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  1. aww, I am happy it got there in time :D! happy holidays! i haven't got mine yet, but it's alright :)

  2. Yeah, they really are keepers! I'm going to miss them when I move! Hahahaha, that'a great, I will happily be your tour guide :nice: Which places do you want to go? Maybe I know of them! I just applied for student accommodation ,so the first year I will live at the school campus, and the second and third year I have to find my own place. Hopefully it wont be hard as I have other friends from Norway that is studying in London that I can share an aparment with!

  3. Tusen takk, Julie! I can't wait to hear about your story as well! I'm really excited about it! I had a wonderful birthday, my friends made it so amazing because they knew I was so sad about the concert. So they kidnapped me and surprised me with a bunch of other people :) I know, I'm very lucky to be moving there, you can visit anytime :) sorry for the late reply I haven't been on the computer for a long time. But thank you again for the kind message and I'll see you soon!

  4. hey! did you enjoy the gig?

  5. he got thrown out of Palestine by the israelians. ah, man! I would love to go there! Go history teacher! hahaha, in my opinion it must be quite hard convince someone the other way around. :charming: I KNOW, it's awfully annoying. aw, that song is great :D I can honestly say that if a person doesn't like Bon Iver, well..they don't know what music is, really. Ooooh, I will check it out :D!

  6. hahaha, no worries :D! OMG, that sounds awesome!! with who are you going? me and my best friend are going to buy loads of fireworks and celebrate together, haha :lol: so no big plans!

  7. yeah, everything is opposite :lol:! hahaha, that's why I want to make them :nice: yeah, I am, my dad got thrown out of there at the age of two, so we are quite emotional about the situation. that's so great, I'm really happy to hear that other people are passionate about this situation, and not only palestinians you know? that may sound a bit silly, but you can hear about it all you want, and just don't mind, so it's not nerdy at all, I think it's great :D! hahaha, you're like the coolest person ever with your political standings and your taste in music! I think Damien Rice should definitely make an album soon, it's been almost 6 years! and GLEN HANSARD IS SO GOOD! I wish I got to see The Swell Season before they split up :(! I went to see Bon Iver as well, it was mindblowing, omg! you really should listen more to Laura, I think you will love her :D! what other kinds of bands do you like?

  8. you should :D! well, we don't really celebrate Christmas, but I had a good day! I got a gift card for a record shop, so I was quite happy with that! hahaha :D! have a happy new year!

  9. aww :D! yeah, I really have to practice some more :P. oh, well that's a legit reason to learn it, you really know quite a few languages! I can imagine it's also easier to learn a language when you already know some others as well! but that's so cool! haha, yeah! it's very funny :lol: but at least that can maybe help me get a job! I think documentaries are a great way of showing people how the world really works. i don't know, but everytime I watch a documentary I somehow get really touched by it, and want to make a change. it would be amazing to be able to do that to other people! specially since I am from Palestine, I can use my background and filmmaking to make documentaries about the current situation there. awww, yaaj :D! did you like it? are there any artists you haven't heard before? Merry Christmas :D

  10. awww :D! I love when that happens! yeah, I agree with you. there aren't any albums that can beat that album this year. it's flawless! I don't know if you've listen to Laura Marling's new album, but that's freaking genius as well. btw, Merry Christmas, I saw you got some great albums on tumblr! :D

  11. hahahaha, I know! it's really fun actually :lol: I'm really glad i discovered him. I really can't remember how I did discover him though :P. yeah, I think so too :dance: but it's been a great music year this year though, I've had like 5 different artists/band I like releasing an album this year!

  12. I know, they really turned everyone against us, and not just the bad guys, every single arabian/muslim is like the meanest person ever. I'm glad you've been polite arabs though! we sure do treat our friends like family :D! I actually took 4 years of arabic in elementary school, so I really don't know why I didnt get it down, haha. but seriously though, I thinks it's amazinf that you are learning it! what made you interested in learning it? oh, well that sounds great though! I think it's a good thing rather just jumping right in to university right away! oh, awesome :D! that's amazing! it really does sound incredible to study, although making a living out of it will be very hard. I really want to specialize in documentary, so it might be a little easier to work on my own and stuff. and my sister is a news anchor on Norwegian Broadcasting, so I might have a foot in there as well :D but you never know!

