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  1. Yeah. Ah, that's cool though, so you've been playing a while! Guitar is also alot easier to drag around with you, haha! But piano is alot a fun to play though! Oh :(. Screw critics, they dont know what they are talking about! But I understand though, everyone checks out the stuff they do alot so that it'll get better. Damn critics!

  2. :D Ah, I see. Well, atleast you'll get something, so you can be back up there! Hopefully another dude will come along though! Yes, exactly! I havent been playing for that long, maybe a year or so, but of the instruments, but sometimes it's one of them I play more often and the it switches. What about you? Thanks, cant wait to listen to them :D. Haha, you shouldnt! It's good that you want to to be perfect though :D But just let it go as natural as possible :nice:!

  3. Yeah, definitly! Go us! Hope "he's the one" for your band, *crossing fingers* That must be a long time! Hahaha, awesome :lol:! It's fun to notice the progress in guitar/piano playing as well, I've notcied that I learn quicker and get better more often which give me motivation to play more! Yeah, that must be pretty awesome :D Good job man! No, I would really love to hear you sing, if you send me the page, I'll check it out tomorrow as well :D!

  4. Hahahahaha :lol:! I just have to deal with it, but if they talk shit about my music, I dont hesitate to talk shit back! And when I dont like a artist like those we have mentioned, it just has to come out :lol:! Ah, thanks man :nice:! Hopefully you guys will find a drummer, so you can start up with gigs again! Oh, I'll check out the site tomorrow, I'm not home right now, and it's late, but thanks :D That's awesome! I bet it's been pretty nice to realize that you've improved, must be alot of fun, and it's great that you are so confident! I would love to hear you sing :D!

  5. Yeah, I totally respect peoples choice in music, they can listen to whatever they like, I'm not to decide! But the thing is people have no idea what music is, they thing they listen to is some noises with crappy words, music should always have a meaning, and it has to have real emotion and melody in my opinion! Yeah, and being on stage is great, I have never been on stage playing music, but I do theater and you always get such a great feeling after wards! I really havent been a play yet, my first is in 4 weeks, but I know the feeling! Hahahahaha :lol:! Yeah, well they're all under the same crappy list anyway! Hahaha, well that's true! They I have no idea how to sing :lol:! Do you take singingclasses or did you just start out all by yourself?

  6. Yes, I totally agree with you! It's a weird buiness really, and people are really stupid when it comes to music, 'cause they dont understand what it's about! But hopefully you'll get on a stage and people wills ing along, it must be a really great feeling! Oh, Katy Perry!!! I hate her too, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are the two worst female musicians in the world, I really cant believe people listen to that shit. You see, I get pretty angry about these things :lol:! :D Hahaha, oh I'm sure they dont mind it :D! Oh, I really cant sing, I'm not saying that cause I'm shy or something, but I really CANT sing :lol:!

  7. Hahaha, aww sorry :lol:! Yeah, I know what you mean, it's sounds great though, I really hope it will work out for you. It seems like you really work hard for music, and it's sucks when musicians like you dont come through with it, and shitty music (like Lady GaGa, I talk about how much I hate this woman all the time, but she is really AWFUL) and stuff get really popular and lots of money. But I'm sure if you work hard for it, you'll make it! And go out and busk, people will recongise you and I'm sure they'll love your music! Haha, aww thanks man :hug:! Hahaha, I've been there before as well :lol:!

  8. Hahahaha, I totally get that :lol:!! Yeah, same here man, it's a great way to pay for dinner! Are you planning on becoming a musician? Aww, thanks, that's so nice of you :nice:! You've already helped me alot, so that means alot to me! Well, they usually dont say anything, but as long as they let me play for hours and hours it cant be THAT bad :lol:!

  9. Ah, that's sucks! I bet this band is better though! Ah, you should definitly do it though, it's looks like alot of fun, and I'm sure it's a great experience! Tell me when you do! No, the only people that have heard me play is my parents downstairs :lol:! I would love to do it sometime, when I get better at playing!

  10. Ah, I see, so that kind of rock! That's cool though! I remember you said you were in a band before, is it the same band? That cool that you're doing some stuff on your own! Do you go busking?

  11. Ah, cool! What kinda genre? Acoustic stuff or..? Yeah, it's the best!

  12. Ah, cool! What do you usually play, guitar or piano? And do you guys play your own songs? I'm hanging out with my bestfriend, just listening to some music!

  13. Hahaha, he is tricky! So,h ow are you today?

  14. Wow, that's great! I'll try them out tomorrow, maybe I'll figure out something as well! But thank you :D. And it's the "Glen G" right :P? He never uses the regular one :P

  15. Ah, that sucks! Although in the movie, he says he's using C and F, when they are playing in that instrumentshop at the beginning, never thought of that until now :lol:! Oh, I dont really sing along to the songs, my voice is horrible, hahaha! Ah, I'm sure you'll get it pretty soon though, it's so frustrating when you think you've got something, and then it's totally wrong. Good luck with it though! Nice, thanks! I've got to go to bed now, its 3:20 AM! I'll see you later man! Nighty night!

  16. Oh, that's weird! Did you find those chords online? Yeah, I know, he's soo quick :P. Yeah, that's the one! Ok, thanks! Yeah, Back Broke is a lovely song! I should try it out! I can see that Two Tongues is hard, it sound hard too! That would be lovely, I'm not that good at listening to which chords he's using, but if you get the sheet/tabs, that would be ace!

  17. Oh, I use C and F but not the on with your whole indexfinger, if you know what I mean? And the bridge is Am G F G Am G F - Chourse - C - F Am F! But what's your strumming pattern on it, I mess it up somethimes! I know! Yeah, I dont sing along, but it's hard to play! I hate switching from the 4th chord and again to the 1st, cause you have to do it so quick! Hahahaha, yeah, I can imagine! But it's alot a fun to play, and very easy! One question here, when she plays the chourse, the second chord is a A right? And she plucks the 5th 4th and 2nd string, right? Haha! Ah, nice! Back Broke is a great song! Good luck on Two Tongues! I bet the chords will hopefully come out soon! I really want to learn The Verb!

  18. Nice! Oh, it's going well! I know Falling Slowly, Fantasy Man and Mind's Made Up fully on guitar, but I am a bit slow switching chords on the last one! How about you, any new songs?

  19. Nicky Nick Nick! I'm good, how are you man?

  20. God jul, Julie :D! Håper den har vært bra så langt :D!

  21. Aww, merry Christmas, Darcy, have a great one :hug:!!

  22. Merry Christmas, Christina! Have lots of fun these wonderful days :D.

  23. Merry Christmas and have a great holiday, Giulia :D!

  24. Merry Christmas to you too Linda :hug:! Have a great holiday!

  25. Hey :D! Yaaaj, I'm so glad it arrived and that you like it :nice:! Happy holidays :nice:!

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