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  1. Oh it kinda hard to get tired of this forum..it's too much fun to abandon it totally! :D plus, i get to know nice new people like u...;) yeah how amazing is LRLRL right???? omg it's sooo good! oh and i cried again listening to it today when i was in a bus...i just kept looking out the window so nobody can see me cry :P yeah it was embarrassing..haha oh and udo know that liz is on her way to her coldplay concert right? i envy her! she'll meet the boys in no time now...and soon it'll be yours! nd dont worry about the physical copy of LRLRL...i'll find ways to get one myself haha! oh yeah the wristband..the 15th may photos are so clear u can nearly read the 'closethegap' on it...i am sooo happy! ive saved all the photos :D:D:D

  2. oh Thalia...I know! i just saw it few minutes ago... I was jumping up and down and screaming!! lol. thanks for showing me anyway..it was sooo nice of u for still remembering :D

  3. oh liz...have a good time over there!!!! just dont get dizzy with all the Guy love that u'll get overthere!! send my kisses to my love chris! oh liz liz liz....I'M SOOOO EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR U!!!!!!

  4. Oh Perrine of course i read it! Just that sometimes i'm just too tired to type anything..most of the times i just scroll through the pages..lol. oh it's not that bad..i'm quite busy but it's still manageable..and there's nothing can stop me from listening to coldplay..especially after Leftrightleftrightleft came out... it brought tears to my eyes as i remembered all the good memories of the concerts that i went to! oh my, i miss the boys soooo much!! :cry: on a more fun note...yeay for your holiday! dont worry at all about your result..i think u'll be just fine ;) i'm excited about the second leg of the tour as well...finally new things to read about the boys!! and 50 daysssssss?????? ohmy...that's near now....i'm sooo happy for u!!:D:D are u getting the physical copy of LRLRL? if u are..u're so lucky! i've put my name in the thread that allows people to get the copy if someone is generous enough..hope i'll get one :\ and guess what? CHRIS IS STILL WEARING MY WRISTBAND!!! wooohooooooooooooo!!! haha.i was so excited i screamed and then realised that my roomate had friends over at our house and they can hear me from outside my room..that was a bit embarassing... but i dont really care cause i'm sooooo happy!!!!! :D:D:D:D

  5. hey perrine! it's been a while since i wrote to u..so how have u been? well i'm super busy right now.. i currently have to go to highschool in sydney every week to observe the classes..and then i have to organize a charity event in the uni..pretty hectic! so are u having your holiday already? u shud, from the sound of it u've worked very hard and u deserve some rest ;) so how's everything? are u ready for coldplay? how long is it before your coldplay concert? :)

  6. hey liz..it's been a while since i wrote to u.. forgive me :P anyway, what u did to the tshirt is amazing! i think guy will definitely betouched by what u've done for him :D hope that u will get to "touch" him too...LOL! and i dont think Kelly will get in your way..i've met that guy..he's cool..sort of! haha. so how long is it before your show? must be really near now..are u excited? nervous? happy? :wink3:

  7. hello there..how's the gorgeous shirt going on? still in one piece i hope? lol. hey liz..how are u over there? i'm having a bad flu right now.. but there's nothing to worry..i went to the doctor and it's a normal flu.. no symptoms of swine flu :D it's a bit scary though thinking that swine flu is aroung..scares me a little to go out..lol. haha guy's face on your boobs! what more can a GUY ask for right? :lol: if you want him to see it..then u should go to the right front of the standing pitt..haha.. if he still doesnt notice it..maybe u should just take it off and wave it up to let him see.. oh no wait, then he'll look at something else instead of the shirt! oh well, either way sounds good anyway :P:lol::lol:

  8. Haha of course i saw it..the minute i saw the picture..my eyes went straight away to his wrist...and to see my wristband on it..it was me being in heaven all over again! lol! and yeah..sure he doesnt take it off no matter what he was doing..:sneaky: :lol: anyway, sorry for this awfully late reply.. i'm having this bad flu now...an i went to the doctor few days ago.. she told me that it is just a normal flu...thank God for that! it is so scray with all these swine flu thing going around the world at the moment.. it's better just to go out when needed, other than that i'll just stay at home..i have coldplay to accompany me anyway..lol. so when is your holiday again? i bet u're waiting impatiently for your coldplay concert.. but dont worry..the slower it comes the better..because when it's over..u'll be wanting to go again and wish it's not over yet...haha. oh perrine..if only we can actually meet the guys..i will indeed introduce you to chris..(as if i'm sooo close to him :rolleyes: haha)

  9. oh it's the black coloured one..with white and green writing on it.. it's the nearest to his elbow..:D:D hahahaha.. and u know what? my friend said exactly the same thing! while he was with gwyneth..a part of me was there too! how cool is that? :lol: so how's your study going on? i bet you cant concentrate well because your coldplay concert is in two months time!! if only i can be there..we can rock together! haha oh well..maybe next time..:D but imagine the fun we'll have if we go together...:lol::lol:

  10. omg omg omg lizzzzzz it's perfect!!!!! it's sooo niceeeeeeee...i wish i have a tshirt with me and chris on it! wait - i should probably do that! LOL!!! so now u're perfectly ready for the concert! yeay for u! it would be wonderful to see guy's reaction seeing your shirt..would be awesome! hahaha and now u have nothing to be jealous to me about...u have an awesome shirt (infact, TWO awesome shirts!!:lol:) omg it's so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! i'm happy for u liz ;) oh u dont get holiday for easter in the US? we have like 2weeks break! and i dont really celebrate easter..i dont know very well about the day itself..let alone celebrating it :lol: but yeah i did went to the carnival they always have in the city during easter..it was good :) and have a good summer break! omg omg omg lizzy still cant stop looking at your shirt...it's wonderful!!!!!!

