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  1. It was normal I think :P Thing is that Christmas is not big in my country...so I just stayed home and went online...like always. Haha. Very not fruitful. Omg...have you finished doing all the stuffs you need to do especially packing? You must be so excited by now you're about to burst! At least I knoe I would if I were you :lol: And oh yes, UK and the Europe in general is a very interesting place to visit and live in for their culture, language, history and arts are of their own, very unique. You should make the most of your stay there (and I know you will anyway) :nice: Girl, first Apparatjik gig ever..what else would you ask in life, at least at this moment? I'm so happy for you :wink: About my scholarship, I was actually funded by the Malaysian government, so it makes sense that I should come back...lol Thing is that I was having the time of my life in Australia that I did't wanna go back..But I should and now that I'm here I'm adjusting myself. Very hardly actually, but better now :wink: I'm not a believer of a long distance relationship, especially when it is about to start. Plus we are not even sure when we are going to meet each other, so I wouldn't want to risk my feelings for something uncertain. I'll be crushed by the time it's over.. Anyway thanks for listening. You're a good friend Lizzyboo...:kiss: ps; I'm sending the photo to you right now..

  2. Thank you Nancy..Same goes to you :nice:

  3. And I'm not even a loyal Gwyneth fan.. I've seen those photos before, but never expected anyone from the board to even have the heart to post it here. Usually it's people who are obsessed with Chris Martin are the ones whom always looking for Gwyneth's flaws to prove how she doesn't deserve him. But this time that poster has taken it a tad too far. It's pathetic really.

  4. I knew you were going to UK, but I wasn't sure exactly where.. Turned out it's freaking LONDON! How luckier can you be! All the amazing gigs will be happening there and you'll get the chance to experience all of them...AHHHHHH!! And yes I'll surely stalk you. I have nothing better to do anyway...I mean, besides college :P I know! It has suddenly disappeared! It was a really good thread, kudos to Briggins. And finally getting to attend Apparatjik's show...You're a lucky bitch! :P Oh well like I once told you, I went to Australia with scholarship given by the government. So I have to go back when they tell me to :disappointed: And yes, there was this guy whom I liked very much. He used to be my flatmate for a while when I first moved in the house because his girlfriend went back to Peru (he's Spanish btw). Then we got really close. He's the nicest and the smartest guy I've ever met and eventually I sorta fell for him. But I knew he already has a girlfriend so it's kinda impossible for anything to happen. Then his girlfriend moved back in and they stayed together for a while. The girlfriend never really liked him that much. She told me that she has another boyfriend back in Peru. I always heard them fighting in the house so the guy spent time more with me than he did with his girlfriend. The way he treated me gave my friends the impression that he liked me too. He has always been charming and close to me. But then one day his girlfriend got kinda tired of him always being around and asked him to move out. I was so devastated cause I knew things wouldn't be the same anymore. We wouldn't get to spend time together like we used to. After a while he suddenly broke it off with the Peruvian girl. We went out one day and he confessed that he liked me too. But it was already too late cause I was already preparing myself to go back. It wouldn't have lasted anyway so I decided to just let him go. If only it can happen sooner than that.. I can show you a photo of us if you'd like to see it..

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    Presents! They must be awesome! I'm jealous :P Have fun Lore :D

  7. [IMG] Have fun my American lover! :kiss:

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  10. [IMG] Love you my French lover!

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  12. Thank you Anna love! [IMG]

  13. Thank you Cindy dear! :kiss: [IMG]

  14. You too Angie! [IMG]

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