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  1. :curtain: Hello!

  2. Freaky frick, your siggy is to die for :dead:! In a very good way :D.

  3. ANNAAAA! I'm sooo sorry, I've been soo busy this week and I havent really been online, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY :dance: :dance: :D :D!! Hope you had an amazing day, and a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Hey Nancy! I'm doing great! How are you? Wow, that is soo sweet of you to tell me about that, but I taped it last night on CNN so I've already got it and seen it :dance: It's surely was an amazing performance of the boys! But thank you thank you for telling me, I appreciate it alot! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I'm pretty good, just playing some guitar! How are you?

  6. Hey Nick! How's it going?

  7. Cool, when did you first see the movie? I remember you said like 8-9 months ago? First song I listened to this year was The Verb! And as you the first ever was from when I saw Once, so Say It To Me Now as well! I think the first The Frames song was their version of Falling Slowly actually! Well, Im off to bed! Nighty night!

  8. Let's say both!

  9. Yeah, must be great! Exactly, it's really just a number, you can make the same resolutions in June or whatever. It doesnt really change your life, like the end of a school year does or something like that. So they are more of goals as you say. So, what was the first The Frames/The Swell Season song you listened to :lol:?

  10. :D. Haha, that's cool. Well that's good stuff Nick! If you dont have any, that's a great thing, you can just focus on the things you really want to do, instead of the things you "have" to do! I dont usually make resolutions, as I think nothing really should "matter" cause it's a different year you know? But those are just priorities I have for this year as they were for last year. So they arent really resolutions!

  11. Haha, Irish is bloody awesome :cool:! Oh, COD is fun! But I suck at it, my brother plays it all the time! Well.. Not really, just to stay focused in school, play lots and lots of guitar and piano, and just to not care about people that try to be an ass to you. How about you?

  12. Oh, nice. Glad you had fun! I had a good time as well, played som games and stuff!

  13. Hey there :D! Thought maybe I shouldnt go off-topic at "our" music thread :lol:! How was your New Year :D?

  14. Happy New Yeat Imkeee :D!!

  15. Happy new year to you too :D!

  16. Nick duude! Just want to wish you a happy new year, hope your evening will rock :drunk:! Have lots of fun! I'll "see" you in the next decade :cool:!

  17. Hey Nancy! Hope you'll have a happy new year and may the new decade bring you lots of joy!! And Coldplay :nice:!

  18. Haha, I'm sure you wont :D! Oh, that's cool! Haha, good luck with that :P. I'm going to be over at my sisters house with her husband and his siblings as well, and just chill out I guess! I never make huge plans, I'm not big of a party person :P.

  19. Well, I cant wait to hear more of your voice! And t would be awesome to hear you sing Say It To Me now! It's such a poweful song!! Looking forward to it :nice:! Haha, definitly, and you do the same as well :cool:! So any plans for tomorrow?

  20. I will :D! I listen to your songs btw, your awesome dude! Seriously, your voice is amazing and your guitarplaying is AWESOME! And the lyrics are great as well, kudos to you!! Hahahaha, awesome :lol:! Well, I really want to hear it before June, but take you time! Too bad you live in another continent! :wink3:

  21. Sorry, I judt left without saying anything yesterday, but I'm going to think about taking some lessons :nice:! Did you get to record the song :D? I'm not going to wait until June :o! Haha, oh indeed we do :wink3:

  22. Hmm, so it helps then! * Note to self: Guitarlessons* :P Aw, pretty pleaseee :D? It would be so awesome! I havent heard one decent cover of that song! Yes, exactly :D! I love that we understand eachother!

  23. You take lessons? That's awesome! I should do that too :P! Well, that's pretty cool, you should put it on your MySpace, I would love to hear you cover it :D! I'm sure you're get there eventually, it's so frustratring not to be good at the stuff you want to, but just work and work, and you'll get there :D! Yeah, you go dude! That's what it's really all about.

  24. Ah, I'mn sure you dont suck! I've never had lessons either, so yaaj for us again, haha! Finger-picking is pretty hard, so thats great, and Say It To Me Now is such a hard song to play! You can play anything you play that song! Well, at least learn the strumming pattern to whatever song you like! That's awesome, I'm sure you're just underestimating yourself! Yeah, I know! I've been there as well, but those people pick out the bad stuff about you just so they dont have to think about the bad stuff about themselves. Thanks for the advice! My advice to you is dont try to impress someone, just do what you do best, if you're satifsfied and they're not, then f**k them :D! People are mean, and many are mean on purpose, not because you suck, just for fun.

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