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  1. LOL! i always thought that that picture of guy is soooo bloody hot! glad u liked it...:D:D yeah..being a teacher sounds like fun.. i'm a people person so i love it! and besides language has always been my strength, so plus point for that! :D my subjects this semester are pretty hard too! i have few assignments to hand in this friday yet i'm on this site.. in case u havent noticed, i'm a pro procrastinator :lol: omgosh..you job is so cool! and i agree...london will be perfect for u...in fact any european countries will be a good place for you to look for jobs..europe is full of historic places! oh god how i wish i can do the same thing...

  2. Well i started doing medicine because it thought that's what i wanted to do! my parents have always been supportive and always leave it to me to decide myself..and i thought i wanted to do medicine.. turned out that it's not! i cant really sit around all day reading all those academic books..they drive me craaaazyyyyyyy!!!! :lol::lol: and i'm gonna be an english teacher :D:D a secondary school teacher though...i'm not really good at handling small kids...i dont think they like me very much..haha. and about stressing out, i really get it.. i stressed out few months before the concert too..that was when i started planning for everything...:lol: and it paid off every single cent! and i'm loving coldplay more than ever now :D

  3. hello liz :) well coldplay guys are the nicest...and eventhough i've only met chris and will, i am sure they would not stick together with guy and jonny if they are assholes..:lol: so yeah, they are a bunch of nice blokes which happen to also be hot! hahaha..lucky us :D:D i'm going to be an english teacher when i graduated...the job's waiting for me now as i'm here studying under the government's scholarship...:D oh gosh, u're working in your college's art museum! how cool is that! i can imagine how nice to be doing your course...sounds fun! oh gosh, i would kill to study in UK..it's my dream place to study since i was very small..but i guess it's just not my fate..at least not for now... anyway, is it me or there's something really HOT coming up? [IMG] :lol::lol: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!!!!!! :kiss::kiss:

  4. haha u're doing medicine! it's an awesome course, but i guess i'm not up for it... u need to have passion for it..and i dont have that... but i do have a lot of respect towards people doing medicine because it's such a tough course to be doing! u must be working really hard!:) the course that i'm doing now is not that time-demanding..i'm more relaxed now than then..:P and perrine, if u dont have any problems going back on your own after the concert, maybe u really should just stay and wait for the boys...but then again i would not want to get your hopes too high because we can never be sure if they are coming out to meet the fans... but u have plenty of times to think about this.. and plenty of times to convince your friends to wait with u too :D:D so dont worry too much ;)

  5. i'm still amazed myself! being the biggest band, they can just drive through without bothering to say hi and drop by...but they did anyway... i mean, jonny and guy always went back early so i dont really know about them (i read nice stories about them though..) but will and chris are total sweethearts! they can be a total douchebag and still be the biggest band, but they choose to be the nicest guys on earth...i LOVE them so much for that..:kiss: yes u will definitely have so much fun and in no time u'll face coldplay withdrawal just like what i'm going through right now...:lol: same with u, i only have chris in my life! :lol: after meeting the guy of my dream, it's kinda hard for me to find a decent man..i guess chris set the bar too high! :D its been a while now since i've had a boyfriend...cant really be bothered by it for the time being... i am in uni right now doing my third year in education and linguistics...what about u liz?:wink3:

  6. Zeya

    hello there :)

  7. omgosh u're so young! i feel so old now..lol! anyway, find good excuses for your parents to let u go.. be nice, promise something back, anything! i'm sure u'll figure your ways out :D:D

