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  1. Not really my kind of thing but very interesting - thanks for letting me know my friend :)

  2. have you by any chance heard the remix of viva la vida by hip hop producer swizz beatz? it sounds pretty good

  3. ive had it for over a month now but im still not fully convinced by viva la vida. am i missing something??????

  4. Not been up to much Lunga, but at least we have some sunny days now here in England :) How's the weather there? And is that you're photo as your avatar? If so - looking good!! :)

  5. nah I don't think X&Y was bad ...I just think it's the weakest one out of the 4 albums.. it was a bit too over-produced :confused:

  6. for me coldplay albums get better with time and i certainly am liking it more than i did a few days ago so i'll give it time. in any case, surely x&y wasnt THAT bad...?

  7. I think this album's muuuch better than X&Y. I've never really liked X&Y that much anyway :confused:

  8. hey sorry i couldnt reply sooner just been a bit busy. other than that im ok been religiously listening to the new album like everyday but im not convinced yet that its better than x&y. wat do you think?

  9. thanx dude im ok just been a bit busy with work and varsity at the moment so my schedule is quite hectic but im coping. wat u been up to lately?

  10. Hey fella - hope you're well :)

  11. hey how you doing today?

  12. Cool, South Africa has great taste!! :) The intro section is the 'new members' section on the forum home page. Not everyone posts an intro thread, and you certainly don't have to, but it's a good way to meet more good people here: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=21

  13. yeah coldplay is pretty big in south afrca. the new album went gold in its first week here. u mentioned i should post in the intro section, where is it exactly?

  14. Ah well, I'm sure you've noticed my geography isn't the best!!:embarassed: Mum was born and raised in Kenya. It's been my lifelong dream (well one of them!) to visit. I'd love to go to the south too. Are Coldplay big in South Africa? Have you started posting yet fella? The intro section's a good place to start - people are pretty friendly here usually :)

  15. there you go ! but you've probably already heard those songs http://www.sendspace.com/file/mtf1ro

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