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  1. Zeya

    Nah..I'm a Malaysian. I'm studying here but I'm going back this December..for good. Though I think I might come back to Australia some day..I love it here.

  2. Zeya

    That's awesome...cause I am too :nice:

  3. Zeya

    Hello Rugina :D Oh btw correct me if I'm wrong but I think I've read it the board that you're a Muslim?

  4. Zeya

    It is! I guess it's a bliss in disguise :P Anyway, I'm Farizah. You can call me Zeya anyway but I feel that it's good to introduce my real name..:D So do I just call you reg?

  5. Zeya

    I'm really stressed out right now to be honest. I'm supposed to hand in my assignment late tonight but I haven't finished it completely! Yet here I am...lol. How about you?

  6. Yup that's the one :D

  7. So you do still have it with you, it's just not showing up on your siggy? It sucks though..I would totally vote for you for best siggy if you were to campaign for it. The only reason I didn't is because I totally forgot about it.

  8. WTF? What do you mean the internet lost it? What a shame. It was a really awesome one..

  9. Of course I will my dear. You're too irresistible to not be friend with :nice: Spring is beautiful. But it's getting warmer bit by bit here. I don't know if I like it :undecided: How's autumn for you?

  10. Hello there Nancy. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, yopu'll find that there are descriptions of what those squared things are. I hope this helps.

  11. Zeya

    Thanks :D Cheers mate.

  12. Zeya

    Hey Chris.. If you don't mind can I have these two photos in HQ please? :D [IMG] [IMG]

  13. Ahhh I love your new siggy Thalia.. Guess why.. :P

  14. Zeya

    Ahh you've gone to quite a number of shows..That's wonderful enough ;) I can't imagine living in the countries which makes it hard to see them live. It's actually quite sad.. Anyway, if you wanna have a look at my photos, you can add me on facebook.. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/farfaraway?ref=profile

  15. Hello Perrine..How are you love? I'm currently on my two weeks break but guess what? I have assignments to do so it's not really gonna be a holiday for me :disappointed: How have your days been so far? I saw your photos on facebook and here of your days in London..They looked awesome! I particularly love the photo of the coldplaying picnic in which your wore a dress (purple if I'm not mistaken) and you look so lovely :nice: I'm always jealous of pretty people like you.. So did you bring any banners for Wembley? How did your trip in London go overall? I know you had fun, but it will be nicer to know the details :D

  16. Zeya

    Thank you :wink: It was so truly wonderful that I hope that one day you'll get the chance too.. Have you been to their show before?

  17. Zeya

    That's pretty much it I guess.. I was so surprised with how easy everything was. When I did not have a transport to go back if I wait for Chris, someone offered me a ride home. When I wasn't sure if the boys are going through the loading dock, an army guy came to me and confirmed it. When I thought I would not get to the first line, someone pulled me to the front and secured a spot for me. And all of these people are strangers. I don't know how I got that lucky. I know there are some of the fans who have been a fan much longer than I have but still don't even get the chance to meet any of them. I attended the shows hoping to enjoy them and nothing more. But to get Chris to recognise me, to offer me his signature, to give me his bracelet, to even talk to me and to hug me was beyond my imagination. I think the Coldplay karma was with me all the time :nice:

  18. Zeya

    It really was :D I don't want to sound delusional but I felt special during the Sydney show because Chris acknowledged my presence for all the three shows. He even threw his guitar pick to me once but being the short person that I am, someone managed to grab it first.. Haha I'm sorry for telling you more than you've asked me to. Everytime someone asked me to tell the story I will be so happy. All the wonderful things that happened bring out the happiness in me :D

  19. Zeya

    Actually I didn't send it to him, I exchanged my wristband with his bracelet when I met him in March :nice: I've written the whole story here. That review is so long, so you can just go to the fifth paragraph from the bottom :wink:

  20. Hi I'm good. And you?

  21. Zeya

    Australians always get the dead board. And just when we are deep in our sleep everyone else will start rocking the forum. In the end we will be missing all the interesting bits. It's quite sad really. So what time is it over there in Israel?

  22. Zeya

    Hey you can play piano..That's awesome. I'm sadly musically illiterate. I've never learned to play any musical instrument before, so I'm twice as bored as you are :P Besides the board are usually very quiet this time of th day. Most of the users come from the US and Europe, so I guess this is still quite early for them..

  23. You're being mean to me now..Is this some kind of punishment? :bigcry: :P Anyway, my uni life this semester is much better than the last one. But I still have few assignments to do and tests to study for. In fact I'm doing one right now (while procrastinating obviously :P). Seems like we're having better time this semester..Yeay to both of us! So you're working in a hospital? How's that going? Are you having fun there? Ahhhh being exactly in front of Chris is amazing isn't it? I still remember how he pointed the mic exactly towards me, that was heaven (although he may not be pointing at me specifically but to the audience more generally, he did pointed it straight to my direction, I felt like he was judging me so I had to do my best singing :P) Having banners is always the best way to attract the boys' attention..So I will never go to a Coldplay concert without one after this. Getting their attention makes me feel special from the rest of the crowd :D

  24. Zeya

    Hey there :) Oh well I'm actually always surrounded with friends. It's just that somehow I feel a bit lonely because I'm a bit different from the rest of my friends. We are into different stuffs and have different opinions on things. And since I'm the minority, I feel that I always have to keep things to myself which is making me a bit crazy. Besides they're a sensitive bunch, so disagreements are always seen as being volatile. Ok I'm ranting now. I should stop :P Thanks for asking btw. How's it going over there? :nice:

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