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  1. I know! Forgive me Perrine for I have forgotten to reply you :shame: I'll try and be more thoughtful in my future messages :D Anyway, I'm fine here :nice: Uni has started and everything is normal. Nothing much's going on in my life right now. How about your study? I know! I've read Miller's blog and I must say...You guys are crazily amazing! I heard you've made to the front row again this time..That must be awesome! So how was it actually? Was it better than your first one? I'm not sure if you've written a review for it have you? Oh and I saw you've replid to Liz's nomination thread for Biggest Guy Fan.. She should really win that award right? I mean, I've never met a Guy fan who's more crazy than Liz (Liz hun if you ever read this I meant it in a very good way :D). Hopefully our friend will win this.

  2. The good thing is that most of the people here knows that you're a huge fan of Guy. It's good that you got all the hype from your review for the past shows you attended. From then on you have always been associated with your craze for Guy :lol: Oh well..This is my only chance of winning anything to be honest. Next year would be a busy year for me and I won't get to be on here as much as I am now. So we'll see. Even if I don't win, I found out now that there are few souls that are willing to vote for me :nice::kiss:

  3. Hey Perrine..How are you hun? I figured that we haven't talked for a while, so I just came by here to say hi :D How's everything with you?:nice:

  4. Well I always feel that voting for who's the biggest which member's fan is unfair anyway. I would like to think I'm the biggest Chris' fan, I will never ever get the chance to win the award so I don't even bother to run for it. And you're right, the noobs are really annoying..I was never bothered about their presence until now. Too immature IMO. And thanks for supporting me and replying my voting thread...I thought no one really cares to support me at first to be honest.. :lol:

  5. Oh thanks..I did it just because I really believe so. I was with her in the Sydney shows and I know how disappointed she was for not getting to meet Jonny eventhough she waited every single night until 4am when she has another show the next day. And good luck with your nomination as well..You clearly deserve it. I think many people will vote for you, simply because you are distinctive when it comes to Guy fans :D I however, don't think that I have any chance of winning at all :P Anyway how are you Liz? You are keeping it low nowadays.. Busy?

  6. That's so sweet of you Anita :nice: I hope you've had a great birthday.. So you're now 16? It's gonna be a good year ahead :D

  7. No worries at all... Although I didn't find the one you wanted :shame:

  8. I'm good today..

  9. No worries.. And my twitter profile is http://twitter.com/farizah ;)

  10. It's here http://twitter.com/moonietunes ;)

  11. You know what...I feel bad for making you worry bout all this.. Just take as long time as you need..I have plenty of other interviews to listen to.. Sorry about that and have a good time over there! :D

  12. Hi Anna...I've checked this link that you've given on the multimedia section to look for the xfm residency that the boys did in 2008. But unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore. Do you know any other way/thread to download the first one since I've already had the others? Oh and I'd love to have the full version with the songs :D Oh and I think you're in your Coldplay show right now so I'm hoping you're having a great time!!! :kiss:

  13. Hey there I've just visited your flickr.. And man you're really amazing!! How did you become so good at photography?

  14. Oh Thalia..I saw your short cartoon on the berryman thread...and I LOVE it! It's brilliant...:lol::lol::lol:

  15. It works...So thank you :kiss::D

  16. Hey there...You're Marisa right? I saw the screencaps of stripped that you've posted on Chris thread.. Can you tell me where they're from? And do you have the link for the video? Thanks :)

  17. That's so sweet of you Anna... Thank you very much :kiss:

  18. Hey there.. Just wanna say that I love your siggy... Actually I love Patrick Watson hence loving your siggy... :P

  19. Oh my...that's a bummer! Hopefully if you win the tickets you'll figure something out... You best friend's wedding is really a big thing to be missed! Anyway out of curiosity, if you win the comp, do they provide you flight tickets as well? Yeah our winter is coming to an end now...Can't wait for spring! It will be truly beutiful :D You're lucky you have a job..I'm struggl;ing to get one but I hope I can work it out :D Yeah the show was ahmaaaaaaaaazing! :D The tickets were all standing tickets, so no such thing as good or bad tickets haha! And guess what? I was first in line! Haha. And front row baby! I wasnt really at the centre of the stage because I dont really enjoy being squashed unless it is a Coldplay show :P And while Jet was playing, Nick Cester kept on looking at me and my friend's direction which was a bit embarrassing on my side because I don't really know the lyrics for some of the songs..:lol::shame: And while I was waiting for them to come out, I was telling myself why can't I be at a Coldplay concert again? I shed a tear and my friend saw it...Huhu. I miss the boys :( Oh yeah Reckoner is really a good song! Although for me In Rainbows is not as good as their other albums I still find the songs brilliant! I always wonder what's going through Thom's mind when he writes all the songs... Oh I havent listened to Muse for a long time! I've accidentally deleted their whole folder on my laptop and now I just got back all the songs..Will start listening to them right away :D Haha I figured! You really cant make a pick into a setlist! LOL Oh and speaking of guitar pick, I've got one from the Jet show... Haha..

  20. Haha you're right when it's the peak time I can hardly catch up with everything...LOL.. Anyway I'm heading to bed now..Nice talking to you ;)

  21. Yeah I always get the dead forum.. It's really early in the morning (at 5 to 8am) when the forum gets busy..It sucks.

  22. Haha I dont mind having different timezones..I just wish I'm in the right one...lol

  23. What cd did you order? It's a wonderful feeling to have ordered something and know that it has finally arrived.. Yeah timezone really sucks...Especially when your favourite band is from one side of the world and you're from the other..

  24. While you just got up, I'm about to go to bed...LOL. The time difference is amazing...What's your plan for today?

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