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  1. oh, wow! that's a long time! i've only been playing for 3 years and i still suck bigtime :P do you write your own songs as well? oh, the line-up at Coachella is always good though, that's a great idea! i'm dying to go to a festival, we always get sucky artists here :tongue: yeah, i'm sure you will! i knoooow :(. and what pains me the most is that PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE CRAP MUSIC. i just can't understand how someone would call Skrillex a good artist?! it's just computer sounds!! but good. i am not alone :P what other artists do you like? i know you like Bon Iver, Justin is a genius! went to their gig last month. it was mindblowing!

  2. ah, i see, same here. it's getting late! oh, that sounds like a busy but fun day :nice: i'm good, just working a lot, nice to be back on the board again!

  3. hey Nancy! how are you? long time no see!

  4. btw, love all the guitars your posting on tumblr, haha! i know you play, i remember being very impressed when you figured out how to play Wedding Bells from that South Bank clip! how long have you been playing?

  5. hahaha, that's bloody cool! i bet you save tons on money on clothes and spend them on concert tickets, haha! i know i would :p yeah, i wouldn't imagine being able to do that. but you've still got some time left to think at leeast! I KNOW! all those lame as auto-tuned, no intstruments songs, holy shit. i just can't stand it. it is so stupid what the industry has become. it's not music on the radio anymore, it's just noise. and all those GREAT artist out there playing in small pubs and struggling - nada. it ticks me off. they deserve so much more.

  6. yeah, i'll figure it out! i should just be happy if they even consider having me at one of th unis :tongue: oh, i can only imagine that! the picture in my head is like The Devil Wears Prada-ish times ten, haha! yeah, i see your point, but you should still see them for their old ones at least, i think itæ's worth hearing Politik, The Scientist and Life is For Living live, the others ones would matter that much. i think Charlie Brown and MX/Hurts Like Heaven and several other songs are really good live. even Paradise is slightly better live. but you know.. if they play Princess of China live, and suddenly Rihanna is up there with them, i'll snap! they definitely could do better, i really hope for LP6 to be acoustic, they do that very well in my opinion. oh my God, thank you for saying that, she is awful. my "i-can't-stand" trio is Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. and if they collaborate with them as well. oh man..

  7. hahahaha, awesome :D!! i bet i'd like her too! oh, that's good to hear! I've heard a lot of negative stuff about the TV and Film department, but you know know what to believe! holy frick, that's awesome! i've got a lot of friends who want to study fashion design, i've heard it's really hard! cudos to you! and working for Kate Spade, wow, that's amazing! you'er going to get far gurl :D! hahaha, who doesn't :wink3: :( ah man :( it might change if you'll see them live with the new songs though, you never know, but still though.. :( i think none of us really expected the album to be like this, not before we heard ETIAW, i was really looking forward to an acoustic album! and yeah POC.. you have no idea how much i dislike Rihanna..and her to on my favourite band's album.. :sad:

  8. hahaha! yeah, well i'm going to study film and tv production, so i've picked out five schools that i think i will apply for! King's College, Uni of Westminister, Goldsmiths Uni, Ravensbourne and Reagent's College :nice:! what did you/are you studying? cool! your tumblr is sweeet :nice:! ah, that really must be the worst, not exactly enjoying your favourite bands new album :(. i had no idea what i thought about it at first, it was kind of.. i don't know :tongue:. i really enjoy it now though, specially after hearing some of the songs live! but Princess of China.. still not getting used to it :P

  9. i just realised i posted this on my own wall :P i can only imagine! yeah, i'm really excited about it! i hope i get accepted by a good uni. i've been there twice and i'm in love! yeah, i do! my twitter is Rania_7 and my tumblr is mindsmadeup.tumblr.com! do you? i think i just followed you on twitter oh, how come? you didn't like it?

  10. i can only imagine! yeah, i'm really excited about it! i hope i get accepted by a good uni. i've been there twice and i'm in love! yeah, i do! my twitter is Rania_7 and my tumblr is mindsmadeup.tumblr.com! do you? i think i just followed you on twitter :P oh, how come? you didn't like it?

  11. hopefully you'll get one :nice:! oh my God, CONGRATS! that's amazing! i wish you guys all the best :nice: i'm good, i have been working the past five months, i was suppose to study in London, but it's so expensive i'm saving up so i can study there next year! it is, we should still keep in touch even though we're not as active here as we used to!

  12. it was really nice getting one this year, 'cause i didnt get one last year! aww, that's so sweet! how have you been lately? i haven't been here in ages, nice to catch up!

  13. hey Christina! I got your caaaaaard, and it's the nicest card I've ever gotten, thank you soo much for all the kind words! and oh my God, the chocolate looks GREAT, but the wrapping is so nice, I don't know what to do, haha! again, thank you very much, have LOVELY holiday!

  14. HEY! Oh my, I'm SOO glad you got it!!! I was really worried about it!! But YES, GOOD, you got it!!! :D I'm glad you liked it :) No I haven't gotten anything yet :S. Lore said that I was going to get a card a few weeks ago, but I no, still nothing :P. Probably the snow! But don't worry about it :D!

  15. Merry Christmas to you too, hope you had a great day! Happy new year as well :nice:!

  16. Thank you :D!!

  17. Thank youuu :D!

  18. Vanilla-bear? Is that you?

  19. Ah, that sucks! It's the same with me.. I'm trying to find time to play, but it's only the songs I know.. I hate April/May months, school is its worst.

  20. Oh, good idea, thanks! How have you been lately? Learned/written any new songs?

  21. Well, it's not my fault Angie is telling her stories now :O!

  22. Hahahahaha! Well I'm trying, but I'm very bad at it :P.. I've still got tomorrow though :D!

  23. Haha, you should take it as a compliment, she's hilarious!! Thank you! I'm Rania btw, welcome on board!

  24. Your avatar is epic. Elaine is awesome!

  25. I'm on my winter break now :dance:! So, nothing really :P! How have you been?

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