood To The Head over and over again, everybody likes that album, critics, fans and people who don't know the band very well. These new songs are different, not safe territory for them. And I like the clothes, they fit with the songs, are not random choices.


    How can you not get it? What people have been saying is that they are trying to appeal to a BIGGER audience. Those who have not yet become their fans. Those are the majority that play major role in choosing which song will be on the billboard charts, mtv charts and the radio plays. Those who listen to Rihanna and One Republic. Those are the audience that some people in this thread are saying that Coldplay are aiming for.


    On a different note, I do agree that the hideous outfit, the horribly striking watches, the different coloured shoe laces a-la high school kids, and the stupid haircut fit perfectly to ETIAW and Paradise, but only because both the songs and the outfits are equally horrible.

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