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  1. Oh Liz do NOT apologize! If anyone needing to apologise that will be me for ignoring your previous message! And yes, annoy me more because I love it! :lol: OMG tomorrow??? Oh gosh you lucky girl! Are you planning to get Guy's boxer this time? Haha! And I think someone's gonna do the flirting all over again with Guy...I can feel the heat already! :lol::lol: So are you bringing your previous banner, or are you making a new one? Anyway, yeah Chris is hyper! I wonder how I managed to keep up with him too... Must be all the training for being with him for years :lol: Why do you think Gwyneth suddenly get so fit! (oh yes Gwynnie and I are in good terms) :P Please send my regards to him, tell him I miss him so much already! :D You have a good time there ok! (I know you will, just stating the obvious) I'll be waiting for you!!! :hug:

  2. Hello dear Perrine :D Havent written to you for quite a while.. How are you? I'm guessing you're doing great judging by the amount of posts you've posted in this forum lately...:P So, how long is it from your Coldplay concert? You must be damn excited now it's so near!!:D:D:D

  3. Hey Liz! I was looking at my profile and wondered why you haven't written to me for a long time... Then i realised that I was the one who haven't replid yours! I'm so sorry for that...:embarassed: Anyway, how are you? Still having coldplay withdrawal? I'm guessing you still are! LOL! I've looked at your photos from the gig..they're lovely.. and as I expected...80% (or maybe 90? I'm not so sure :P) are Guy's photos! Haha!! If I'm not mistaken, you have another Coldplay show to look forward to right? I wish I'm you right now!

  4. Oohh....Thank you so much!! I was worried that I wont get any so I figured that I need to be more "aggressive" in looking for one myself (yeah that was me being aggressive..lol) Thank you once again :kiss:

  5. Hey there Cindy...:) I was looking through the LRLRL exchange thread and I noticed that you'll have a spare with you.. I'm wondering if it's still available? I noticed that you're very friendly so figured that I'll ask you.. And I'll be more than happy to pay the shipping cost ;)

  6. really? well give me your facebook name..i'll try adding you instead ;)

  7. and i'm, well, farizah :P

  8. oh i never clicked that before...haha there you go, i learn a new thing today! :P

  9. oh i'm just here for for two years to attend uni... and this is my second here... where about in australia are u planning to visit? :)

  10. it's wonderful here...you should come and experience it yourself.. unfortunately my time here is coming to an end :(

  11. omg yes...how do you know?

  12. LOL! good day! :nice: how are you? at first i was like..'what is this girl talking about?' and then i saw my avatar.... haha talking about sloww....:P

  13. it's good over here ;) how are you?

  14. oh i have photographic memory as well..but just not as good as yours! and the only person who should thank sombody is me to you! you've always have this answers to my questions and for that love, i thank you :D oohhhh...a classical concert! havent attended one for ages now, i guess i just dont get the chance anymore... and i always have this respect for people who are good at playing violins.. it seems like the kind of instrument that you really have to have the passion to learn to play..:thinking: i dont know, maybe it's just me who's clearly musically quite illiterate :lol:

  15. omg you're incredible! thank you so much and have a lovely weekend! btw, how did u manage to remember everything? it's so amazing how you always know where things are! (you can answer this the next time you online :P)

  16. hey anna.. do u happen to know which interview does this come from? : [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI2eGlATY2I"]YouTube - Mission Possible Chris Martin Interview[/ame] i've watched it before but forgot which was the right one.. you're always showing the right direction that i figured that i may as well just ask you rather than having a new thread just for this...:P

  17. hey that's good..so are you going?

  18. hey there..i'm good :)

  19. omg now i'm feeling excited for u too! lol! but yeah..i'll keep your promise of bringing back chris' photos for me! and look out for the black wristband on his wrist for me too!:D with whom are u going with? hopefully with someone who loves coldplay as much as u do :D

  20. omg omg u must be excited by now! are u planning to do anything special? or just getting ready to have the best night of your life? bring back a lot of photos will you! ;)

  21. yeah one of my friends said that this forum is the fastest moving forum ever! lol. chris once said that he wants coldplay's music to unite people all around the world, and i think he has succeeded in doing so ;) lol! i was so afraid that my friend suddenly called me and i have to look at her.. but if that happend then i planned to ust ignire and pretend that my ipod is loud that i dont hear her calling me! lol. yeah it's heard to control it, especially when the images of me at the coldplay concert and with chris keeps on flashing inside of my head when i listen to LRLRL.. and finally liz is back and she did bring a hell lot of photos and amazing experience as well! i'm so happy for her...cant wait to see her photos of chris (though i dont think she has that much of it since she was busy concentrating on guy all the time..lol! and if chris does wear it during your show, i dont know what to say..it will be a dream comes true! :D:D:D

  22. hey liz! welcome back...i'm sure u're still excited from all those coldplay intake! lol. glad that u've enjoyed yourself..i've read all the stories that u've told in the threads so far... it's soo wonderful! i told u over and over again that u'll have a hell lot of fun didnt i? glad that i was right :D u have some rest, and come back for the full coverage of everything! cant wait!

  23. hey christina havent talked to u for a while now... so your show's 1day away i see... have the best time of your life tomorrow!!

  24. and Chris wearing my wristband for the second leg of Coldplay tour is burnt in mine! LOL :lol:

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