  8. LOL! i love it when the gig's on weekdays...u dont really have to try that hard to get good spot! :lol::lol: oh and yeah...if u're going with other friends, i totally understand that.. i met a girl who stayed for a while after sydney concert, but had to go because her friends insisted on going back... the sad part was that chris came out 30minutes after they left! if only they stayed a bit longer.. luckily my friends were willing to stay with me till the end for my first and second nights.. and on the third night, i stayed with the people that i met during the first and second night! at first i had to go back because my friend wanted to go back, but luckily those new friends insisted that i stay! one of them offered to send me home...so i got to stay to meet chris for the last time.. i'm glad that i went for three shows..i met a LOT of wonderful people that i befriended with! and oh anyway, i'm studying education and linguistics..:D:D at first i did medicine for two months because i was offered scholarship for that one, but i got fed up! just when i thought i was stucked forever in that course, i got offered scholarship for this course! so now here i am in australia doing the course that i love! :D:D:D that was really lucky of me, because my family's not really rich, so if i'm not offered this course, i will be forever tortured with medicine! :P:P:lol::lol: how about u?:wink3: ps; sorry for this bloody long reply :P

  9. chris does look extremely yummy in that photo! i was so glad that that photo turned out to be nice.. and i do look happy dont i? :D i was so high up the sky it took me few hours to at least walk properly...u should see me right after chris left...i had to just sit for a while before walking to my friend's car..:lol::lol: that was the most special night out of the three nights that i met him :) gosh i miss him! anyway, moving on.. :P:lol: i do really hope that u'll enjoy the show regardless where u'll be in the venue.. ticket raffle's a bitch but i'm sure u'll have a really good night :D so u're turning 19! any plan for that special day? a date with a special someone perhaps...:wink3:

  10. chris IS tall! he's 6'1".. he told me that...lol!

  11. oh gosh....that's enormous :stunned:! in that case then yeah u shud be there early to be at the front! and of course u'll have a story to tell..u shud be more optimistic when it comes to coldplay :D:D anyway did u go to their show last year in france? my cousin did go, and he's not even a coldplay fan back then.. anddd he said it was fantastic! no surprise there..:smug:

  12. ask, and you shall receive :D [IMG] even IF they do raffle the tickets, i suggest u fight your way to the front! :D i would love to see that...:lol::lol: oh btw, i can see someone's birthday is coming up in few days time ;)

  13. well i'm doing my third year now, so i'll go back for good to malaysia end of this year.. if i'm not bound to any contract with the government, i would want to stay longer in australia..i LOVE it here.. once i go back, travelling will be much more expensive for me.. oh perrine, i am sooo excited for the shows that u're going! i know it's months away, but cant wait to listen to your story!! but yeah, the arena was not THAT big, it can fit only around 20 000people in it.. how big is yours?

  14. oh that sucks! why would they want to raffle the tickets? if that's the case then u have to depend solely on your luck!! hopefully u will get to the front no matter what will happen...true coldplay fans deserve the best spot peopleeeeeee!!!! :angry:

  15. oh gosh...if i have the money...i will just o to every single show that they have in this whole wide world...just because i can never get enough of coldplay! now when i read anyone's experience going to the recent show..i will feel really sad because my time has passed.. :( but since i am relying 100% on my scholarship (which is not much at all!!) i'll scratch that, or any trips to europe for that matter...:cry::cry: well even if u go to every concert...u are still unsure about whether u're getting one for yourself or not... on the other hand, if u come to sydney, u will be sure to touch the most valuable thing on earth since the mona lisa painting...LOL!! :lol::lol::lol: but yeah...u should come while i'm still here in australia..we will have heapsssss of fun!!:D:D

  16. dont u dare!!! :veryangry2::veryangry2: :P:lol::lol: haha. oh u dont have to do that...if u come i'll give u the permission to touch it for one milisecond...i'm not that mean u know..haha. it's just that i cant guarantee that u'll still be alive after touching it...:lol::lol::lol:

