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  1. I think it may mean temporary why?

  2. Now lets get Khloe Over here

  3. Your Very Welcome!

  4. Just been going to college! And chilling out!

  5. I am doing very very good! How are you doing?

  6. Just stopping by to say hi! Hope your doing well:)

  7. just stopping by to say hi! Hope your well:)

  8. Hi! Just stopping by to say hello! Hope you have a great Easter!

  9. Exactly! I agree! Does not really matter how or what way the soundtrack is put on the radio! The movie was great!

  10. Thanks for taking my side on the thread! I am a full supporter of the Dolls! They did a wonderful job with the song!

  11. sure is Chris in my icon:)

  12. ok! I sure will tell/show how things look on myspace when it is done:) Thanks!

  13. Which signatures are taken? May i use these on Myspace and on my personal email?

  14. These are amazing! You did a perfect job! Can I use these signatures?

  15. Thank You for seeking out the interviews! The Signature link you provided is broke

  16. Wow! Sounds very interesting! Sounds like a difficult job

  17. Yes! Please! I would love to listen/watch! Thanks

  18. Sounds good! Are you a teacher?

  19. No! I did not see the new interviews yet:( Is there a thread for them?

  20. Doing Preety Good! How are you doing? Hope your Sunday is going well!

  21. I hope you have a wonderful night! Sleep well!

  22. Just stopping by to say hello!

  23. Just stopping by to say hello!

  24. Just stopping by to say hello!

  25. Just stopping by to say hello!

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