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  1. hopefully you'll get one :nice:! oh my God, CONGRATS! that's amazing! i wish you guys all the best :nice: i'm good, i have been working the past five months, i was suppose to study in London, but it's so expensive i'm saving up so i can study there next year! it is, we should still keep in touch even though we're not as active here as we used to!

  2. Oh, that so awesome :D! Hope you have an amazing time man :D! So tell me.. Are you and Carla going to kidnap Guy or what :wink3: ? Bring him here!

  3. My day was pretty good as well :nice:! I need to get out of here so I can do my homework :lol:!! Ah, I understand! Would have done the same :lol:! Yeah, it's not really good at all :uhoh:! Hahaha, that's awesome :D! Wow, thats bloody amazing, must have been just.. Wow for you :D! Yeah, I've seen som pics :D! Ah, that's cool you've been really lucky then :D! Did you meet up with the Coldplayers :nice:?

  4. Yeah, I know! That whole freaking DVD is amazing though!! Same here, I would have loved to see them before Viva :(!!

  5. Ah, ok, well hanging out with friends is great though :D! I have to work on our play at school the whole weekend, so I have school in the weekend if we can put it that way!

  6. Hey hey! Aww, I couldn't watch it either, thank God someone posted it here! Aww, no problem, I was just so excited about sharing those videos, glad you liked them :D! Thank you, hope you've had a wonderful day as well!

  7. Hey Rudy :D! Your avatar is so lovely! Are you a muslim as well :)?

  8. You are very lucky! Being insane once in a while is good though, you're insane for very good reasons :lol:! Haha, good :D! Can't wait to hear all about it :D.

  9. :D. Haha, that's cool. Well that's good stuff Nick! If you dont have any, that's a great thing, you can just focus on the things you really want to do, instead of the things you "have" to do! I dont usually make resolutions, as I think nothing really should "matter" cause it's a different year you know? But those are just priorities I have for this year as they were for last year. So they arent really resolutions!

  10. Hey Joe! Long time no see! Happy new year! How are you man :D?

  11. Aw :D! I love geeks too! Seriously, I do, we rock! I know :dance:! Well, I've got to go to bed, kinda tired! I'll tell about the art gallery soon :nice:! Bye bye :hug:!

  12. you're too kind! i try my best though :tongue: oooh, awesome!! i would love to hear one of your songs/covers! ah, i see. either way though, you'll have something really big to look forward to :D! when did he "pop the question" btw :D? riiiiiiight! the worst part is that they don't even look good either :(. it's sad that it is all about the money. ooo, yeah, they truly are! that's what we call music!! awesome! i bet he was really nice, he seems so humble and sweet. i was first row, center! pretty good spot :D! aaah, Mumford and Sons and Florence!! Love them :D. I love Flo's new album, really want to see her live. Mumford and Sons introduced me to a lot of great artist like Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and Johnny Flynn. Mumford and Laura Marling are big favourites! I also like Joshua Radin and The Swell Season and many more!

  13. Hey Antonia :D! Yeah, I know! I was pretty shocked myself!

  14. Hahaha, yeah exactly :P. I usually write songlyrics though :P. But it's a great way to chat, yes!

  15. you should :D! well, we don't really celebrate Christmas, but I had a good day! I got a gift card for a record shop, so I was quite happy with that! hahaha :D! have a happy new year!

  16. Ah, yeah I love that too about him! And like you as well, I'm an honest person, although I'm not as mean as he is :P. Oh, maybe I did, I can't remember! Yeah, I read about you! Erica is a lovely name :D!

  17. Wow, 2 days ago :O? That is insane!.. But awesome :D! Are you going by train, plane or what :)? Great :D!

  18. Hey :D! I see you hanging around at the Chris thread alot, and I know you're going the concert tomorrow, I just want to wish you a good time and have alots of fun :D! I'm Rania btw!

  19. Yes :D! I can't wait!

  20. Hey, Julie! Just right before I go to bed I want to wish you a happy belated birthday ( 35 min, haha) hope you had a wonderful day, and got a lot of great gifts and stuff :D! You're a great girl! Keep up the Scandinavian pride!

  21. That's awesome :D! Do you have som pics or something :D? And what row were you in :D?

  22. Ah, that's a shame :/! Oh well, Im sure something will come up! Ah, that's cool! Then you should fight for it :D! You go girl :D!

  23. Ah, yeah that would be awesome! Although, I don't have an iPod :P. Yeah, FINALLY HOLIDAYS :D! I was pretty busy last week, so I didn't have time to be here! Ah, I see, did you have fun?

  24. yeah, i'll figure it out! i should just be happy if they even consider having me at one of th unis :tongue: oh, i can only imagine that! the picture in my head is like The Devil Wears Prada-ish times ten, haha! yeah, i see your point, but you should still see them for their old ones at least, i think itæ's worth hearing Politik, The Scientist and Life is For Living live, the others ones would matter that much. i think Charlie Brown and MX/Hurts Like Heaven and several other songs are really good live. even Paradise is slightly better live. but you know.. if they play Princess of China live, and suddenly Rihanna is up there with them, i'll snap! they definitely could do better, i really hope for LP6 to be acoustic, they do that very well in my opinion. oh my God, thank you for saying that, she is awful. my "i-can't-stand" trio is Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. and if they collaborate with them as well. oh man..

  25. Åja, ok! Dette er i hvert fall informasjon om konserten! http://www.bergenlive.no/CPinfo.html

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