  11. omg perrine...today, again, i found out that chris is still wearing my wristband... it's in this picture: [IMG] omg...i dont believe it! i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!! omg omg omggggggg!! :D:D:D anyway, i thought when u said that u're gonna spend like crazy in 2 weeks u meant that your Coldplay concert is in two weeks? guess i misinterpreted..haha. yeah..this forum plays quite a major role in my life at the moment... cant live one day without opening it..haha :lol::lol:

  12. omg thank u thank u thank youuuuu Mich!! it's Mich right? :D

  13. hey there :) i saw u posted this in the chris' thread: [IMG] so i'm wondering if u have any other clear pictures of this show? chris is wearing my wristband and i'm dying to get more clear pictures of that...:D:D i've been looking everywhere and so far that is the best picture.. it would be wonderful if there's more of that..please? :kiss:

  14. yeah..hopefully... :D and no..i'm not australia..i'm malaysian.. i'm just doing my degree here and this is my final year in australia..

  15. oh venezuela...it is quite far away! well do come here..it is a very nice place.. i'm not an australian..and yet so far i'm enjoying my stay here..u should really come.. and yeah..the gig here was aweeeesooommmeeeeeeeeee i'm planning to come back to australia for the next tour..providing i have the money..haha.

  16. oh thanks :) i'm living in Australia atm wht about u?

  17. omg it's in two weeks! it's sooo near nowwwwww omg omg OMG!!!!! oh liz...please please please tell chris that i send my regards to him if u ever get the chance to meet him in person.. i miss chris, i miss all of the boys..i miss COLDPLAY!! :cry: anyway, u have fun okay? :lol: haha. yeah u're right..i should start saving up money for coldplay's next tour.. but maybe when my next allowance come in.. now i'm too broke to think about saving money for anything..haha. and thanks for the compliment on my avi :kiss: oh perrine..we're two unthankful girls! we shud learn to appreciate our eyes more :lol::lol: i'm now trying to not get distracted and start on my next assignment.. but yet again here i am..haha.

  18. well what is true? i dont really get what u're asking..sorry :P and oh, hi :D

  19. yeah but u know what? when i met chris and will for the first time with such close proximity, their hotness is not the first thing that came to mind.. it was more of the feelings of the person that i adore so much is standing in front of me..i was overwhelmed, i dont even know how i looked like..damn for ll i know chris might thought how weird i as my body movement, my gaze, everything was out of control..my eyes were just locked at them- of course, especially chris.. i had no idea what i did and everything... oh my, the feelings..i dont know if i can ever forget it! but of course, by the time i saw chris for the second and third time, i was more relaxed, so i enjoyed his beauty more, and started being more brave and made conversation with him...and i'm glad i did! :D and dont get me start about all our body contacts...:lol::lol: gosh liz..hope u'll be more relaxed if u get the chance to meet guy! haha. and yeah...the fact that will is kinda introverted doesnt really attract me to him..we rarely heard a story of him compared to chris, so i never really paid that much attention to him.. but when i met him..my perspective changed completely.. like i said..he was the most down to earth, soft spoken, friendly rockstar ever.. my friend who was there, who did not have a clue who will is (she was there because of me), even she was astonished by will's charm..and i kinda fell in love with him and all.. and then there's this time when guy smiled and nodded at me when i called him during the concert..gahhhh!!! are these guys trying to get me to fall in love with all of them? because it worked sooo well!!! haha i dont mind your facebook comments at all! in fact i kinda enjoy everyone's comment on facebook :D:D omg your first year is almost over? that's not fair!:angry::P:D haha.anyway, i'm having my two weeks easter break now..but uni starts next week..and i have an assignment due this monday..oh my......... wish i have this brilliant brain that can work for itself..everything will bcome sooo easy then haha.

  20. havent done much today..just lazing around.. how about u?

  21. hey liz..i'm glad that the tshirt turned out great! :D and i'm keeping your words of showing me the picture of it...i'll be waiting :D uh...i guess facing death of the people close to u is such a dreadful thought.. i'm hoping that it will not be soon for me.. cant imagine my life without the ones i love.. ok fine i wont be jealous of u anymore... ok maybe a bit..haha i just hope that u'll have the best time of your life during the concert.. it will be a big night that's for sure...:D oh and yeah..seems like chris have been doing sooo many things for me.. guess he loves me that much :wink3: so what have u been up to lately? i'm just enjoying my holiday while i can..but already i have to think about my assignment...*sigh

  22. haha...so your case is worse than mine..:lol: yeah...i agree..cant just sit and relax..there are always so many things to do! oh but i'm kinda enjoying my holiday right now..yesterday i went to the easter show.. i'm not sure if they have it in france.. but it's like a carnival and i had a good time the whole day :D too bad i'm tight with money now..if not i would just spend like crazy over there..:lol: oh perrine...dont say that to make me feel good..of course there are a lot of differences between the two pictures.. especially, like u said, the eyes! if only i have more beautiful eyes.. mine are just too small and dark..:( but i love the picture anyway..:P so what have u been up to lately perrine? getting ready for your coldplay experience? ;)

  23. well my assignment is a never ending story..:lol: at least not for this semester.. a new one will always come after the other..haha.. glad u're relaxing now..i think u need the rest..;) and yeah my avi..thanks.. i made this one down there as my wallpaper...cool ey? :D [IMG]

  24. i'm doing ok i guess.. having my easter break doing nothing at all.. hope u're fine too over there :D

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