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  1. Awww that is so sweet of you! :kiss: [IMG]

  2. OMG you're going already???? NOOOOOO!!!!! :bigcry::bigcry: So where are you going exactly my dear? And why do you have to wait until April? This is all so drastic :angry::cry: Anyway, going back to our discussion about your list of albums, I can't quite remember your list actually. I tried to look for the thread but couldn't find it...Can you direct me back to it? It was an awesome thread, introducing me to a number of bands that I've never listened before. Yeah I've just moved back to my country. It was all hectic over here. And not to mention the weather...it's HOT! I'm finding it hard to cope with all these changes..:shame: Plus, I left someone that I like very much back in Australia :cry: I guess I just have to accept the fact that it's not meant to be.. And now you're telling me that you're leaving for few months? How can you do this to meeeee :bigcry: :P I'm kidding. I'm so happy for you! I'm sure it'll be awesome! You must be really excited :D

  3. Lizzy baby.. I'm sorry but I'm currently quite busy! I promise to write you back whenever I can.. Love you awesome gorgeous! :kiss:

  4. Hey Christina.. I'm just wondering, where is the photo in your siggy come from? Thanks :)

  5. Well my government booked a business class ticket for me so the limit was supposed to be 30kg.. However since I'm a student they usually cut us some slacks.. But when I reached the airport I found out that the limit was actually 40kg! I was so devastated! If only I knew that earlier I would have stuffed my luggage even more! I love the things that I threw out :( And now I'm missing Sydney and Australia miserably already! *sigh* Ahh what job are you doing if I may ask? Haha coldplayers really spend A LOT of money for concerts :lol: Oh and why aren't you feeling Christmas-y this year? You sound unhappy :hug:

  6. Hi Anna :hug: I'm doing fine here...I can't decide if I like to be back yet actually. Everything's mixed up. I brought back a lot of things, but I've thrown out more since my luggage was already 33kg :( But one thing for sure, I borught back all of my Coldplay stuffs :lol: It is very nice for you to ask me :hug::kiss: How are you yourself my dear? Hope you're doing fine over there :nice:

  7. Haha I haven't been really active on the board until after I attended the Coldplay's Sydney shows. It's fun to be here. There are so many kinds of people that it's just like the real world. Only without the pressure and headaches. Haha. That's pretty amazing. I don't think I'll ever make that many posts ever. It takes a lot of effort. Haha. Well Malaysia's hot. Like summer hot. Only that it's all year cause it's a tropical country. It's quite a wonderful country to live in, but the political system is the worst. The government is is so corrupted that we're maybe about 20-30years behind of other developing countries. Corruption's a part of your every day life cause everyone's doing it. It's horrible. But I think that that's the case with many other developing countries. Only we're a bit worse. Anyway I'll stop my annoying rant now. Haha. Yeah having a vacation is nice. I've had only once since last year and it was wonderful. Mainly because I went with friends :nice:

  8. Hey Liz...I just saw your list for albums of the year and I have to say, what an impressive list! I haven't even heard some of them, but the ones I have are actually the good ones :D

  9. Aww it's okay. You're the most famous person on the board after Ian I believe. Haha. Oh I've mentioned this in your thread but I'm just gonna repeat this one more time, I've just noticed your VIP status. Is it because of your post count? Anyway, I'm originally from Malaysia. So I'm going back there to finish my fourth year in Uni and start on my pracs. It's quite bad over there in my college compared to what I'm getting now. But the good thing is that I will be living in the capital city so that makes it better. Haha. Are you going anywhere for holiday?

  10. Aww I hope you'll have a more awesome one this year. I think one of the reasons that it was so wonderful for me is because it's my last year in Australia. It's a bittersweet feelings actually. Haha glad that school has ended for you. I drag the thought of having to start again next year.

  11. Well I've got lots of presents, everyone remembered that it was my birthday, I've got lots and lots of birthday cards, my friends threw me a surprise birthday party, and I'm surrounded with wonderful people :nice: I am never a big on birthdays before, so it was kinda fun :D Thanks for asking btw. How are you my dear Cresty?

  12. It was really amazing :nice:

  13. Thank you lovely Cindy :kiss: And it actually was :nice:

  14. Zeya

    Thankssss :hug:

  15. Oh thank you. I'm always a fan of colourful stuffs :D

  16. Thank you raphaele! :nice:

  17. Oh please don't apologise.. It means a lot to me that you even wish me :nice: Thank you Anna. You are always the most friendly person on the board :hug::kiss: ps; Oh Chris...:rolleyes:

  18. Zeya

    Thank you. That's so sweet of you :hug:

  19. Thank you Kirsten :wink::kiss:

  20. Thanks Nicole ;)

  21. It definitely is the highlight of my day! :D I've posted them all in the Secret Santa thread and Show Off thread. Hope you dont mind :D

  22. Chaaaaa!!!!!! I've received your card from faraway (more like parcel from faraway!) OMG the things that you've sent me...They are absolutely stunning! When I saw the package in my mailbox, I was already overwhelmed with the size of the envelope. I saw your name on it and thought of you straight away! Then when I opened it (carefully with scissors actually because I love the butterflies on the envelope!) I took a look in it. I took out everything from the envelope and I was so speechless that my face went literally :shocked3: for around 5 minutes. While I was looking through all the things you've sent me, all I could think about was how talented you are and the huge effort that you've put in! The keyrings, the many many MANY butterflies, the letter (adorable handwriting btw!), the card, your cute drawings, the laminated butterflies in the card, and yes, oh YES, the Chris lamp!! I don't know if I can do anything at all to repay all of these... Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu!!!!!! :hug::hug::kiss::kiss:

  23. Oh wow thank you! It's so nice of you to give me all these details.. I'm thinking of buying a camera but maybe later..I'm saving up for that actually :D Oh and I'm fine..Thank you for asking :nice:

  24. Hi hun... I'm good over her..I've just finished uni! Yesterday was my last day at uni..ever. It's really sad actually ;( In December I will be going back to my country fro good. I don't know whether to feel sad or happy. I miss home of course, but I've fallen in love with Australia. Maybe I'll come back here one day. How about yo my dear..Is everything fine with you over there? :nice:

  25. Perrine your diplay photo is gorgeous! :D

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