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  1. omg how was the shirt? how was it HOW WAS IT tell meeeeeeee!!! oh two of Mr Berryman's tshirt? u're crazy if u're complaining.. i'll wear it everywhere if i have two chris' tshirts..i'll just bring one to sleep with me :sneaky: and another one i'll keep for the next concert i'll attend..haha. omg look at me..my next concert is not until their next tour and yet i've started planning for it..i'm a goner..haha. is it true about blue eyes? but i think my eyes are pretty weak themselves..and they're not even blue :rolleyes: i'm wearing contacts and glasses depending on my laziness..haha. i envy those people who have good eyesight..they do not have to go though the trouble of wearing glasses and contacts and spending unnecessary money for their eyes..i hate it. the last death that i faced was my aunt..and she was the closest aunt to me.. and i was so sad i cried for the whole week..and the next year when i went to visit her grave..i cried again so badly..everyone was calming me down.. and that was not even my parents..i can never understand how these people survive with such amount of pain.. oh liz...u're seeing coldplay...omg omg OMG!!!!!!! i'm excited all over again! and a bit jealous at the same time... a summer with coldplay will be perfect! and owh..i love my avi as well..LOL! i was bored just now and was browsing through Chris' photos..then i bumped into the one which i copied and i thought..'hey i think i can copy tht one...let's try it!' so i just used my notebook webcam and voila! haha. i'm quite happy with the result though i'm not using any professional camera.. oh and if u look really closely..there's like a scribble on the red stripe on my sleeve..that is chris' signature :P :lol::lol:

  2. thanks *look at tracylynn's comment down there* felicia!

  3. 10-12 hours of work?? :stunned: that's a lot...now i feel bad for complaining too much...my assignment is nothing compared to your work...huhu. besides, i have just handed in my assignment yesterday..so now i can be a bit more relaxed though there are more assignments to do.. oh yeah i still log in to this forum everyday..just browsing around the threads while doing my assignment..proprastinating..haha. and yeah i saw the picture from moses birthday..and i am quite sure that chris was wearing my bracelet though the photos are not so clear... i am soooo happy :D

  4. oh no! so now u have to look for another picture? that sucks... have u found the bigger version liz? hope everything will be ready before the show.. would really like Guy to see your tee...:) gosh liz...big blue eyes..that's all i need and my life would be fine! LOL! but yeah seriously...u are very lucky to have such beautiful eyes..if only i could just steal that from u..i would probably be on my way to the US right now just to geth them! haha. ok i'm joking...:P so now both of us have a reason to be jealous with each other..:lol: owh yeah my friends and i had a wonderful time hanging out together... but the day after she went back..she found out that her dad just passed away! it was sooo sad that i did not really know what to say..but i think she's better now..hopefully.. btw how are u liz? :)

  5. Zeya

    yeah...it was indeed a memorable night... hope u'll have your chance too one day.. happy easter to u too :D

  6. Zeya

    hello there (anyway whats your name?) i met him three times after the sydney shows.. he was sooooooo nice to me u have no idea... i talked to him..quite a lot i think compared to the others who were there...:lol: he told me he noticed my sign from the stage..and the next to days he told me that he was glad to see me again and all.. haha he's sooo gorgeous that the moment i saw him for the first time soo closely i screamed "oh my god!" it was unbelieveable...my heartbeat raced twice as fast as the normal rate... gosh i just dont know how to describe it.. felt like i was lifted up and my feet was not stepping on the ground..it was sooo wonderful.. ok, maybe i should stop now...:lol::lol: oh btw sorry for this awefully late reply...i was busy the whole week..

  7. hello perrine! are u on holiday too? or are you sort of like a holiday but have soooooo many work to do? LOL! i am on holiday and yet i have assignments to complete...oh soooo not the type of holiday i was looking forward to.. haha. gosh it's been a while since i logged on to this forum... lots of things to catch up! haha.

  8. hello cindy... that's liz's tshirt...u can ask her if u want to :)

  9. oh honey the tshirt is aweeeeesooommmeeeeeeeee!!!! have u got it? have u tried it on? come on show me a picture of u wearing it! :D:D oh guy will definitely feel happy to see how much u guys are a fan of him! i know he'll be willing to sign the tshirt if u get to see him.. and he certainly wont mind signing THAT part...:lol: love love LOVE the tshirt!!! yes yes yessss when we are both in London we will definitely stalk the boys together..that's a must!! u are sooo pretty liz...you've got pretty eyes!i'd kill to have eyes like that... mine are just dark brown and small..:cry: and on top of being extreemeeeeely jealous with your gorgeous eyes..i'm also jealous of your bracelets..they are too pretty! oh anyway again sorry for the late reply...my friend came from another state and she stayed in my place for few days... so it was quite a hectic week for me :)

  10. hello there... if i'm not mistaken...u were the guy who stood right next to me right? omg are u the one? and i'm watching the video right now...oh the memory! reply me fast! :D

  11. omg a tee for guy? that's awesome! which photo of guy are u putting on the tee? i would like to see that! and once u get the tshirt dont forget to show me :D:D oh i'm so happy for u! if u get the chance to meet guy, u should definitely ask him to sign the tshirt!! maybe a certain part of the tee while u're wearing it will be good :sneaky::sneaky: :lol::lol: oh so you're learning french? i heard french is very hard..so give yourself more time.. oh and that reminds me of chris speaking french...soooo sexy! yeah i have two semesters left... i dont really want to start working though...i'm a bit scared of the working life...i've never really worked in my entire life! oh liz please pray that i will go see u in london one day! that would be my entire life's dream comes true! oh touring europe together will be sooooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D:D:D oh anyway i read the past posts on 'chris martin's bracelet thread' and i just knew that you have bought the bracelets! must be nice! i really want the bracelets so badly but when converting the price to aus dollar it will be around $40++ and i dont have the money! :cry: but they are very pretty...hope i'll manage to get some when i have the money..

