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  1. Ah, thanks Emma :blush:

  2. Ah thanks Tracey!

  3. Anna! Thank you love. I don't know how you find out but it's so sweet of you. I'm good and I think you are too (considering your days of live good music never ends!) lol.

  4. Humble Emily is adorable :P

  5. Thanks :nice:

  6. Emily Haines wishing me for my birthday? Awesome!

  7. Yeah, a lot of people have left. Glad that some good people still stay posting. You have a good week yourself! :wink:

  8. Hello there Nancy. Hey I seldom see you around now. Are you now busy while I continue not having a life? :P Anyway, though I don't think I did anything much here, thank you for thinking of me. That was so sweet of you.

  9. Oh you better. I've not included names of anyone from thise board in my siggy yet this year so you're the first. Anyway tits aside, I do think you should win :nice: I don't promote things that I don't believe in, so I totally have faith in those tits of yours.

  10. Haha I love that picture too <3 Night to you over there! ;)

  11. I was in love with them separately before but it's nice to know that they are really close :nice: Or at least it seems like it.

  12. Wait, "This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." :(

  13. *playing it right now*

  14. Kirsten :nice::heart:

  15. Hello there Kirsten...Haven't heard from you in a very loooooonggggggggggggg while! How are you love?

  16. A lot actually...But one video was about him getting angry because he lost his bracelet or something.. People commented by saying the bracelets were made by his family member, that's why he's so pissed? But whatever it is, he's so adorable even when he's angry :wacky:

  17. Just to inform you that I'm watching Blur's interviews right now and I think Damon Albarn is HOT!

  18. Yeah I've heard that you met Chris! Details woman! Accidentally meeting two favourite frontmen on one day? You're hell of an optimistic person :P I'm downloading Blur's album right now and can't wait to give them a listen. Thing is there are a lot of pending downloaded music that I haven't listened to. I don't know how those people in the WOM section manage to listen to that much music. Of course, like I said I get why you feel that way. It's sort of the same for me to have to move back to Malaysia from Sydney. Home's great cause I feel more familiar here but Sydney was really an amazing city to live in. To be honest I haven't really fully-adjusted myself after six months coming back. I still miss a lot of things in Sydney and wished I can go back. And I can imagine London being even more fun so it's totally understandable. Oh yea I remember your plan of working somewhere in the UK. Hopefully that'll work out well and I can go there and maybe go to some gigs\. That'll be awesome :D

  19. Oh no it's okay. I've never really gave them a listen but now I have a reason to :P So did you meet him? What's him like? lol I do not have any obsessions these days..Just being neutral haha. I should find a new one. It's getting boring now with the holidays and all. You ungrateful bi...I mean, awww I'm sorry to hear that! :P lol But yeah, I get it. London must be bloody awesome! I know the feeling to go to a place that you really like but then you have to go back to where you belong, which is not as awesome. Shitty as hell. Hope you're okay though :nice:

  20. Aww my sweet Lizzyberry..I was just messing around with you :hugs: How are you darling? i see you fangasm over Damon Albarn and the rest of the Blur boys a LOT these days.. :D

  21. Oops dp.

  22. Hey you. I remembered reading through your blog once when you put the link in your sig but now it was gone. I really enjoyed reading it so I was wondering if you don't mind, can you give me the link once again? :nice: ps; hope you're well :wink:

  23. Hey Anna..I'm back online :D Maybe just for a week then I'm back to my previous hectic routine.. So how was work at the party? Hopefully it wasn't that stressful for you..Maybe the pay made up for everything? :P I've heard of Air before but never really had a listen to their songs... Maybe I should.. It seems like you're always on the go for gigs..What an awesome life you have going on! :D

  24. Oh Anna...that is o nice of you to ask! I am doing fine here, just too busy with a LOT of things! Plus I don't have internet access that frequently so that's why! Thank you for asking my dear :kiss: How are you yourself hun? :hug:

  25. Kirsten Kirsten Kirsten.... Thank you sooo much for being such a lovely friend for the past year.. Looking forward to more of our friendship this year..Happy new year to you too Love :kiss:

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