  17. haha sometimes u might think your dad's embarassing but other ppl think that it's funny! :lol: yeah...chris came to me and signed my life in technicolor ii vinyl and then he signed other people's stuffs..then he came back to me and said..'i'll sign that one too' and signed my board!! i was just startled for a while there! cool ay? :D:D i hope he loves me cause i sure as hell love him too! haha. i started queuing up at 7am and the gate opened at 6pm so that was 11hours! then i had to run to get to the front line at 7pm! haha. that was crazy...but fun :D:D i do understand why u're sooo excited about your sign! i dedicated my whole day to go buy the stuffs for my sign...i went all around the shopping centre to get the best material and price! oh the extent to which coldplay pushes u! haha. i think it doesnt matter whether u like chris or jonny or guy or will...everyone will like phil no matter what! he's like everyone's favourite! :lol::lol::lol:

  18. LOL! your dad must be funny! hahaha :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: my dada has never been like that when it comes to me and guys...he will always be quiet about it..not that i' complaining haha. i cant wait to see your sign...must be awesome! the more effort that u put, the more that it will be worth... i took a very long time to make mine since i was using crepe paper..it kept on being torn apart so i kept on having to repair it... but when chris told me that he liked my sign so much and offered to sign it for me..i knew that it was worth every sweat that i dropped (figuratively of course :lol:) and omgosh...a sign for phil as well?? that's soo nice!! i'll say go for it! both for phil and miller... there will be roadies filming the whole night so no matter what they will have an image of it! that would be wondeful :D:D gosh, i'm all excited for all of u :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:

  19. oh when chris starts speaking i wish he can just keep on talking without ever stopping! i will be like 'oh chris just say something..anything..just keep on going...uh....' hahahaha:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: well keeping in a box with alarm on? wow..that's actually a great idea! haha!

  20. hahahaha....well that's kinda true...but u have something to look forward to so i'm jealous of u because of that! the thoughts of not able to go see coldplay again for the next 2-3years really stresses me out u know...haha. i totally understand that u dont want your dad to see your 'possibly cheesy' board...my dad never knew about mine either :lol: i love 'lost! without coldplay', 'viva la guy', 'proud berrygirl' and 'i <3 GB' i love miller's one too but for the australian tour i only saw miller in the car...he did not go on stage which i dont get why..huhu. but anyway, u've got great ideas! so u're gonna do it two sided too? that's awesomeeeee!!!!:D:D

  21. omg liz!!!!!! that's good news!!!!!!:dance::dance::dance::dance: ok now i'm jealous a bit...:annoyed::P:lol: haha joke... I'M SOOOOO HAPPY FOR U!!!! finally a bigger chance to be close to guy!!! oh gosh...this is fate..u're gonna see guy and he'll at least smile back at u :guitarist:...how cool is thatttt????? :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: so...what r u planning to write on your sign? or is it confidential?:wink3:

  22. yeah i keep reminding myself that i have his bracelet! haha. just now my friend opened the box where i kept the bracelet and i actually freaked out! lol! i want to preserve his smell as much as i can! haha. anyway, referring to liz's comment...i LOVE chris accent too!! he's too sexy for words :dead::dead::dead::dead::dead::dead:

  23. thanks! yeah that was me holding up so proudly :P well u should keep on trying to get the best spot! like me, it was a tiring week for me as i had to be at the venue at 7am to make sure i'll be one of the firsts to be in the line..and it took me around 2hours to get there, plus i went back at 3am just to see chris so imagine the lack of sleep i faced..haha. but it was all worth it at the end...LOVE the whole experience.. wish i can go back and do it all over again.. i agree...u should try to be as near to guy as possible!!!! maybe plan everything and ask your friend to record it when it's time for u to say hi to him..so that u'll have the memory recorded...that would be total AWESOMENESS!!!!! oh yeah we should try to look for something catchy for your banner...something related to the songs would be cool..:wink3:

  24. omg u've got ur tickets!!!!!!!doesnt matter if u get the seats or pit, your place in the gig is now secured!!!! i'm so happy for u!! :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: anyway, here's the photo of my sign: [IMG]

  25. well true..i have so many good memories to recall :D but i just saw the photos from the auckland gig...i think he has stopped wearing my wristband... broke my heart a bit though i've expected this.. i know it's ridiculous to feel this way but cant help it.. :(

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