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  1. :( We get blamed for everything :(! I'm glad there are people like your parents though, we the Lebanese and Palestinians should fight, we should be on the same team! At least you guys have your won country now.. Must have been terrible, I totally understand you :(!! My aunts house fell apart, everything was ruined, good she wasnt there when it happend.

  2. :) Haha,! Yeah, I can do that too! Well, I'll se what happens :lol:!

  3. :) Yes, I speak arabic, but I am actually a Palestinian, so I talk more that than the Lebanese dialect! But I dont talk fosha though :P. No, we alhamdulliah managed to escape with the norwegian embassy down to Syria and then take a flight home. Do you live in Beirut?

  4. :curtain: Hello!

  5. :D Ah, I see. Well, atleast you'll get something, so you can be back up there! Hopefully another dude will come along though! Yes, exactly! I havent been playing for that long, maybe a year or so, but of the instruments, but sometimes it's one of them I play more often and the it switches. What about you? Thanks, cant wait to listen to them :D. Haha, you shouldnt! It's good that you want to to be perfect though :D But just let it go as natural as possible :nice:!

  6. :D haha, i can only imagine! i remember my sisters wedding, SO MUCH STRESS! but it turned out great :nice: yeah! they are kind of a live band rather than an "album band" if you can call them that! i really hope they will attend some festivals near by! HAHAHA, the promotion is that you get to see bigger and better bands :P ah, if only..

  7. :D Hahah, no doubt about that :D! Man I need to get a job too, make some money for the concert! I have to take a train and all! The concert in Norway is 8 hours away from where I live!

  8. :D! Haha, yeah I know :P! Good luck with the exam!

  9. :D! Haha, yeah I totally understand you! I freaked out a couple a days ago, I can't imagine you guys! But I'm sure you'll get a great spot :D!

  10. :D! Hahaha, which book is it :P? Yeah, I am suppose to do something else as well, but I ended up here :o :lol:!

  11. :D! So, how are you these days :)?

  12. :D! Well I would probably travel in Europe, haha :D! I'm already excited! But I'll go now, I'll talk to you later :D. Bye!

  13. :D! Yeah, that's a good idea :)! And I'm sure you have alots of things you want to say to the boys as well :)!

  14. :D! Jepp! Åja, det var litt kjipt da :/. Ja, jeg gleder meg skikkelig til Onsdag jeg også :D! du går ha en flott første-konsert :D! Nei, det har jeg desverre ikke :P.

  15. :D! Yeah, their previous ones are hilarious :lol:! Uhm, really easy day at school today, nothing to do, and then I came home and basically did nothing! It's been relaxing! What about you? It's your day off, right ?

  16. :D!! Are you going both days?

  17. :D!! So happy for you!! Haha :D! No, there is alot of pictures on the Koengen, Bergen thread!

  18. :D. Haha, that's cool. Well that's good stuff Nick! If you dont have any, that's a great thing, you can just focus on the things you really want to do, instead of the things you "have" to do! I dont usually make resolutions, as I think nothing really should "matter" cause it's a different year you know? But those are just priorities I have for this year as they were for last year. So they arent really resolutions!

  19. :D. Yeah, finally! I've been so stressed this week, so it's nice just to relax! How about you ?

  20. :D. Well, at the moment I really don't mind it really, because they are so cool being around y'know, and very fun to be around! But hopefully one day I'll have a boyfriend :nice:! Well, it was about time you got to know each other! I am really happy to hear this :D! And you were lucky about that mutual friend :D!

  21. :hug: Well, that will be an experience itself then :D! Hahaha, I'll try to write a good one :D! I'm in the pit, but I actually need seat tickets 'cause my friend is coming home from a trip tomorrow when the gates open up, so I have to wait for him! So either seats or very far in the back :P. What about you :nice:?

  22. :lol: Yeah, we are :nice:! It's so nice! Coldplay should have a concert only for Coldplaying members some day, so the big family could meet :nice:!

  23. :o! Aweesome!!! That's a BIG advantages for stalkers :lol:! Those pics you took are AMAZING!! Chris :bomb: Yeah, it was great :heart:, he's so cute!

  24. :uhoh: Oh! Well that's good though if you do that! I used to go to the gym, but I stopped somehow :P! Hahaha, so cool :D!! Freaking amazing :nice:! Ah, ok I understand! I went to both ones in Norway last year September and this year in August :nice:!

  25. :uhoh: Oh! Well that's good though if you do that! I used to go to the gym, but I stopped somehow :P! Hahaha, so cool :D!! Freaking amazing :nice:! Ah, ok I understand! I went to both ones in Norway last year September and this year in August :nice:!

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