  12. oh perrine sorry for this late reply...for the last few days i was sooo busy.. i logged on to the forum and just see if there's new news about coldplay..then i did other things..my shcedule was pakced! but now..i'm on easter break for two weeks! :D:D how are u btw? yeah...everything coldplay related always makes me nervous and shaky...lol! even when viva la vida was released i went to the music store few times just to check if it's in already...gosh i can get high blood pressure for this one! (ok i'm not sure about that..can i actually get high blood pressure for stressing out about coldplay? since you're doing medic, i think i might ask u :P) oh let's just hope that both of us will be good at what we'll do in the future..u be a good doctor and i will be a cool teacher..at least. haha.

  13. Zeya

    hello there! thanks:) everytime i see that picture a really wide smile will appear on my face.. and it will becone twice as wide if someone mentioned it.. :lol:

  14. hello there.. just read your story of meeting the boys at the bakery... priceless! congrats to u! and both of u sounded nervous..it was actually quite funny!:lol: glad u had a great experience :D:D

  15. hello there i went offline for a while..but i'm back :D

  16. lol sure! no worries...i'm very flexible..haha.

  17. hello cindy!:D i'm not doing much today...have been working on my assignments for the last 2weeks, not i'm just sitting around doing nothing :lol: how about u?:wink3:

  18. yeah...though i'm a chris fan, i do think that picture is so damn hot! :lol: omg so have u planned the tour? how did it go?:wink3: gosh ur job really sounds sooo interesting! tell me all about it! and i procrastinate A LOT! if i have to do my assignment, i'll just write down one to two lines and i'll get back to facebook and this forum! it is sooooo bad.. oh i'm not that good at foreign language.. it's just that if u want to go far in my country, u really have to learn english.. and my parents taught me english since i was so small..glad i'm lucky to have my parents...:D i do get a lot of people telling me that i'm gonna be a good teacher...so i guess i'll just do my best :D i have one more year of being a student then i'm off to schools teaching...gosh one year is not really a long time! :thinking: i really hope i'll go to london one day..and i'll make sure that u take me to all the museums and be my tour guide... hm...having an american being my london tour guide...weird :thinking::thinking: :lol:

  19. no worries ;) have fun on your bday!

  20. hey emma.. just dropping by here to say hi :)

  21. hey there.. this is the first time i'm here *clicked your username accidentally* and noticed that it's your birthday today... so happy birthday! :D sorry for intruding your profile :P

  22. haha sometime we tend to just think too much about things that are gonna happen.. i did think too much...and i got excited sooo early...;) u know what? the morning coldplay tickets were released, i had an exam paper. my exam started at 9.20am, coldplay ticket sale started at 9am. It takes 20minutes for me to walk to the uni, so i planned everything for the ticket sale day. i went to the uni very early to use the computer in the library to actually purchase those tickets :lol::lol: but before the day, i still worry if the internet in the uni is slow and everything, so i got a friend that do not have exam on that say to get prepared at home just in case something went wrong in the uni... so practically, i went to the uni very early in the morning, but i also asked my friend to just be prepared at hom in case anything happens...and all my other friends think i was craaazyyyyyy :laugh3::laugh3: but turned out that everything was fine. as soon as i purchased the tickets, i went straight to the exam hall and do the exam... i controlled my excitement for two hours in the exam, and when i went out, i just couldnt keep it anymore, so i screamed soooo loudly!!!! hahahahaha. luckily not much people were around there...:P:lol::laugh3: well actually i am a bit of a worrier..i worry about a lot of things...and yeah obviously including what kind of teacher will i become.. but my lecturers and my teacher who used to teach me in high school told me that i will be a good teacher..my lecturer even told me that she can see me being a very good teacher...so that kind of relaxed me a bit.. hopefully what they say is true..:) and u know what? i always imagine how it is like for a doctor! it must be even harder...people depend their lives on the doctors! and there will be certain times when they fail to save people, and i just cant imagine being in their shoes at that time! but looking it at the bringht side. when u actually manage to cure sickness and bring happiness and new hope to your patients, that will be priceless. oh perrine, i know u'll be strong enough ;) ps; again, very long reply lol!

  23. hello there ;)

  24. tell me about it! i can even look at books these days... i'm having a pile of books for my assignments that are due this friday (yes, assignmentS...lots of them) and i'm already feel like puking...:angry: but yeah, i hope i'll enjoy my future job..i'm still having a mixed feeling...most of it being that i'm afraid that i'm not gonna be a good teacher..:confused: and afraid of being hated by the students..that will be a never ending nightmare... wel for now u're right...u cant really plan anything..all u have to do is just wait for it to come closer... the waiting part is the most painful...but exciting at the same time.. u must be thinking and imagining about things that will happen on that day.. i can imagine that...:D:D

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