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  1. no i didnt! and i hate myself for not going.... he's sooooo crazy!!!!!! but then again that's why i love him soooo much! gwyneth is a lucky bitch.

  2. ahh well i want to be in the pit...so thats the standing section closest to stage and thats what im hoping for tom.! so yeah i hope they see my sign!!! it would make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!! ....and NO! why did they leave thats sad.....i would have told Chris to call them up and say, " Guy there is this nice young lady waiting here for u and she has a beer for you....u better come back and meet her " hahaha im sorry they left right away tho...thats too bad... are u a Jonny fan like Min...or do u love all the boys?? i love them all, but i think Guy has my yes getting the standing ticket will be the wisest choice..just make sure u're one of the earliest to come and u'll be at the front! i dont know why they left early...it is quite sad... i love all the boys too... but my heart goes to Chris!!!!!!!!!!! gosh no one knows how much i love him...

  3. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u'll get good seats! is the show all seated? i myself prefer to go to a standing show :D but i assure u, once u get the front seats...everything will be much easier for u! it's not that hard to get their attention when u're in front.. but when they were in sydney..guy and johnny always left right after the show..too early even for us to walk to the waiting spot..dont know why :(

  4. yea liz...you Guy is so nice! for a nano second there i melted! but i figured i cant be greedy and have to only choose one lol! my sign said 'coldplay rule australia' on one side and 'happy belated birthday chris' on the other side...(btw chris told me that he really likes my banner :D) u really should do a sign so that u can get their (especially guy's) attention! it worked for me so do it do it DO IT! :D :D :D :D

  5. oh your time will come eventually! dont worry... :D but because all of those happiest nights of my life..i feel so empty now that my life has gone back to normalcy...lol.

  6. hey thalia... why suddenly the curiosity? lol! but yea...thanks so much! i do feel lucky :D

  7. hey liz :D i dont mind people coming to my profile at all ;) and yeah, i met him and had the three best nights of my entire life...and that's not an exaggeration.. i'm still on cloud nine right now! argh! and i see that u're a fan of guy! he was also such a sweetheart! though i didnt meet him personally, there was one of the nights when i got the centre front spot..i shouted guy's name and waved at him... and guess what he did? he looked at me, smiled and nodded!! and he took his time to read my banner as well...and smiled again... soooooooooooooooooo niccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! if i'm not a fan of chris, i will definitely fall for him! :D :D :D

  8. u dont think u're pretty? gosh, this is what media do to all the beautiful ppl...makes them feel like they're not the way they are! but i meant what i say..u're pretty :D anyway, owh this is the reason why i dnt really tell the full story of me meeting chris and all the other things that happened...i realised the first time i did that i broke so many hearts! but dont stop hoping...because i dont ;)

  9. i've approved your request... and gosh perrine...u're so pretty!!!!! :D :D :D

  10. oh it IS my email for facebook... well let me have your email so that i can try adding you ;) and about the avi... actually we exchanged bracelet... i didnt want to torture anyone by telling it in any thread so i just kept quiet... but since u asked...yeah, i asked him if we can exchange bracelet, and he said ok, but he can only do that to me and no one else because he needs and wants to keep his bracelets.. the one i gave him is not really a bracelet..it was a wristband with green writing 'close the gap' on it which i wore whenever i go... and the thing that happened that nearly killed me was when he wore it the next day during the gig!!! it even appeared on the backdrop screen!!!!

  11. i dont think it will go off that easily.. it will take a while before i can actually step on the ground again.. but sadly it's all over now and it will be until the next 2-3years before i can be as happy as now.. even then i'm not sure if i can get as awesome an experience as what i just had...

  12. luckily i did! lol! still having the post-coldplay effect though! :D

  13. i went three times... i'm sooooooo lazy to upload photos now..haha. but u can add me on facebook..i've uploaded my photo with chris there.. it's [email protected] ;)

  14. hey do have a facebook? let's add each other... my email address is [email protected] and yea...i'm still somewhere in the sky...no gravity ;)

  15. hey..sorry for replying soooo late! i was busy being a coldplay fan :P well i'm from malaysia..ine day i hope i'll get to go to france :D owh and u know what? i met chris three times! wooohoooooooooooooo!!!

  16. hey christina... sorry for replying soooo late! i was so busy being a coldplay fan! LOL! and wanna hear something amazing? i met chris three times!!!!

  17. well australia's very nice..but i would love to go to france! heard so many wonderful things about your country :) and besides, i'm not originally from australia...will be spending another 9months before i go back to my country of origin :( and the saddest part is coldplay has never been to my country...probably never will! :( :(

  18. yup yup :D\ so what time is it now in france? which part of france are u from? i have a friend and a cousin studying there...and i'm so jealous with them!

  19. yes, i got just a little bit of time with chris! but i dnt really feel that, since chris treated them as a group, and me as an individual! lol! when chris were talking to me and all, he's totally mine :D

  20. well the girls were complaining about how coldplay didnt play few songs that they like...at first chris was listening..but when it was too much(they told chris it will be better if he plays the songs they've mentioned)...chris finally said 'well at least we did the best that we can..' i dont get how people can get all whiny when they're in front of chris...it's chris martin for fuck's sake!

  21. lol Perrine (that's your name right? i saw guysluvliz's comment down there) u'll get your chance too! and surely u will NOT act stupid like the other girls that were there when i met chris! gosh they were annoying...and chris was obviously annoyed with them too! his reply after that made me smile though... :D

  22. of course...just for u ;P but in return, when u meet them u have to promise to have fun for me :D

  23. i'm so excitedddddd!!! another coldplay gig to attend, wont be that close to the boys this time cause it's a seating ticket.. but will still have yet another magical night... cant waitttt!!

  24. hello christina :D

  25. oh PePe57, u dont know how awesome my feelings is at the moment! well, to describe it through simple words, 'now my feet wont touch the ground'!!!!!! anyway, thanks for telling me this ;)

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