  13. hahaha, no problem! although, i wouldn't mind a Bon Iver album next year either :D. Justin is indeed high above average. you can't even call his music good, it's just pure and gorgeous! they sure are :D! i'm really excited to see if Mumford stay on the folk-genre or turn into a more rock band. i prefer the folky part of them!

  14. hahahahaha, aw how sweet! i think it's great that someone sees the positive side of arabians, it gives me hope :nice: most people see us as horrible anggry people. i speak arabic, but i cant read nor write. it's so diffucult :(. so kudos to you for learning it! ah, sounds useful though! i'm 19! oh, cool, where in the UK? i want to study Film and TV Production :D!

  15. OH, you're talking about Bon Iver? I'm talking about Mumford, haha!

  16. aww, indeed it will be worth it :nice: i just an interview with them, they said their next album will be out next year, but they dont know when, they don't have a deadline for it! but that's better than 2013 though :dance: if only that job existed :(

  17. oh my! Arabic oral? i am arabian, (born and raised in Norway thoguh) so i find that to be quite impressive! how did it go? that must be so interesting! first year, so you're 19? i finished high school in june, and decided to take a gap year, so i'm working to save money to study in London :nice:

  18. they sure are worth it! yeah, it would be pretty expensive, but so amazing! i hope he does! i wouldn't imagine anyone to honour them though, that would be quite disrespectful.

  19. oh, how much? i really hope i'll get to go. i wasn't able to buy a ticket today, as i am short on money at the moment. although i've got standing tickets to see them in London the 4th so it's not a problem. will he?! i had no idea! i don't what i feel about that.

  20. hey Nancy! did you get a ticket to the Copenhagen gig?

  21. no worries, don't rush it :nice: finals can be quite stressful! hahaha, what subject is it? good luck! :D i'm working a lot, but i am good! what grade are you in btw? or are you studying at uni?

  22. :D haha, i can only imagine! i remember my sisters wedding, SO MUCH STRESS! but it turned out great :nice: yeah! they are kind of a live band rather than an "album band" if you can call them that! i really hope they will attend some festivals near by! HAHAHA, the promotion is that you get to see bigger and better bands :P ah, if only..

  23. oh :(! you should do it though, you've been playing for so long! awwww, that's so sweeet :nice:! that's good though, better time planing the wedding! i know. but as long as i get a hold of good music i'll survive! hahaha, that's like one in a million! but that is so awesome :D! he is truly a great musician! swears a lot though, haha! I KNOW, i cant wait for Mumford's next album! i heard something about it coming out early next year, but i don't know! yeah, me too, i would LOVE to see them live. i'm just waiting for them to show up at the same festival Bon Iver are playing at :D. i know! concert attender should be a work title :lol:! i would definitely love that as a career!

  24. aaaw, i'm so glad you got it :D!! you are very welcome it's always a pleasure and so much fun! no we haven't, hello Marie, i'm Rania :nice:! how are you :nice:?

  25. you're too kind! i try my best though :tongue: oooh, awesome!! i would love to hear one of your songs/covers! ah, i see. either way though, you'll have something really big to look forward to :D! when did he "pop the question" btw :D? riiiiiiight! the worst part is that they don't even look good either :(. it's sad that it is all about the money. ooo, yeah, they truly are! that's what we call music!! awesome! i bet he was really nice, he seems so humble and sweet. i was first row, center! pretty good spot :D! aaah, Mumford and Sons and Florence!! Love them :D. I love Flo's new album, really want to see her live. Mumford and Sons introduced me to a lot of great artist like Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and Johnny Flynn. Mumford and Laura Marling are big favourites! I also like Joshua Radin and The Swell Season and many more!

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